What Is Everyday Life in Heaven Like?

What is life in heaven like?

What Do People Do in the Afterlife?

In the afterlife, our living conditions are shaped by the moral character we developed during our life on Earth. Dr. Robert Hare’s research on spirits revealed that where we go in the afterlife is initially determined by what he called our “moral specific gravity” that reflects the nature of the “good” and “bad” deeds we instigated. The afterlife is comprised of multiple planes, realms, or spheres, and individuals with a lower moral specific gravity will find themselves on a lower plane. However, with the help of enlightened spirits, they can progress towards higher planes over time.

Most people find themselves in the realm for people with a higher specific gravity that the Theosophists called “Summerland.”

People who are loving and compassionate live in pleasant circumstances with others who are loving and compassionate. Their world is full of love and devoid of discord and loneliness. On the other hand, people who on earth were violent, cruel, and despicable find themselves with others who are violent, cruel, and despicable. Their surroundings match their mental and spiritual condition: they are darker, with unpleasant odors and regular unpleasant sounds coming from their bickering and fights. Living in darker, unpleasant circumstances is not the result of a judgment and certainly isn’t any form of a hell. The unfortunate people in these regions and those with them are creating the environment through their thoughts and dispositions.

Dr. Robert Hare, who was a well-known inventor and emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania medical school during his time on Earth, communicated from the spirit world that a person’s immediate placement in the afterlife is based on their “moral specific gravity.” This is determined by the good works they have done, or their lack thereof. The afterlife consists of multiple planes, spheres, or realms, and those with a lower moral specific gravity will naturally be drawn to a lower plane. However, they can still progress to a higher plane with the guidance of more enlightened spirits.

Jasper Swain, who received messages from his son after his death, shared his son’s explanation of the life conditions each person experiences in the afterlife.

According to his son, while still on Earth, a person’s thoughts, intentions, and actions contribute to their soul’s vibration rate. After death, the individual will manifest in the part of the spirit world that vibrates at that same rate.

Elizabeth Fry, who led the eighteenth-century reformation of UK prisons, explains that people coming into the life after this life find themselves in circumstances that fit their mental and spiritual status. You can hear Elizabeth Fry explain this more fully at www.earthschoolanswers.com/fry2/. This is a summary:

When people arrive here, they typically experience a happy state of being and have great opportunities for knowledge, experience, and rest, if needed. There is no depression, except for those who have deep regrets about their life and character. In such cases, people must undergo a process of self-assessment and come to terms with the fact that they could have lived differently on Earth and helped others more. Initially, self-centered people find it challenging to adapt to this environment. However, everyone eventually achieves a state of happiness through their own efforts and evolution. This state of being must be earned, and individuals go through various stages of growth until they reach their desired goal. Once they reach that point, they may remain in that environment for a long time before feeling the need or desire to move on.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson in the life after this life, speaking through medium Anthony Borgia, explains that his spiritual development affected the living circumstances in his new life. This is a summary:

According to what he told me, both the house and the garden were the fruits of my labor during my life on earth. Through my efforts, I had earned the privilege of owning them, with the assistance of benevolent souls who dedicate their afterlife to performing acts of generosity and service to others. Often, this task is undertaken by those who were skilled and passionate about such work during their earthly existence.

Dr. Franke, who was killed at Dachau death camp, spoke in a Leslie Flint session on April 6, 1964. He explains that the world in the life after this life is created for the individual by their thoughts. As a result, people create the world they expect to have without realizing it. You can listen to him speaking at www.earthschoolanswers.com/franke/. This is a summary:

But, it is so strange because it is as if the very thoughts of man can create for himself that which for him is the most best or most necessary. That is why when your friend here, he say to me, “describe your world” I know of course that it is expect for me to describe my world. I describe my world as I know it or try to describe it. But every man who come to you from this side would describe to you exactly what he has experienced. But what his experience may be, may be perhaps very different to another. And if you can realize that this world is a world where thoughts are so powerful, that a man can create for himself, even at first perhaps unknowingly, the kind of conditions which are best for him.

It is as if it is a law, a natural law here, for man to enter into a condition or condition or state of being which is best suited for him. Of course I have explained a little of how some people’s minds are so confused and whose conditions of thought are so bad, that they need to be tended. And their thoughts needed to be changed, by the good thoughts and the real thoughts of people who have knowledge, and they are taken to certain places for this. But most people entering into this world for the first time, are usually of course met by their loved ones. They’re taken to the homes of their loved ones and they are treated like a lost soul that has been found. They are shown everything, but you must remember that even though you may show a soul from your world certain things, if it is not for them ready to see, they do not see in the same way. It is difficult to explain this, but a person cannot always understand something immediately.

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