How Can People Have Past-Life Regressions?

How Can People Have Past-Life Regressions?

Exploring Past-Life Regressions: Can We?

Past-life regressions provide people with the opportunity to experience events from their previous lives in vivid detail. In some cases, these experiences can be validated when descriptions match the experiences of a person who has since passed away. Dr. Damian Bertrand conducted a past-life regression with a woman who accessed the memories of two past lives. During the regression, she described herself as a barren outcast living in Egypt during the 1500s, a fact that she had no prior knowledge of before the regression. She spoke in Arabic while under hypnosis and provided the doctor with detailed information about life in Egypt during that time that she could not have known otherwise. Her accounts included verified facts about life in Egypt during that era, lending further credence to the validity of past-life regressions.

Looking for Carroll Beckwith recounts the famous case of Captain Robert Snow, who had a past-life regression and accessed clear, detailed experiences of people from the past. Captain Snow, who was in charge of the Department of Homicide and Robbery and the Department of Organized Crime in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, accessed experiences from several different lifetimes. The life of a portrait artist from what seemed to be the 19th century was the most prominent. Captain Snow recalled 30 specific experiences from this artist’s life with remarkable clarity.

The level of detail was so specific and lifelike that Captain Snow was determined to find out if there was an artist from the 19th century whose life matched what he had experienced. One highly specific detail was  a portrait of a woman with a hunchback the artist had painted. While in New Orleans with his wife, Captain Snow entered an art gallery and saw there was portrait of the woman with the hunchback he saw in his past-life regression. Astonishingly, the artist was an early 20th century artist named Carroll Beckwith. Captain Snow researched the details and found all the details about Carroll Beckwith that he had stated during his past-life regression.

The painter painted a portrait of a hunchbacked woman, mainly for financial gain, as he did not enjoy painting portraits. He relied on a walking stick, and he and his wife spent time in France, though they struggled financially due to their inability to conceive and disagreements about money. Despite these challenges, their marriage was happy. He worked in an art studio with a bank of skylights and a row of windows, and had once stayed at an estate with vast gardens. Unfortunately, a female relative of his passed away due to a blood clot. He ultimately died in a large city with tall buildings during the fall of 1917.

You can view a video describing Captain Snow’s experience at

There is no doubt that people are able to mentally re-experience the life experiences people who lived on earth had, with remarkable clarity.

Are People in Past-Life Regressions Reliving Their Own Past Lives?

The term “past-life regression” has been attached to these experiences people describe of another life, but using the term clouds the significance of the event. Yes, the person is describing experiences someone else had in the past and they ascribe them to themselves. “I was that person.” However, people don’t know the real truth about reincarnation. Someone doesn’t become several people over time to enter Earth School. We remain the individuals we are in the next life and the continuation of our lives after that, but the framework or life essence we have can become the framework for a new life.

Speakers in the afterlife tell us that we stay the individuals we are when we transition from earth. All the things that happen elements of the evolution of our Higher Self. We are still growing in understanding, compassion, and love after our graduation from Earth School. Other individuals of our Higher Selves come into Earth School, but we don’t become someone else. Our Higher Self learns from what the other lives experienced.

During pre-birth planning, the planners may decide a life already lived would be a good pattern for this new life being planned. It may be because the person who lived that life didn’t get to the lessons that were in the plan. As the plan is being made, those doing the planning go through lives that have been lived and find parts they want to bring into this new life. Then as we grow up during our Earth School experience, we enter circumstances that remind us, subliminally, of that other life. We then can have a past-life regression to recall things about that other life.

This links individuals in the Higher Self. That is where past-life regressions come from. The person having the regression recalls another life connected in parts with the individual part of the Higher Self. Characteristics of that earlier person are part of the person living now on Earth.




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How Can People Have Past-Life Regressions?

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