Example Afterlife Connections Using the Self-Guided Afterlife Communication Method

Meditation for afterlife communication

Seek Reality Online developed the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure for the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc. It teaches people how to guide themselves into a connection with loved ones in the afterlife. The procedure is available on the Internet for free at https://afterlifeinstitute.org/self-guided.

The Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure uses relaxation activities with guided meditations presented in eight training stages. At each stage, the participants learn to become more adept at allowing the natural unfoldment from their subconscious through which they will receive messages from loved ones living on the next plane of life. The training results in the participants’ becoming open to the messages coming from loved ones in spirit, culminating in their being able to sit quietly anywhere, without the guided meditation, and connect with loved ones now living in the afterlife.

In a study of 22 participants who had gone through at least the first four stages in training, 86% of participants had an afterlife connection. 

After each training stage, participants fill out a journal describing what happened during their session.  They have given permission for excerpts from their journals to be made public.  One father’s descriptions of two of his self-guided afterlife connections follow. 

~ Participant Journal Excerpt ~

Even as I started paying attention to my breathing, I felt that my daughter was reminding me about how she had done in a class that she had taken a few years ago.

Then as I pictured a place of beauty, I was with Linda at a park. She was dressed in warm weather clothing. She seemed amused that I would be concerned about temperature and she enjoyed the idea that she was teaching me. We then were up in the air looking down at the treetops briefly and then were back sitting together on the bench. We communicated for a while about our feelings for each other. My father came from our left and stood to the side. I could sense my mother and nephew there also, but their form was not as solid as Linda’s. My dad indicated that he just wanted me to know that he was proud of me, but wanted to allow me to spend this time with Linda. Linda let me know that she was glad that I was trying to stay connected with her and kissed me on the cheek to say good-bye for now.

~ A Second Journal Excerpt by the Same Father ~

I talk to my daughter throughout the day. The last couple of times that I’ve done the exercise, I tell her ahead of time that I will be doing it and the time I plan. She seems to be waiting for me when the time comes.

This time as I sat down on the chair to begin, I felt that she was letting me know that she notices when I eat foods that she enjoyed and that she likes that I do it.

As I began the exercise, Linda was there. I didn’t even go to a place of beauty to get started. Other than the idea that any place where Linda is will always be a place of beauty for me. 

We were floating in a rich black sky with stars above us. We watched 3 or 4 shooting stars. She really seems to enjoy being my guide and being able to show things to me. I enjoy it also. Then I felt that we were sitting on the hood of a car with our backs resting on the windshield. Then there were fireworks above us. After watching a few, I think that she did something with her hand and some of the sparks did loops and designs. She looked over at me as if to say “See what I can do.” She laughed about it all. 


While I was thinking about having fun together, she leaned over and gave me a big hug and said that our time together meant a lot to her. I let her know that I will continue doing this. She replied, “Tomorrow?” I said that it would be sometime soon. To which she replied “TOMORROW” in a slow clear voice.

Meditation for afterlife communication

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