Do My Loved Ones in the Afterlife Communicate with Me?

What are ghosts? - Do My Loved Ones in the Afterlife Communicate with Me?

Our loved ones who have transitioned desperately want to tell us not to grieve, that they are alive and well. It saddens them that they can’t get messages through to us. After the period soon after the transition, they are still sensitive to our thoughts and feelings. They come to us when we ask them to, are feeling disturbed, or are in need. They are always available to Afterlife Communicate. Our loved ones communicate with us often, especially in the weeks and months after their transition.

Will My Loved One Come to Me When I Need Them or Want to Talk with Them?

Your loved ones will return to be with you when you have thoughts that involve them. They don’t observe birthdays and anniversaries because there is no time, as we know it, in the life after this life. But when you are thinking about an anniversary or birthday or when the family is coming together, they often stand with you, even though you can’t see them. Your thoughts come to them in the life after this life and they respond by being with you on special occasions.

Some people think their loved ones have abandoned them because they aren’t receiving the strong physical signs they expect. No one is abandoned. If someone isn’t receiving communication it’s because they’re not responding to the communication when it comes.

Why Don’t I Get Communication from My Loved One in the Next Life Now?

You do get communication; you just haven’t learned how to let it bubble up into your awareness. Your loved ones want to communicate with you. The primary reason we have the impression our loved ones are not communicating is that we in Earth School haven’t learned to receive the communication that comes to us. We are so overwhelmed by the constant din of the earth environment that the communication we’re receiving doesn’t rise into awareness from the subconscious, where every communication is being registered. When a message does come as subtle feeling, knowledge, or understanding, people often dismiss it as imagination.

Happily, we can learn to communicate by learning how to accept their Mind-to-Mind messaging. For example, the Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy method used by psychotherapists is 98 percent successful in connecting clients with their loved ones. The reason it is so successful is the love connection between the person on this side of life and the person living in the next life.

You can read more about the procedure and see videos of people who have used it in afterlife communication experiences at

Anyone can learn to receive communication on their own. People just have to learn how to be open to it. You can learn about the free online training provided by the Afterlife Research and Education Institute at It will teach you how to be open to your loved ones’ communication.

Why Can’t People Living in the Next Life Just Come to Me and Communicate?

Nearly all of them don’t know how to get messages through to us. They try, but it’s difficult for them because our Minds are so preoccupied. We can receive their weak messages, but we must learn how to relax our Minds to receive them. The ability to communicate with the earth realm is not prevalent. But people in the life after this life do try to communicate.

To understand what it’s like for them, try this little experiment. We know from the research of Rupert Sheldrake and others that people can sense being stared at. People subtly know when someone is looking at them. The next time you’re waiting in a line of people, pick someone ahead of you in line who is not engaged in a task, just standing idly. Focus on their neck and imagine tickling them on the neck. After a few seconds, very occasionally people will turn around and look back, and even brush their necks. They don’t know why, though. The message came through to their Minds at a subconscious level, but they didn’t get the clear message that another person was imagining tickling their necks. They won’t turn around and say, “Why are you imagining tickling my neck?” We know the message is there, because they respond to it, but it doesn’t rise to the level of their conscious awareness.

Our loved ones try to communicate through thoughts, Mind to Mind. They focus on our Minds to try to get a message through. The messages always come to us at a subconscious level, but the subtle messages don’t rise to the level at which we can become conscious of them. We’re too preoccupied with life to quiet ourselves and let the thought messages bubble up from the subconscious into our aware Mind.

We can learn how to let those subtle messages come into our conscious awareness. 

Are My Loved Ones Available to Communicate with Me When I Want to Reach Them?

Your loved ones are always available to communicate. They receive your thoughts and words wherever they are and they respond. You just have to learn to let their responses come into your conscious awareness.

Even though they will have gone on to the life after this life, it’s important for you to realize that your loved one is available to communicate. They may not be around as much in the earth realm now, but wherever they are, your loved ones will come to you when you want to communicate. They are only a thought away. They don’t ignore you or feel anything negative about you. If you’re not getting a connection, it isn’t because they’ve found someone else they like better or they’re miffed at you or anything else that results in a separation. It’s just that connecting is as difficult for them as it is for us. You must keep up the dialogue even if it seems you aren’t getting the response you want or you feel they may not have come to you when you want to communicate. They will come to you and will work at communicating. You just have to find methods that will enable you to receive the communication and respond.

If a medium isn’t able to make the connection, it isn’t because your loved one isn’t available. Good mediums have times when they’re able to connect and times when connections just don’t come through. That has nothing to do with your loved ones. They always come to you when you ask them to. It’s that the medium is tired or mentally preoccupied or incapable.

No one reincarnates and becomes unavailable. Reincarnation is misunderstood. The messages we’re getting consistently from people living in the next stage of life say that after transition the Higher Self incarnates a new individual to learn lessons in Earth School. We are linked to that new individual. That is why we can have past-life regressions and people talk about living other lives with each other.

How Do I Know When They’re with Me?

There are clear indications when a loved one in spirit is with us. We just have to learn to be sensitive to them, not brush them off, and respond to their presence.

Sometimes you suddenly have a memory, perhaps of something you haven’t thought of for years. That’s your Mind connecting with their Mind. They’re thinking of that memory, or they’re focusing on you and sending that memory to you. Thank them for it and let the love pour over you.

The sense of presence is a real sense, like seeing or hearing. When you have the sense a loved one is close by, it’s because they are there. At that moment you can stop and say “Hello.” You can tell the person how you’re feeling and how happy you are that they’re with you. Then you can go on, or you can stop and have a brief dialogue. You will receive their responses. The responses are the first thoughts that come into your Mind after you say something. If you are attentive to the sense of presence, you will more easily feel it over time.

The sense of presence can trigger sudden grief. The reason is that the sense brings the person to mind, resulting in the sadness that they are not in the body you are familiar with. One person came to the realization that the periods of spontaneous grief weren’t just random moments of sadness: “I realized I was not missing her; I was FEELING her.”

If you feel a wave of grief, ask if your loved one is nearby. The first thought that comes into your Mind is their response.

You must not worry whether it’s them sending it to you. For one thing, if you are receptive they may send many messages to you, so the odds are good it’s them. When you have the impression they’re with you, even if they’re not they will receive the impression and come to you, either physically or Mind to Mind from wherever they are. You must accept all notions of messages that are warm, loving, and uplifting as communications from them. Dark, negative messages are from our monkey mind, not from them.

Loved ones living in the life after this life send thoughts about what we need to do, watch out for, or take advantage of. They also communicate through bodily sensations, such as our feelings of being touched, cobwebby feelings, tingles, pains, and other such bodily sensations. One medium describes becoming anxious when she is receiving communications. Another feels that males give her sensations on the left side of her body, and females on the right side. Sometimes a guide or a loved one will use the same bodily sensation each time they are present to signal us.

People expect material signs or manifestations. They look for the feathers or coins or numbers that show their loved one is connecting with them. What they must realize is that when the feathers or coins or numbers come to them, it is because their loved one is with them at that moment, inspiring them to look at the floor where the feather is or the sidewalk where the coin is or the license plate that has the numbers. Most of the time they are just directing our attention to what is already there, not creating whatever it is. As a result, when you experience that physical phenomenon, they’re most likely with you. Communicate with them. That’s what they want. The feathers or coins or numbers are not important. They are just the ringing of the phone. We must pick it up and talk. Some suggest we should speak with the newly transitioned aloud as well as telepathically.

At other times people in the life after this life seem to make electrical devices function strangely or butterflies come around or coins appear, or other manifestations. We don’t know how they do that or why they’re assisted in doing that from the other side, but the signs are certainly indications of their presence.

Why Don’t I Have a Sense My Loved One Is Around Me as Much Now?

After passing, people may stay close to earth for a while because they know their loved ones are grieving and they want to do what they can to help them. Later, when things have settled down, they go on with the next stage of their lives, but they are always a thought away and will come to us when we ask them to.

People often describe feeling more of the sense of someone’s presence in the first weeks or months after the transition, but they have less of a sense of their presence after that. The person most likely has gone on to the next level of their spiritual development, leaving the earth realm. But even after they have gone on to the next planes of their lives, they are still available to communicate. They are only a thought away. When we think of our loved one, they receive the thought, wherever they are, send warm thoughts to us, and are available to communicate. If we are having a problem, are depressed, are ill, or are otherwise in distress, they will return to the earth realm to be with us at that time. They also will come to the earth realm just to look in on us. They will do that more often if we have regular times when we communicate with them and we maintain active communication.

Speakers in the life after this life also explain that they endeavor to help their loved ones still in the earth realm by inspiring them and giving them guidance. However, if the loved ones don’t believe the guidance is real or ignore it, those in spirit go on with their life activities without trying to communicate. The communication becomes easier and more frequent as we establish the new relationship by communicating.

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