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How to Have Afterlife Communication through Meditation

Afterlife connections proving life after death

You can have afterlife communication through meditation. When you meditate, you relax your conscious mind. When you are relaxed, the afterlife communications can come up from your subconscious into your conscious mind. You can learn to allow the messages to come to you by opening your mind, accepting the messages that come without trying to shape them into something and without judging whether you feel  they are from your loved one. You just relax, ask your loved one to come to you, speak or ask questions, and the first notion or message that comes to you is the response. 

Meditation for afterlife communication
Maria Pe

Paria Pe’s Sons

Meditation for afterlife communication
Meditation for afterlife communication

Maria Pe, Chief Deputy Tax Collector at County of San Diego, lost her two sons when their father took their lives. She learned how to connect with them during meditation and wrote a book, Journey to the Upper Realm, describing her meditation journeys to be with her boys. In the book, she explains the ache she felt at not having her boys on earth with her. She started meditating and wanted to use it to connect with her boys. She describes her meditation practice:

Raising!energy!meditation:!! Started in my body, relaxing with each breath, rose up higher to  see my body laying on the grass.  Then went higher to see myself farther away in the park, then higher still to see San Diego, then California, then the Southwest, the USA, the continent,  then the Earth.  Went higher to see the planets and the solar system, then back down again.   Felt like I kind of fell asleep, it was dream-like but not really sleeping. 

This is the account of one of her meditation connections with her sons. It begins after she has gone through the process in her meditation to enter the upper realm where she meets with her boys:

We then walked to the sanctuary. It was beautiful, the table piled high with fruits. I went towards the right, towards the vestibule. I then saw the boys coming through the beautiful lighted mist. I started to cry with emotion, both joy and pain. The boys came to me and held me tight, Sean on my right and Kyle on my left. I put my head on Sean’s shoulder, and Kyle hugged us both. We all held on tightly as I cried with pain and sadness. Kyle kept saying, “It’s okay, Mom, it’s okay.” We stood there together for a while, then Sean said, “Let’s go sit down, Mom.” I said, “Okay.”

We walked with our arms around each other, Sean on my right still, Kyle on my left, to the table.  They waited for me to sit down and move into the center, then Sean sat down on my left and Kyle on my right. They sat close to me and held me. They talked to me as I touched and held their hands, felt their soft skin, touched their faces, kissed their cheeks, smelled their hair and felt it against my face, felt their arms around me, felt their love, how much they love me, how much they want to take care of me, to protect me and to keep me from hurting.

Sean said, “Mom, you will be amazed at the Universe, at the Big Plan, but for now you have to trust.  Trust, Mom, trust and you will be okay. You feel it inside, don’t you? You know it to be right, don’t you?” “Yes, honey, yes, I do, but it still hurts. “It’s okay for it to hurt, Mom. You are human. You still feel so much, so it’s okay for it to hurt.”

They held me for a while then we got up from the table and walked around the perimeter of the sanctuary, around to the vestibule and the light. Michael and Panther were standing near the boys’ guides. I asked the boys why the guides were all together. “They are part of the same soul group, Mom. We all are. They help each other and they help us.”

I walked the boys close to the vestibule and they started to enter it. The light was beautiful and I could feel the love. “I wish I could stay here with you.” I started to cry as they went. Kyle told me, “Don’t cry so much, Mom, it’s okay, please.” He had tears in his eyes and I could see how he hurt for me, how it hurt him so much to see me cry. I told him, “Okay, honey, I will try not to cry so much, but I miss you so much. It hurts me that you are not with me on Earth. I’m sorry, honey.” He said, “It’s okay, Mom, I just don’t want you to be so sad.”

After the boys disappeared into the light, Michael put his arm around me and walked me, along with Panther, back to the garden. I cried softly as he comforted me.  Panther and I got back onto the cloud and came back down to the cliff and the meadow.  We walked back to the tree trunk. I knelt down and we nuzzled goodbye. I saw him go down into the tree. I walked into the meadow and back into my body.

(Maria I. Pe, Journey to the Upper Realm: How I Survived the Deaths of My Sons and Learned to Communicate with Them on the Other Side, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013).