Growing Spiritually Is a Matter of “G-F-L”

Famiy love survives death

We come to earth to grow spiritually. That is the reason why this universe exists. So we ought to be clear about what spiritual growth is! Consciousness is all that exists. And Consciousness exists in a range of emotion-based vibrations, from fear at the lowest and slowest vibration to perfect love at the highest and most rapid vibration. Every human mind is a part of Consciousness, and exists somewhere along that continuum. And spiritual growth consists in raising your personal consciousness vibration away from fear and toward love as efficiently as possible.

You can accomplish the requisite spiritual growth using Eastern spiritual techniques. But by far the easiest method for Westerners to use is the one that Jesus taught, which feels familiar to people with a Christian background and is remarkably self-reinforcing, and which amazingly can  begin to show you noticeable effects within a few months’ time. Very briefly, here it is:

  • Gratitude. Beginning with gratitude greases your wheels for the heavier lifting of forgiveness, which comes next. Just buy a blank booklet, and every morning write down one thing for which you are grateful, and also write down why you are grateful for it. No duplicates! For the first few months, this will be easy. By month four, though, if you take this exercise seriously, you will be down to keeping lists of random things that you still have not yet been grateful for. You will worry on the afternoon before each morning about how to be grateful for things like mosquitoes and your neighbor’s barking dog.
  • Forgiveness. The key to raising your personal spiritual vibration is to learn prevenient forgiveness, which is a process that is better explained in The Fun of Growing Forever. Once you have forgiven everything before it actually happens, you will already be approaching vibrational level five, because nothing ever will bother you again. And that process is so simple! You just trick your lazy mind into no longer caring when someone does you wrong through the use of “forgiveness balls.” Set aside a few weeks to get the retraining process well started, and keep using it until forgiveness for you is entirely prevenient and automatic. Until then, whenever anything might need to be forgiven and your forgiveness process is not yet automatic, you simply gather whatever might be bothering you at all with big sweeps of your arms, including all the people involved and including yourself, and you squash it all down into a nice tight bundle with your hands, and then you slowly push that whole bundle away with both hands as you say aloud, “I love you, I bless you, I forgive, and I release.” Still not feeling that all of it has been completely forgiven? Just do it all again. You are retraining your mind to never again ever resent anything! This really works. And forgiveness is even great for your health!  
  • Love. Loving everyone more and more as you master forgiveness is your natural state. You ought to try to help it along, of course, but it will require little added effort on your part. Perfect forgiveness removes all the barriers to your ability to be aware of the perfect love that already exists all around you. Most wonderfully of all, you are going to find that Master Jesus sees each individual person as a cherished object of His own perfect love.    

Spiritual growth is governed by Consciousness physics. Scientists have never been able to define Consciousness, but the best definition I have found is this: “Consciousness is an energy-like potentiality without size or form, alive in the sense that your mind is alive, infinitely creative and highly emotional, and therefore probably self-aware.” In other words, Consciousness is God.

Famiy love survives death

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