Afterlife Connections with Psychotherapists Prove the Connections Are Real

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication

Rochelle Wright is a licensed mental health counselor, licensed chemical dependency professional, national certified counselor, EMDR certified therapist for 14 years, and designer of the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy procedure. She has been a state-licensed grief and trauma psychotherapist for 23 years.

Rochelle developed the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure that uses bilateral stimulation to enable people to have afterlife connections while in a psychotherapist’s office. The Guided Afterlife Connection method is a psychotherapy procedure that can be administered only by a seasoned, state-licensed psychotherapist.  It is a cutting-edge therapy method that does more than simply connect the client with loved ones in the afterlife; it heals grief and trauma in as little as one session. 

Three example sessions follow.

Tina's Grandmother Speaks to Her in German from the Afterlife

Tina had a successful Guided Afterlife Connection with her husband, Joe, and came back for a second session to connect with her grandmother. This is Tina’s description during the Guided Afterlife Connection.

“I was in a room, but it faded to black. Someone grabbed my hand from the right side. I think it was my husband, Joe. He was taking me to a room where my grandma may be. We went through a door and emerged into a garden room. I saw Grandma to my left, saying ‘Mein Kind.’ That means ‘My kid.’ My grandma and I walked a short distance and sat together on a bench. I said, ‘Can I ask you questions in English?’ She said, ‘Natuerlich. Naturally, naturally.’ I asked her if my grandfather was there. She said he was, in the distance. I asked if he knew I was there, and she said, ‘Yes!’

“Grandma began stroking my hair, and I burst out crying. Grandma said, ‘Don’t be sad. We will all be together again.’ She then gestured to show me that Joe was standing in the background. I went to him and we kissed and hugged. The three of us sat down together. Grandma said, ‘Be happy we are all together. It’s nice to sit together. It’s been a long time, and wonderful to have Joe sit with us, Mein Kind.’

“She said to me, ‘You are doing okay, but you must go forward. She then spoke in German, starting with ‘Mein liebling,’ meaning ‘My love.’ The translation of the rest was, ‘My life was mine. Joe had his. You have your life. We have to all move forward.’ She was showing me my people in the distance, saying ‘See. They are all doing something!’

“My Grandmother then said that her mother and father were there, and added, ‘We are all moving forward. We do everything together, like we did before. We have our jobs to do. There is always work to do.’

‘Mein Kind,’ she said, continuing in German. This is the translation: ‘You have to live every day to the fullest.’ I asked her, ‘What about the work I’m doing with Rochelle in afterlife connections?’ She said in German, ‘You can only go so far with the afterlife. Everything is not to be seen. It’s good to do this work, but you can’t go as far as you’d like. Otherwise, you would be in the afterlife. The work does help people, but when you go too far, you end up there.’

Joe was sitting close by. I acknowledged him for a minute.

Then my grandma said, ‘All is good. All is clear. It’s nice we could get together.’ Grandma and I were hugging. ‘You don’t have to be sorry for anything,’ she said in German. ‘Das war schoen,’ she said, meaning ‘This was nice!’ Then she said, ‘I love you and Joe loves you. We look out for each other.’ She ended with ‘Bis dann,’ meaning until later.

Merna's Unexpected Visitor Heals Her Guilt

 Merna came to Rochelle for a Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy session to connect with a close friend of hers who had passed. However, the appointment turned into a psychotherapy session. Merna had unresolved feelings from her childhood. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, she had been separated from her mother and placed into a foster home when she was four years old. Merna had feelings of misplaced guilt, believing that she had been “sent away” because of some failing or character flaw in her. For many years, she had engaged in psychotherapy to try to alleviate the disturbing feelings, with some relief, but she still suffered from her conviction that her mother didn’t care about her and had no attachment to her.

At the beginning of the session, Merna described the close friend she wanted to connect with. When she had finished, Rochelle began the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure. During the procedure, Merna was surprised when her biological mother, who was not the target for the connection, came to her. Merna was astonished by the visitation. Merna’s mother said to her, “I loved you. I always loved you. I loved you when I was carrying you during the pregnancy. I still love you.”

Merna was then guided to the realization that just as she had a secure attachment to her biological mother prior to birth through the umbilical cord, she was still attached to her mother in a loving way and always would be. Afterward, she said the visitation and the message were, “quite healing, and I must say unexpected. This insight brought release for me.”

Her birth mother entered the Guided Afterlife Connection intentionally to help Merna heal the guilt and remove the feeling that some weakness or flaw in her that kept her mother from loving her and resulted in her mother’s abandoning her.

Judy Learns a New Perspective on Her Father

Judy’s Guided Afterlife Connection experience is in the book, Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy. In it, her father came to her to give her a perspective on issues that happened during her childhood. This is the account from the book. It begins at Judy’s second Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy session:

Judy came in for the second session. I asked her, “How are you doing?”

She said, “I’m doing well. I’m doing really well. I had a dream about my father. I’ve never dreamt about him before.”

Judy put on the headphones for the audio bilateral stimulation and relaxed for the Guided Afterlife Connections procedure. I said, “Bring up the dream” and guided her through the procedure. With her eyes closed, Judy focused on the dream about her father.

When she opened her eyes, she said, “He is teaching me. I saw Dad and me in the woods. I remember he used to take me into nature and show me things. He would teach me about flowers and trees and insects. Just now when my eyes were closed, I watched myself as a little girl with Dad. He was talking and explaining things.”

After another procedure, Judy opened her eyes with an amazed look on her face: “My father is teaching me, a little girl, about nature, but I got the message that he’s also teaching me right now about what I am doing as a woman. That’s what the dream was all about. I was the learner as a little girl and I am the learner now. But the other thing is, I’m also the adult woman teaching my little girl self.

“Rochelle, both teaching and learning are gifts I received from my father. He’s telling me, ’Be with it rather than think about it. Let the learning be rather than trying to manipulate it.’”

I guided her through another procedure. When she opened her eyes, she said, “I saw myself as a little girl and as the woman I am now, standing face-to-face. As a little girl, I didn’t get the attachment I wanted from my father, and today as a woman, my expectations for attachments are really high. I push my feelings down because I want connections with others so strongly that I don’t want to be disappointed.”

During the next procedure, the connection continued. “I feel as though I’m learning lessons. I got the message that I’m pushing my feelings down because I’m afraid that if I allow myself to become emotionally open and attached, I will only set myself up to be disappointed later. They’re my feelings coming from my childhood. That’s what I’m sensing and that’s why I keep my feelings down.

“Dad is telling me that it was true for the little girl but it doesn’t have to be true for me now. What I’ve been doing is making myself busy so I don’t think about these feelings of not feeling attached, of emotional abandonment. That’s been my coping strategy all along.”

When she opened her eyes, after the next procedure, Judy said thoughtfully, “The emotional abandonment is too painful to feel. I’m glad that I could say it. That explains a lot to me. I can put things in proper perspective now. Those were childhood feelings. I now have a woman’s experience, knowledge and skills. I have compassion for the little girl. I don’t have the feelings of the little girl any longer. I am centered and in the present. I will keep balance for today.” I said, “What would you like to ask your dad right now?” She replied, “Why was it so hard for you to show love and attachment? What happened to you?”

So I guided her into the procedure. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes. “My father wants me to accept and acknowledge that what he did for me showed he was attached. ’Acceptance’ he said. ’Acceptance of what I did for you. Look at how I took care of you. I built houses. I went to work every day. I tended a garden. I was very attached to you. I gave you everything I had.’” She paused for a moment and said, “Rochelle, now I realize I had never understood that before.”

I guided her through another procedure. When she opened her eyes, she said, “Dad says he’s making no judgment. He says his emotional distance was the safe way for him. It felt familiar for him because that was his childhood experience.”

After a final procedure, she opened her eyes, smiling. “He just wants me to understand and accept what he was able to do. It’s a whole bundle of acceptance. I am able to accept that now.”

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication

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