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Why Does the Body Have to Die to Enter Life After Death?

The body must have an end because all things on earth have natural causes and effects. The body came from being nurtured in a woman’s womb. The baby was born. The individual grew from age to age. All of the progression through life is orderly and planned in causes and effects. At the end, everyone exits earth school by having something happen that stops the body from functioning. It’s a natural part of our spiritual lives.

This video explains why the body must die. After death we come into the afterlife.

Everything in Earth School has a reason for it. This is the world of causes and effects. We need light, so there is a sun. We need warmth, so the sun warms us. We need to maintain the body, so we eat and drink. We tire and need rest, so we have sleep. These seem necessary for life, but in the life after this life, there is no sun, only ambient light. There is no need for warmth; the temperature is always pleasant. Bodies don’t require nourishment, so there is no need to eat or drink. People don’t sleep unless they want to, although people go into a restful period when they want to.

Earth School is created to have what we need to love, learn, and enjoy experiences. A necessary part of the creation is to have causes and effects, even though they are relevant only to Earth School.

There are specific causes and effects that pertain to our bodies. We are born as an explanation for how our body enters Earth School. We mature by growing physically and psychologically. If we reach old age, our bodies deteriorate. We know these causes and effects well; they give us stability in life.

One of these cause-and-effect sequences is when the person exits Earth School. We must graduate by having the body cease to function to give a reason for our no longer engaging in Earth School experiences. We have finished our lessons and are ready to graduate, so we drop off the body as we would drop off an old, tattered coat that is no longer important to us. The body must die for us to enter the life after death. Unfortunately, the exit leaves people still in Earth School in grief because the familiar body and effortless communication are no longer present.

Entering the life after death is just part of the story. It’s a natural, normal ending to our stay in Earth School and return home. We’re on to the next exciting page in this engrossing drama of our lives.

The Race Is Run. The Reward in the Afterlife Is Earned.

When someone exits Earth School, it is because the purpose of the Earth School experience has been achieved to the level it could be. The exception is suicides and victims of murder. For all others, several potential exit points were decided in the pre-birth planning. All the events were planned to learn life lessons, help others learn life lessons, and help humanity grow. The person’s Higher Self, Soul, and guides planned the exit point for the time when the person most likely would achieve all of the objectives of the individual’s period in Earth School.

The reward is in the afterlife. Riley Heagerty’s home circle received this message from those living in the life after this life.

It is so difficult to explain to you the conditions over here. I am where I would most wish to be, that is, with my loved ones, where I can keep in close touch with you all on the earth realm. … [We don’t have food] in your sense, but much nicer. Such lovely essences and wonderful fruits and other things besides, which you don’t have on earth. Much awaits you which will very much surprise you, all beautiful and high, and so sweet and sunny. Life was a preparation for this sphere. Without that training I could not have been able to enter this glorious, wonderful world. The earth is where we learn our lessons, and this world is our great reward, our true and real home and life—the sunshine after the rain.[i]

Leaving the Earth to Enter the Life after Death Is Just a Change in Focus

It is just like opening a door and coming into the sunshine.[ii] ~ Silver Birch

It may seem that something has ceased to exist at the transition, but the person simply is changing attunement to another reality in the Mind of the Universal Intelligence. It is much like our change of focus from computing our taxes to being interrupted by the phone ringing and talking with a close friend. When we’re doing our taxes, we don’t have our friend in mind at all. When we’re talking to our friend, we don’t have the taxes in mind at all. We have just changed focus.

During our lifetimes, we are focusing on having experiences with everyone else in our Earth School lives. It has only been a focus, however, not a location in space or time within a world that exists apart from the Universal Intelligence. At the transition, we simply change focus to another set of experiences with the people we love and others.

The collection of intelligences known as “Abraham,” speaking through channel Esther Hicks, explains what happens at the transition: “You will withdraw your attention from this time/space reality and you’ll reemerge in the nonphysical.”[iii]

Does the Person’s Soul Plan the Death Exit Point to Enter the Afterlife?

There is a consensus based on contacts from people who have gone on to the next stage of life that the Soul plans more than one potential exit point before enrolling in Earth School. Loved ones left in Earth School need never feel there should have been something they could have done to stop the transition. When the appointed time comes, the transition will occur regardless of what measures are taken.

The exit point is chosen by the Soul and guides is at a time based on the person’s progress in achieving their life goals. There is also evidence that the exit point can be changed if the Soul and guides feel something must be learned before the exit happens. There are verified accounts of people asking for additional time in Earth School because of a task or event coming up and being granted the stay. A boy transitioning from leukemia said that God spoke to him and he asked God to allow him to live another year so he could explain his death to his three-year-old brother. Amazingly, against medical odds, the boy lived one more year.[iv]

There are also many verified accounts of people not wanting to transition with certain others in the room or anyone in the room. They pass quietly when someone leaves or in the middle of the night when no one is with them. Others hold onto life until they hear from loved ones that it’s okay to pass.

Is Suicide in the Person’s Plan?

We understand from the Masters of Light, the team working with AREI’s physical mediumship circle, that people do not plan a suicide. It is a free will choice that truncates the person’s plan.[v]

Suzanne Giesemann received the same message from Sanaya, a collective of minds from a higher dimension that she channels. When she discussed the message with Susanne Wilson, an extremely talented medium who often works with Suzanne, Susanne responded that she had the same messages about suicide:

It is not planned, but it exists in a higher potential for souls who take on tougher life lessons.” Susanne then added, “Those who successfully take their life may have had an exit point right around there anyway, and if they didn’t have an exit point, then their guardian angel would have stepped in.”[vi] If their guardian angel had stepped in, the result would have been that the attempt didn’t succeed because medics arrived soon enough, or the attempt didn’t work, or some other circumstance created by the guardian angel saved the person from making the transition.

People who end their life are met with great empathy, love, and concern by loved ones who are living in the next stage of life. There is no judgment or condemnation. However, sorrow that the person chose to leave Earth School early is felt by loved ones already in the life after this life as well as loved ones still in Earth School.

When someone ends their life, the life plans of the others involved with the person may be affected. In that case, their Souls and guides work to change the circumstances in the Earth School environment to bring the others back into alignment with their pre-birth plans.

How Can I Stop Fearing Death?

People needlessly fear the transition from Earth School out of ignorance. We do not fear moving from one country to continue our lives in another country. Before modern communication devices, people moving to another country would not hear from each other for years if at all. In the nineteenth century, sailors would leave their families on merchant ships and be gone for two or three years. There was sadness, homesickness, and missing loved ones, but not grief and despondence.

People lose their fear of transition from Earth School when they understand the truth that our loved ones are just moving to another country by changing focus. They are not “lost.” They are very much alive, available to communicate, and looking forward to the reunion in a few short years when everyone is in the same realm.

Perhaps the greatest impact of a near-death experience is that the experiencer no longer fears the transition. Having glimpsed what life is like after this life, NDE experiencers are looking forward to their lives after the transition. The conviction that we live after leaving this life is the antidote to the fear of death.

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