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Afterlife Communication with a Grief Counselor

Rochelle Wright, M.A., LMHC

Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy, developed by Rochelle Wright, a Washington state-licensed psychotherapist, reduces or virtually eliminates the deep grief in which a person is immersed. In a session, the therapist helps a client whose loved one is now living in the life after this life personally connect with the loved one. No medium is involved. The messages come directly to the person while they sit with their eyes closed.

Wright improved on Dr. Botkin’s procedure by adapting EMDR to the unique requirements of communicating with someone living in the next life. The communication unfolds naturally when a facilitator helps the person enter a state in which the connection occurs, guided by those on the next plane of life. The facilitator does not lead or prompt the person. The procedure is 98 percent successful and, in a single session, reduces patient estimates of their grief from ratings of 10 or higher on a 10-point scale of disturbance to scores of 0 to 3.

The procedure reorients the beliefs, images, feelings of guilt and anger, trauma, and perspectives on the loved one’s passing so they are replaced by reassurance, joy, a renewed feeling of love and connection, and peace. The sadness at this separation through the passing is usually desensitized so the person doesn’t remember it in the same way, so the sadness dissipates.

Thousands of sessions have now been performed. Many patients validate that connections are with people living in the next life.

In one example, Carole connected with her daughter, Kate, who had been killed in a car accident. During the session she received a validation of the experience from her friend Linda’s son, Martine, who also was in spirit. You can hear Carole describing her afterlife connection by clicking on the video control below.

Psychotherapist helps people have afterlife communication
Carole’s Daughter, Kate

You can read more about the procedure in the book I co-authored with Rochelle, Repair & Reattachment Grief Counseling. You can watch more videos about the Repair & Reattachment procedure and people describing their afterlife communication experiences at www.earthschoolanswers.com/rochelle/.