Will I Have a Body in the Next Life?

How can we live happy lives

You will have a body in the life after this life.

Earth School is a spiritual realm. In this spiritual realm, we have body experiences. In the next, we also have body experiences. The body experiences will be of the body we had in Earth School at its prime, or what we wish we had had at its prime, in our twenties or thirties in Earth School.

All who transition to the next realm describe having a tangible body just as they had when in a physical body. They have no aches and pains, however, and they feel healthy and light. When they see themselves in a reflection, they look as they did in their twenties or thirties if they transitioned at an older age. If they transitioned as children, they grow up on the other side of life to have bodies that correspond to bodies in their twenties or thirties in Earth School. There are no diseases, deformities, or mental difficulties. People have bodies that are whole, healthy, vibrant, and young. There are no “old people” and no old-people ailments.

How can we live happy lives

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