Heavenly Life Unveiled: Travel, Communication, and More

Heavenly life with people traveling and communicating, explained

What Is Life in Heaven Like?

Those in the afterlife have physical bodies that resemble their earthly forms, allowing them to walk to their intended destinations. Nevertheless, they also possess the power to instantly transport themselves to any location they desire by focusing their attention on it.[i] However, one cannot enter another’s presence unless the individual is willing to receive the visitor. As such, people still retain their privacy and freedom of choice to decide with whom they wish to interact. Arthur Ford, communicating through medium Ruth Montgomery, elaborated on this concept.

It is true that we are able to think ourselves into any locale to see almost anyone, but … if no one wants to see you, you are not able to intrude on his solitude or other activities. It must be a two-way street.[ii]

However, in the early periods after the transition, people prefer to walk unless the destination is far or in another realm.

There Are Vehicles such as Cars, Motorcycles, and Boats

People have the same thrill in driving cars, motorcycles, and boats, but machinery doesn’t power them. The boats sail without difficulty and the motorcycles speed down the road with ease because of the person controlling the effort intends to have the boat or motorcycle speed forward.

There are automobiles, but they do not burn petroleum products and emit noxious gasses. In some communities, hobby groups of people interested in automobiles have created replicas of particular models of automobiles. They ride in them for sport and pleasure.[iii]

People May Speak or Communicate Telepathically

Everyone may communicate by making vocal sounds or through telepathy. The longer someone is a resident of the life after this life, the more interested the person is in foregoing the ponderous action of stringing words together to convey thoughts. Minds are more open to each other so thoughts are accessible by anyone through telepathy.[iv]

Henry Thibault conveys the messages of a speaker coming through a medium known as A. B. using automatic writing. The speaker describes a remarkable blending of minds between people. This is a summary:

When I encountered my beloved wife on the other side, something remarkable occurred. She and I became one, with all of her knowledge and emotions becoming a part of my consciousness. Everything that I had tried and failed to accomplish, as well as my successes, were known to her without the need for words or thoughts in the way that they are understood on Earth. Although we were one, we remained unique and separate individuals, with a complete understanding of each other to the fullest extent of our capacity.[v]

However, it is possible to use our free will to deliberately keep our thoughts to ourselves. That requires more effort, so if someone is freely, spontaneously speaking, the thoughts will simply pour out into the discourse.

There is a “universal spirit language,” so that people who came from various language backgrounds are all able to understand conversations and discourses.[vi] They explain that people in groups with similar customs from earth keep their languages as long as they want to, but in communicating with people who speak other languages, the communication is through telepathy of messages so language is not a barrier.[vii]

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