What Is Life in the Afterlife Like? What Do People Do for Recreation?

What Do People Do for Fun in the Afterlife?

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, speaking from the life after this life,[i] explains that people do not suffer fatigue of body or mind. However, if someone becomes restless with one form of work, the person may engage in another form of work for a while or an endless variety of recreation activities. Whatever people enjoy doing in Earth School, they may continue it in the next stage of life. There are concerts, halls of art, gardening, beautiful scenic paths, and the whole abundance of pleasurable activities we have in Earth School, plus more.
In our theaters, just as in our concert halls, we have those exceptionally talented people who once performed so brilliantly for you. … We have marvelous theatrical comedy productions and also performances by masterful comedians.[ii]

Performances are given of historical events in which the actual people involved in the activities perform as they did in the events.[iii]

When someone wants to engage in a pleasurable activity, the circumstances are available. The desire for the activity among people interested in it makes the equipment or circumstances available, without request. Mary Ann Ross, speaking in a Leslie Flint session, says that she always wanted to play the piano when she was on the earth. After her transition, when she entered the house in which she was to live, she was amazed to see a piano there. The man accompanying her was a piano teacher. When she sat to play the piano, she received mental guidance from her teacher so she played well very quickly.[iv] You can listen to the recording of Mary Ann Ross describing from spirit when she first saw the piano and played it at www.earthschoolanswers.com/ross4/.

There is no hunting or other activity that would terrorize or injure animals. There is no slaughter allowed, under whatever cloak it masquerades, such as sport. In this realm, animals cannot die, but they can be subject to terror. Therefore that constitutes injury and is not allowed. [v]

There are races and other contests, but those engaged in them have only a friendly rivalry. There is no reward involved. The participants enjoy becoming more capable and accomplished, not being better than someone else. People play sports such as baseball and football in areas designed for the sports.[vi]

Monsignor Benson explains that there are beautiful theaters for concerts and plays, and vast libraries that contain every work produced by humankind both in this stage of life and the next. There are halls devoted to painting, sculpture, literature, fabrics, tapestries, and many other subjects, filled with people practicing their skills and enjoying the camaraderie of people with the same interests. Every art object and discovery is represented there. None is lost.[vii]

Lester Kolterman in spirit, giving messages through Miss Lillian Walbrook, his aunt, describes his recreation activities.

I have a music-room containing every mode of sound-expression. I have pictures of rare beauty and furnishings of exquisite design. I am living here alone at present. Many friends frequently visit me as I do them in their homes and, if a faint sadness at times takes possession of me, I visit those I loved most on earth.[viii]
There are recreational devices such as boats and motorcycles. They are not powered by machinery. The boats sail effortlessly and the motorcycles travel with ease because of the intention of the person controlling the effort to have the boat or motorcycle propel itself forward.[ix]

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