Past and Future Events Already Exist So We Can See the Future

When Herman Minkowski, Albert Einstein’s professor, read Einstein’s work with space and time he said to Einstein that what he was describing was one reality called space-time. It shows that everything exists in a block of space-time, so we can learn about something about to happen just by going to the block and seeing the future. It became as the “block universe” theory of reality.

A paper published in the Journal of Parapsychology presents a theory that interprets precognition as the gaining knowledge from information that resides within the percipient’s future brain, establishing a connection with their coming experience of an event. This theory is rooted in Minkowski’s block universe model, which posits that past and future events already coexist within the fabric of space-time, aligning with the principles of the special theory of relativity. Bohm’s theory of the implicate order aligns harmoniously with such a model and suggests that when similar structures emerge at different spatial and temporal coordinates, they resonate with a natural inclination to become increasingly alike.

These principles apply to patterns of neuronal activity within the brain. Precognition is form of extrasensory perception (ESP), an information transfer mechanism spanning from the future mind to the same mind in the present. The model also explains the prospect of connections with other brains through things such as telepathy, whether in real-time or at divergent points in time. It posits that direct connections with external objects or events do not occur. The mechanism is then employed to expound upon experiments in precognition, offering insights into the apparent anomalies observed in the results.

You can read the PDF of the research from the Journal of Parapsychology at this link.

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