Is There a Qualified Medium Near Me? How to Find the Best Mediums for Afterlife Communication

Asking for a Qualified Medium Near Me? How to Find the Best Mediums for Afterlife Communication

We often are asked, “Is there a good medium near me?” You can have afterlife communication with your loved ones living on the next plane of life through phone readings just as though you were calling your loved one. It’s just as though your loved one has moved to a different country. They’re still available and are anxious to connect with you. They want to continue an ongoing relationship with you. You just have to be able to receive the communication they’re trying to get to you. And we know they’re trying! One of their great disappointments we hear again and again from them is that they try to communicate but the person on this side of life just doesn’t get the messages.

We know that some methods of afterlife communication are up to 98 percent successful. That shows all of us can communicate. We just have to find the method that works for us.

Don’t go to the local medium you find in the Yellow Pages unless you’re sure the person has been certified. Studies of qualified mediums show that they are accurate with as high as 86 percent of the details in their readings. Some are even higher. Phone readings are as effective as in-person readings. However, there are many people who think they’re mediums or are outright frauds. You must be careful in your selection.


Susanne Wilson qualified psychic medium

Medium Susanne Wilson

When you go to a medium or contact one by phone, you can tell if they are authentic by seeing whether they start by telling you the relationship of the person coming through and specific details. I have had readings with many mediums. I had a reading with one of the most taleted mediums I know, Susanne Wilson. She began by saying she felt a father figure coming through. She then said he was telling her there were three Bobs in my family. That was correct. My grandfather, father, and uncle were named Bob. She then said she saw the image of a famous groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil who is highly publicized for seeing or not seeing his shadow when he comes out of his hole every February 2. If he sees his shadow there will be six more weeks of winter. If not, spring was around the corner. My father was born and raised in Punxsutawney. Those remarkably precise facts could only have come from a qualified, talented medium.

Expect these types of accurate details. If you get only general statements such as “You have a loved one in spirit. It’s a female. She sends her love,” with no specific details, that person is probably not a qualified medium.

How Can I Find a Good Medium? Here Are Lists of Qualified Mediums.

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