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What Is Life Like in the Afterlife? The World Environment

In the Afterlife world, there are many environments, but each is gloriously pleasant, with surroundings reminiscent of the environment of Earth School, only more beautiful than the residents are able to describe.

The environment depends on the person’s state of being and expectations. If someone is still tied to the earth and its environment, they will experience an existence very much like the earth for as long as they remain at that level of thought. The descriptions we receive of the Summerland environment are filled with ecstatic descriptions of a realm just like the earth realm, but much more glorious. Everything that is lovely on earth is exceedingly lovely in the life after this life, and the environment contains additional features undreamt of on earth.

Leland Stanford, speaking to his father from spirit through medium Fred Evans, explained the environment in the life after this life.

Try to understand that the landscapes are spiritual, and so is the beauty of all that there is on the other side of life. The physical is only a gross imitation of the spiritual. There is no tongue which can describe the beauty of the spiritual realms, wherein are the souls of those who have just entered on their progressive existence—souls who have striven to do their best according to their light. I say that there is no tongue that can describe the beauties of that land. Take the best that you have, and it is poor in comparison.

Dame Alice Ellen Terry, the Shakespearean actress living in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, described the realm of the life after this life in a Leslie Flint session. You can listen to Ellen Terry speaking these words at www.earthschoolanswers.com/terry3/.

But I can say that that which constitutes my life is full of beauty, full of color, full indeed of every aspect of loveliness that words could depict or experience could experience. There is so much. There are great buildings, beautiful to behold. There are great cities in which all can be found that is good for the life of the individual. There are great theatres, of course, in which great plays are performed. Great operas, even, are sung. Great musicians compose great works, so the great orchestras can play and many can be blessed by music and the color which suffuses the whole auditorium during its performance.

If only I could even just depict the colorings of this world, this place in which I find myself now, so far removed from your realization. Colors beyond description; ever changing in their subtlety and ever giving forth, as it were, a luminosity and a beauty so far removed from material ideas, that one cannot hope to recapture. Thinking, as one must, in comparison to the rainbow of the earth, one can see here, as it were, the colorings of innumerable rainbows with innumerable colorings, far more vast and comprehensive in their spectrum.

In the spirit world, there is never darkness, but rather a diffused subtlety of light that can at times resemble a twilight. However, this light is entirely unlike anything that exists in the physical world. Although there are times of quietude and rest, there is never a need for sleep or rest. Instead, there is a sense of peacefulness that arises when we feel the need for it. Despite this peacefulness, our energies never seem to flag, and we are always called upon to do more, to experience more, and to endeavor more.

The spirit world is filled with the beauty and magnificence of the countryside and nature’s vibrant colors. However, everything is even more glorified and beautified than what is known on Earth. All the familiar conditions of earthly life exist but are much more rarefied, more beautiful, and more vast in their comprehension and experience.

The Flowers Are in Glorious Profusion

This description of flowers from Anthony Borgia’s Life in the World Unseen gives a flavor of how much more remarkable the life after this life is than the earth environment. He was noting that the gardens are very orderly. This is a summary of the text from the book.

I am describing not the ordinary orderliness that one might expect to see in public gardens on Earth, but rather an exceptionally beautiful and well-tended space. There were no unruly growths or tangled masses of foliage and weeds; instead, there was an awe-inspiring abundance of stunning flowers arranged to showcase their beauty perfectly. As I examined them more closely, I found that many of the flowers were entirely unfamiliar to me, and their colors were more vibrant than anything I had ever seen on Earth. What struck me most, however, was the vital atmosphere of eternal life that these flowers emitted. As one approached a particular group of flowers or even a single blossom, it felt as though they radiated an energy that spiritually uplifted the soul and gave it strength. And the heavenly fragrances they emitted were beyond compare.

All of these flowers were living and breathing, and according to my friend, incorruptible. When I drew near to them, I noticed another astonishing feature: a musical sound enveloped them, producing soft harmonies that precisely matched the flowers’ gorgeous colors. I am not musically adept enough to explain this phenomenon in technical terms, but I hope to bring someone with more knowledge of the subject to explain it more fully. For now, suffice it to say that these musical sounds were in perfect harmony with everything I had seen so far, and there was perfect harmony everywhere.

The Light in the Afterlife Is Higher Quality Than Sunlight, But There Is No Sun

The sky is blue, with no sun, moon, or stars. There is an ambient light of higher quality than the light from the sun. One resident of Earth School describes the light in this way.

The light in the spirit world is a result of our minds’ action on the atmosphere. We can think light into existence, and it appears before us. This is why individuals who come with negative energies cannot see in the dark, as their minds do not possess the competence to produce light. As we ascend through the spheres, there is an increased intensity of light. This light emanates from the blending of more spiritual minds.

It is a mistake to speak of the sun in the spirit world, for there is no such thing. The light in the spirit world radiates from atoms and is entirely different from the grosser light found in the physical world. This light is soft, radiant, and brilliant. It is so ethereal and beautiful that it blends with sensation, and the physical eye cannot behold it. On the contrary, the physical world’s light is unnatural and painful to the spirit.

There is no night, although some describe a “twilight” period each day in which the ambient light is not so bright. People do “rest,” but don’t sleep unless they want to sleep.

The Temperature in Heaven Is Always Pleasant

The temperature is always pleasant, with no inclement weather, although there is one description of a “mist” that happens every two earth weeks and another of rain that “is good for our bodies.”

There Are Grand Buildings and Halls in the Afterlife

Buildings such as halls of learning, schools, art galleries, concert halls, and museums are described as being made of a solid material that has a pearl-like luminescence. The buildings are assembled in vast, beautiful, clean cities. In these halls of learning, all people studiously read out of self-motivated interest.

Heaven Has a Natural Environment Much Like That on Earth

Any of the heaven environments have all the attributes of Earth School. There are mountains, rivers, lakes, forests, meadows, and vast fields of flowers. There are seas and beaches. Monsignor Hugh Benson, speaking through medium Anthony Borgia, describes a sea.

Never had I expected to behold such a sea. It’s covering was the most perfect reflection of the blue of the sky above, but in addition it reflected myriad rainbow tints in every little wavelet. … From where we were, I could see islands of some considerable size in the distance. … Beneath us was a fine stretch of beach upon which we could see people seated at the water’s edge.

The environment is consistently described as being exceptionally beautiful. Stafford Betty, in The Afterlife Unveiled: What the Dead Are Telling Us About Their World, includes a description of the environment and homes conveyed through William Stainton Moses, in trance, taking a tour with Mentor, a spirit communicator.

I have no recollection of losing consciousness, but the darkness seemed to give place to a beautiful scene which gradually unfolded itself. I seemed to stand on the margin of a lake, behind which rose a chain of hills, verdant to their tops, and shrouded in a soft haze. The atmosphere was like that of Italy, translucent and soft. The water beside which I stood was unruffled, and the sky overhead was of cloudless blue. I strolled along the margin of the lake, meditating on the beauty of the scene. I met a person coming towards me [and] knew it was Mentor [one of a group of 49 spirit communicators]. … His voice as he addressed me was sharp and decisive in tone: “You are in spirit-land, and we are going to show you a scene in the spheres.” He turned and walked with me along the margin of the lake till we came to a road which branched along the foot of the mountain. A little brook flowed by its side, and beyond was a lovely stretch of verdant meadow, not cut up into fields as with us, but undulating as far as the eye could reach. We approached a house very like an Italian villa, situated in a nook, amidst a grove of trees like nothing I ever saw before; more like gigantic ferns of the most graceful and varied description. Before the door were plots of flowers of the most lovely hues and varieties. My guide gestured to me that I should enter, and we entered a large hall. In the middle was a fountain with a bank of flowers and ferns. A beautiful scent filled the air, and the sound of sweet music, soft and soothing, greeted the ear.

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