What Experiences Might I Have When I Communicate with My Deceased Loved One?

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Will I Hold Loved Ones in the Afterlife Back by Connecting?

No. They desire to communicate with you, and they have an infinite amount of time to develop their wisdom and love. There is no rush for them to progress in their spiritual growth, contrary to the notion that we must always be moving quickly towards our goals, which is a more modern concept.

What about the Teachings of My Church That It Is a Sin to Communicate with People in the Afterlife?

The positions of the writers of sacred texts and of the church leaders are misunderstood. The Christian sacred texts don’t have injunctions against communicating with loved ones and in fact have examples of Yeshua (Jesus) communicating with people who have transitioned and promising the disciples they will receive communication from him.

For anyone concerned about communicating with those who have left the earth, you must know that the Old Testament injunctions against mediums and speaking with the people who have transitioned referred to the religions that were popular at the time that were based on seeking advice about how to live using mediums. Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament, was a jealous god who would have no other gods before him. The writers were saying Yahweh didn’t like people getting advice from anyone but him. That was the reason for the injunctions.

At the same time, the New Testament contains nothing about not connecting with loved ones. In fact, there is ample evidence of afterlife communications made by the Early Christians. For more go to https://www.seekreality.com/sin/.

Are There Negative Beings Who Will Interfere When I’m Communicating?

There are negative beings and mischievous earthbound people who will communicate when the person on this side of life is not spiritually grounded and is attempting to communicate as a game. But for people who are connecting with loved ones out of love, the negative entities will not have an effect.

“Earthbounds” are people who have transitioned from the body but have not left the earth environment. They have no bodies, so they wander around us unseen. Because they are still attuned to the earth environment, they can sit on chairs, travel in buses, attend gatherings, and do the things people using bodies do. They almost never can actually disturb things by moving objects. Their primary mischief is in influencing people through thought.

Earthbounds will speak to people who are attempting to communicate with any unseen entity as a game. Most recordings by the ghost-hunter groups are from earthbounds.

When we connect with loved ones, on the other hand, there are minimal dangers from earthbounds or negative entities. We are acting out of love, so they can’t influence us and find us incredibly boring.

You may do a simple prayer of protection before making a connection with someone unseen, including your loved ones, if that would make you feel more comfortable. This is an example prayer.

During this time of communication, surround and fill me, the room I am in, and all in this house with a white light of love and divine protection.

In normal activity to communicate with loved ones, there are no problems with earthbounds or entities.

Will My Deep Grief Make It More Difficult to Have an Afterlife Communication?

Yes. If you fall into grief every time you think about the person, communicating will be more difficult. The grief will drag you down into your Mind so your loved one can’t get messages through.

Grief is a heavy, dense emotion. It creates a cocoon around the grieving person that loved ones in spirit trying to communicate cannot easily penetrate. The general rule for people having an Induced After-Death Communication therapy session is that the sadness and periods of grief stabilize after a period of a year. There is still great sadness, but the grief, guilt, anger, and other tapestry of emotions are not so great that they dominate the person’s Mind. If you have difficulty receiving the messages, it could very well because your grief is keeping you from being open to having the messages bubble up from your subconscious.

However, you don’t have to wait for a year. Communicate now. Your loved ones want you to speak to them, even if you can’t receive responses easily.

Is It Possible My Loved One Is Angry with Me and Will Be Harsh in My Connections?

No. Communications with our loved ones are always filled with love and a concern for the person living in the earth realm. If you ever have a negative experience or feeling, such as feeling the person on the other side shunned you or told you something disturbing or anything else negative, the communication wasn’t from them. That feeling or message has come from fears and negative emotions we all have while in the earth realm that have risen in our Mind. Push them aside and say, “That’s not from (your loved one). I put that in the trash.” Think of putting that in a trash can. Then go back to your communication. Receiving negative feelings or messages is very unlikely to happen. Your communications will always be positive.

Our loved ones who have transitioned into the afterlife retain their unique personalities, loves, fears, intolerances, sense of humor, and all the other traits that make them an individual, just as they did while on Earth. We may see them expressing negative emotions such as crying, frustration, or even anger over a situation, but these feelings are directed at the situation and not at us as individuals. Their approach towards us is always full of love and concern. Having transitioned from the earthly realm, they have moved beyond many of the petty issues that they may have had while in the physical body. The process of transitioning into the afterlife is a life-changing experience that leads to a shift in their sentiments and perspective.

What Are the Experiences I Might Have with Someone Living in the Life after This Life?

You might have a sense of their presence, telepathic conversations, images and scenes, and the sense of being touched, kissed, or hugged. Everything in this world happens in the Mind, so you might have any of the same experiences in your Mind you have while in a body when you communicate Mind to Mind, including the sensations of being touched, kissed, or hugged. But they will be like the memory of an experience you feel, not like a touch on the arm.

In your communications with people living in the life after this life, you may have the following experiences.

A Sense of Presence

You may have a sense of presence. You will simply know that the person you want to connect with is there. It’s as real as the senses of seeing and hearing. You won’t see anything and won’t “hear” with your ears. But the knowledge or sense that they’re with you is a very reliable validation you’re connected.

Some people report having chills or tingling or other such physical sensation when a loved one is near. You can get to know those sensations as the signal your loved one is present and anxious to communicate.


You will have conversations with your loved one. The more you become accustomed to Mind-to-Mind communication, the more easily the conversations will flow. They are very fast because they are telepathic. The messages don’t come in long strings of words. You receive the entire message at one time, without words. You have no time to doubt or wonder or judge what is coming. There is no hesitation.

Images and Scenes

Your loved ones may project images and scenes to you. They may seem irrelevant at the time, as though they were just passing fantasies. When you allow free unfoldment, you may access a variety of images and scenes. They come Mind to Mind, bypassing the eyes, ears, skin, and brain. The result is the same sights in the Mind you might have with your eyes, but since the body limitations aren’t there, what comes is fluid, easily changed, and not limited to mundane physical realities. They may seem to jump around or be in fragments. That’s because in our Minds loved ones, souls, guides, and Higher Selves can take us from scene to scene easily and immediately to get messages to us, so they take advantage of that unrestricted ability.

They often give experiences instead of words. Instead of telling you something, they guide you into experiencing it. In one example, the loved one in spirit wanted to convey a message to someone having a Self-Guided Afterlife Connection experience. The person could have received a Mind-to-Mind message such as “Well, you’re trying too hard and thinking too much. Just relax and my communication will come to you.” Instead, this person was given the experience that allowed her to discover the truth that she was trying too hard to make the communication happen. As she sat with her eyes closed, she was guided by her husband in spirit to see a mountain with people working hard to climb to the top. Her husband took her to an elevator at the base of the mountain that quickly took them to the top. He was conveying the message that she didn’t have to work so hard at communicating. She should just relax and he would take her into the communication. She understood the message immediately.

The teaching often happens in experiences and senses of messages, not in words. The person in spirit is in charge of the images, scenes, and messages. Our role is to allow them to unfold naturally, even if they seem irrelevant.

The explanation of the message comes with the image. You won’t have to puzzle it out. You’ll know. You may have the sense of your loved one telling you the message telepathically, or may just know the meaning. If you have to work at figuring it out, you probably didn’t get the interpretation.

When they send an image of themselves or appear in a dream,  they give you their projection. You are thinking together and they are bringing to mind an image. If you see an image of them, you aren’t seeing them as they are now unless they decide to project that image to you. To show that it is them, some have had to project the image of what they looked like in a picture because they can’t recall what they looked like when in Earth School. As a result the image may appear as the young, vibrant person they are now, or you may see an image as they were when you last saw them when they were healthy. You may see one, then the other. They probably will be wearing what they wore in Earth School so they look familiar to you, not the robes most wear now in the life after this life. They control the image by projecting it to you Mind.

Sensations of Being Touched, Hugged, and Kissed

Our body experiences include sensations of being touched, but the sensations are entirely in our Minds, just as pain and pleasure are in the Mind, not in a body that is apart from the Mind. As a result people describe being touched, caressed, hugged, and even kissed during afterlife communications, especially during dreams; Induced After-Death Communications; Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy; and Self-Guided Afterlife Connections. The experiences are as real as being touched physically because all the sensations are happening in the Mind both in a telepathic connection or in daily life. The physical sensations will be like your memory of the feeling of being kissed or hugged or otherwise touched.

Can I Hasten along the Connections by Thinking Up Scenes in My Mind with My Loved One in Them?

No. Using your imagination will cause your Mind to be filled with what you are creating, blocking the connection and experiences your loved one wants to bring to you. Relax and empty your mind. Allow them to fill it with their messages.

Successful connections require patience and time. You must not go into your first experiences expecting a connection. If you anticipate a connection, that will block the flow of free unfoldment that eventually will result in the connection. You must be willing for the entire session to contain impressions, images, and experiences that seem to have no meaning and are not connected to your loved one. You must allow the communications to come in their own time, in their own way. When you’re getting images or impressions that aren’t meaningful, you should not think “But where is she? I want to connect and she’s not here!” That will shut down the free unfolding and block the connection. The meaningless experiences are part of the process.

You also must not “project” or “imagine” things in an effort to stimulate them. Imagining them running to you or in some scene blocks them from being able to bring to you what they have in Mind. It is very important for you to realize that your loved one has experiences or a message to give you. They are waiting for you to relax and give up control so they can give you what they have planned. If you keep control or intend to have something happen or expect to have a connection as you envision it, you block the image or message they have waiting for you. You can’t make it come. You must allow it to come. You must give up control, no matter how much you want a connection.They desire to communicate with you, and they have an infinite amount of time to develop their wisdom and love. There is no rush for them to progress in their spiritual growth, contrary to the notion that we must always be moving quickly towards our goals, which is a more modern concept.

How to have afterlife communication - Seek reality

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