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Thanks to cutting-edge recording technology and a greater understanding of the afterlife, the proof for the existence of life after death is now indisputable. Seek Reality is committed to sharing this knowledge with you, so that you can overcome your fear of death, understand where your departed loved ones are, and view your fellow travelers in this temporary world in a new light. As more and more individuals become aware of the existence of an afterlife, we can build a world where people live together in peace, love, and joy.

Despite the overwhelming evidence available today, it can be difficult to accept the truth of life after death. However, we can assure you that everything presented in our videos is backed by verified evidence from reputable sources.

Proof There Is Life After Death

You are a spiritual being who will never die. You are having a brief experience in Earth School to grow in love and compassion, learn lessons, and have a variety of experiences. When you go on to the afterlife, you will have new, wonderful experiences, but you won’t have endings as on earth. Your loved ones will be with you on your new experiences, forever. You will never die.

Your loved ones who are living in the afterlife are enjoying their new lives in peace and joy. You are not separated from them during this brief time when you and they are focusing your attention on different realms. They come to visit you often when they want to be part of what you are doing or when you ask them to come to you to talk or help you. Your loved ones are always only a thought away.

A series of nine Seek Reality videos contains the evidence there is life after death! The evidence is from verified communication with people whose bodies have been dead for years or decades speaking to people who knew them, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that we continue to live after our bodies die.

You can read the afterlife evidence in the book, Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never DieThese are the videos in this Seek Reality series containing the evidence.

Evidence of Life After Death from Recordings of Voices of People in the Afterlife

The initial footage showcasing evidence of the afterlife  features direct-voice mediums capturing voices of individuals residing in the afterlife. These recordings convey distinct and clear communication between individuals currently living in the afterlife and those still residing on Earth. The veracity of these conversations is validated by the recognition of the individual’s unique voice quality and personality by the individuals on earth, as well as the references made to current events and past memories in their lives.

This video features recordings of individuals who have passed away communicating with their loved ones still living on Earth. The conversations include a husband speaking with his wife, who had been deceased for years, a wife speaking with her deceased husband, and a mother conversing with her deceased son. These heartening exchanges revolve around their past experiences together on Earth and current events that the deceased individuals are aware of. These conversations serve as proof that individuals residing in the afterlife are indeed alive, possessing the same personality and memories, and currently keeping an eye on the affairs of their loved ones still on Earth. Such conversations undoubtedly provide evidence of life after death.

Proof of Life after Death When People in the Afterlife Appear to Loved Ones in Séances with Physical Mediums

The second video presenting evidence of the afterlife showcases materialization mediums conducting séances where individuals they know appear and directly address the sitters. The sitters confirm the identity of these materialized individuals, verifying that they are the same people they knew while alive on Earth. Furthermore, these materialized individuals demonstrate awareness of events that occurred after their physical bodies had passed, including recent ones.

One such recording in this video features a man who had passed away several months prior, appearing and speaking to his loved one present at the séance. Additionally, the video includes recordings of a renowned electronic voice researcher speaking over the phone to multiple people years after his physical death. Moreover, an afterlife researcher speaks from the spirit world to other researchers who knew him. These recordings provide further compelling evidence of the existence of life after death.

Proof of the Afterlife from Electronic Voice Recordings (EVP) or Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) is a technology-based method that records the voices or images of individuals who are now deceased. With the advent of recording technology, voices and images from the afterlife have been captured, providing compelling evidence that consciousness endures beyond the death of the physical body.

There are two primary reasons why the audio and video recordings acquired by researchers demonstrate the existence of individuals living in the afterlife:

Firstly, the recordings consistently depict a dialogue where individuals in spirit respond to questions and give relevant comments.

Secondly, the researchers specifically ask to communicate with certain individuals, and those individuals respond with statements that identify them as the departed person residing in the next realm of life.

The video that follows provides examples of EVP/ITC recordings that showcase the individuals in the afterlife as vibrant and communicative, able to respond to questions, recognize the people communicating with them, and eagerly share their messages.


People Whose Bodies Have Died Appear to People Who Knew Them

Numerous accounts exist of individuals who have passed away appearing and communicating with loved ones still residing on Earth. These appearances include distinct physical and vocal characteristics of the departed, coupled with fluent communication about shared memories. Below are three examples of spontaneous materializations from reputable sources.

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a renowned physician, author, and expert on death and dying, is among the individuals with impeccable credentials who have described people they know appearing and conversing with them. Dr. Raymond A. Moody, a philosopher, psychologist, physician, and author, also reports similar experiences. Additionally, J. B. Phillips, an English Bible translator, author, and an ordained Anglican priest who created the Phillips Translation of the New Testament, has also described such encounters with individuals from the afterlife.

Proof of Life After Death from Client Afterlife Communications in Sessions with Grief Counselors

The following video provides evidence of life after death through three distinct grief counseling methods that enable clients to establish communication with their deceased loved ones. These methods include Induced After-Death Communication, Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy, and Loving Heart Connections. All three techniques have a remarkably high success rate of up to 98% in facilitating afterlife communication experiences while the client is in the therapist’s office.

The clients who have undergone these therapies insist that they have indeed connected with their loved ones who have passed away, resulting in significant reductions in their grief. Moreover, at times, they have learned new information that was later confirmed.

The video showcases firsthand accounts of individuals who have experienced afterlife communication with their deceased loved ones, guided by psychotherapists using these methods.

Evidence of Life After Death from Self-Guided Afterlife Communications

This video presents evidence of the afterlife through personal accounts of individuals who successfully connected with their loved ones residing in the afterlife. These connections were established through the free online Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Procedure. A study revealed that 86 percent of the participants who completed the training confirmed having successful connections, which included numerous validations of communication with their loved ones.

The video features a woman who connected with her deceased mother and a daughter of her friend, who provided information validating her identity as the speaker from the afterlife. Another account is from a woman who connected with her deceased uncle, who took her on a tour of a farm they had often visited during her childhood.

These connections provide compelling evidence that individuals who have passed away are indeed alive in the afterlife and can communicate with their loved ones still living on Earth. It requires the person on this side of life to learn how to receive and establish communication with the departed.

Proof of the Afterlife from Court Testimony that Individuals on the Stand Have Stated They Have Had Communication with Deceased Loved Ones

Helen Duncan was a twentieth-century British materialization medium. A materialization medium goes into trance and people living in the afterlife materialize, speak to people, touch them and allow themselves to be touched, and even kiss their loved ones.

During one of her séances in 1941, a sailor came through, explaining he had perished when the HMS Barham was sunk. The British Admiralty, worried about public morale, had been keeping the incident secret. Two years later, as an invasion of Germany approached, they wanted to prevent any further revelations. Duncan was arrested and tried under the Witchcraft Act of 1735. The Admiralty’s reaction to her knowledge demonstrated that they knew her statements were accurate.

Helen Duncan’s trial began on March 30, 1944. Twenty-two witnesses described the afterlife connections they had made during Duncan’s séances with loved ones in spirit. Following are links to brief transcripts of five sworn testimonies that the materializations were of people the witnesses knew well and that the materialized people were alive, articulate, and healthy. The witnesses told of seeing the materialized people close up, speaking about personal matters, touching, and even kissing them. They all swore under oath that they had an encounter with their loved ones.

This video contains narrations and transcripts of the sworn testimony of five of the witnesses that they saw clearly, spoke to, and touched their loved ones who materialized in Helen Duncan seances. They are further proof of the afterlife.

Proof of the Afterlife from Mediums’ Spirit Art

We also have evidence people living in the afterlife can communicate through artwork and drawings. In this video, you will see full-size color portraits of people living in the afterlife that were created by artists in spirit and hear the testimonies of witnesses who watched the portraits being created individually or in audiences with hundreds of other people.

The video also contains drawings done by spirit artists of people now living in the afterlife. The spirit artist creates the drawings with no knowledge of the person in the afterlife. People just ask to have a portrait of their loved one. The video contains the resulting drawings shown beside the remarkably identical photographs of the people when they were on earth. They are further evidence of life after death.

Evidence of Life After Death from Writing Done by People in Spirit

This video contains evidence that people in the afterlife communicate to people on earth through writing. Some writing is done by the person in the afterlife taking over a medium’s body and writing letters and notes to loved ones present. Other evidence shows that those in spirit can type messages on a typewriter that is not touched by people in the room as it happens. Finally, the video shows examples of people in spirit writing messages on slates–flat surfaces schoolchildren used to write on in school. All of the demonstrations are tightly controlled. The people living in the afterlife can come to their loved ones and write messages to them, proving there is life after death.

Evidence for life after death | Seek Reality

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