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What Happens to Suicides in the Afterlife?

Violence, murder, and suicide are not part of pre-birth planning. In the pre-birth planning, the individual may have taken on the characteristics that might make them prone to violence, such as an antisocial personality, psychopathology, or tendency toward depression that might end in suicide. The life circumstances might be such that they would lead the person to be more likely to commit violent acts, such as the circumstances of being abused and traumatized in childhood. However, the decision to murder or take one’s own life is a free-will choice the person makes that is outside of the pre-birth plan.

Suicide Is Not Planned

Suicide is not in any Soul’s plan. Someone may take on a personality with such burdens and turmoil that there is a chance the person could truncate their life. The hope in the plan is that the person will learn to overcome the challenges so suicide does not happen. They have life goals involving overcoming these tendencies or allowing someone else to learn to love and care for them so the tendency toward suicide doesn’t evolve into carrying out the act.

When someone ends their life or there is a murder, the life plans of the others involved with the person may be affected. In that case, their Souls and guides work to change the circumstances in their Earth School environments to increase the likelihood they will shift back into alignment with their pre-birth plans. The person may still decline to accept the realignments.

People Who End Their Life in Suicide Are Met with Great Empathy and Love in the Afterlife

People who end their life are met with great empathy, love, and concern by loved ones who are living in the next stage of life. There is no judgment or condemnation, but sorrow that the person chose to leave Earth School early is felt by the person, the loved ones already in the life after this life, and the loved ones still in Earth School.

The person doesn’t leave behind the problems the suicide was meant to end. The problems are still there on the earth plane, and the person will see them being played out. Unfortunately, this person cannot enjoy the triumph over the problems when they are resolved. They have taken themselves out of the opportunity to grow and become more the person they entered Earth School to become.

The exception is people who have taken their lives because of debilitating and progressively worsening physical and mental issues. They are also met with understanding and empathy, but with an understanding of the motive.

People Who Commit Suicide Must Experience Loved Ones’ Pain in the Afterlife

When people transition to the next life, they lose the separation of mind we have on the earth plane. They receive the thoughts and feel the feelings of other people, both in the afterlife and still on earth. As a result, they and the others who have already transitioned to the next life experience all the grief their loved ones still on earth experience. That is not a punishment. It is simply the nature of living in the life after this life.

Violence, Murder, and Suicide Are Not Part of Pre-birth Planning

The talented medium and teacher Suzanne Giesemann describes the message she received from William James, the father of American psychology, who is part of the collective in the life after this life called Sanaya.

The soul takes on the experience of human life for the experience it will provide to the soul. Do not think in human terms; that is a bottom-up perspective. Humans know good and evil because you are immersed in this dualistic environment from day one. Think, if you must think, better said “feel” and “know,” from the soul’s perspective. What is the soul? A spark of the Divine. Its source is unified, nondualistic. Yes, the soul enters into a human body for the lessons the dualism will provide, but from the soul’s perspective, it does so to practice being more of a SOUL [his emphasis], not to practice being more of a HUMAN.

You can only have this perspective if you see from the higher perspective. Do you see, do you feel? The soul enters into human form knowing it will encounter challenges and difficulties and beings who have not awakened at all. Is this not challenge enough? Through these interactions, the soul must work to shine through, not to practice being human. You, the human, are an extension of the Soul. You did not choose to do evil. You chose to remember your Divine nature. See the world as the Soul sees it, and you will no longer make choices of a human nature.

If a human planned his or her life on earth, he might plan to be a murderer. You are thinking as a human script writer would sit at a table and plan a life. But Souls are not human. Souls are above the human condition. Souls see the landscape into which they will be descending and choose circumstances that will allow them to grow by exposing their presence as a Soul. You are here in human form to allow the light of the Soul to burst forth. It does not do so through murder, rape, and mayhem. It does so by urging the human away from these choices. Contrast is inherent in the human condition of ignorance. It need not be planned. Trust us in this. It is not punishment to take on a human form. The free will choices made by mankind are punishment enough.[i]

The others involved in the life also know there is a chance this Soul may become violent. They take on their roles in this Earth School experience accepting that possibility, in love, because they know the Soul must learn the lessons they have chosen, including learning how to reduce violent tendencies and learn to love freely.

For a full, clear explanation of the issues involved in suicides, read Mike Tymn’s Appendix C in The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens after We Die.[ii]

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