Graphic Presentations of What the Lower and Higher Astral Planes of the Afterlife Look Like

What the afterlife is like

Jurgen Ziewe, a German artist, designer, and explorer of out-of-body experiences, has spent his life on a multifaceted journey. During the early seventies, he pursued Fine Art studies at the Hamburg Hochschule für Bildende Künste and then ventured into a career as a commercial Illustrator. Notably, he carved a niche in computer-generated art for a diverse global clientele.

With a meditation practice spanning over fifty years, Jurgen honed his focus on the profound layers of human consciousness. This dedication facilitated his ability to transcend his physical form and traverse the realms beyond, commonly referred to as the Astral Worlds or Afterlife states. Across numerous hours spent in a heightened state of conscious awareness, he ventured into these non-physical realities, rendering the sensory awareness of the physical world akin to a fleeting dream.

Jurgen meticulously captured his extraordinary experiences within the pages of several books, published in four distinct languages. His insights reached beyond the written word as he delivered lectures about his remarkable explorations at universities, on television platforms, and international conventions centered around consciousness.

He produced the video that follows containing glimpses of what he has seen on his astral travels in the lower realms and the realm most of us will go to. The lower realm is populated by people with baser mental attitudes, such as hostility, violence, and anger. It is darker and unpleasant, but is not a hell. There is no hell. It is just unpleasant.


What the afterlife is like

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