How Do Our Souls Make Our Life Plans before Our Births?

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The planning of our life experiences is a collaborative effort between our Souls and other beings in the afterlife who have varying levels of maturity. These beings make up our planning team and are responsible for facilitating our learning of important lessons. The composition of this team may change over time, as new members are added to assist with specific tasks.

The planning team includes our Souls, other Souls who will share in our Earth School experiences, as well as guides who are available to offer help when needed. Occasionally, higher-level Ascended Masters may also be involved, but their participation is limited as the planning process must be conducted at the level of the Souls who will enroll us in Earth School.

Our Souls plan our lives first by deciding on the circumstances of our lives. We choose our families, friends and colleagues, physical and mental capabilities and limitations, gender, neighborhoods and home environment, prosperity or lack of prosperity, schools, careers, addictions, and other conditions of life. Our Souls then plan life events that will help us confront challenges and have learning experiences that will enable us to learn the lessons we have chosen to learn.

The plans do not include horrendous actions and violence. Suzanne Giesemann received this message from a person living in the next stage of life:

I will tell you that you do plan your parents and your siblings and your race and your sex. That sort of thing, because of the opportunities [they provide]. Why would you choose to come back and do something that’s completely against the nature of God if these things happen naturally as a result of people who haven’t yet awakened doing stupid, human things.  . . . Rape and murder are human behaviors from souls who get so caught up in the story they forget their original assignment. And that is to get down here and learn how to love. That’s like having a teacher tell you to go into that math class and add 2 plus 2 until you get 5.

Staci Wells, the medium working with Rob Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift, describes the planning as being done on boards whose contents have the appearance of flow charts and cells. The planning group sits in a room talking about what the Soul is interested in learning and how each entity can participate. They explore life-event alternatives and the results that might come from choosing each alternative. They evaluate what might happen in the person’s life if a life-event occurs and how that will affect the learning and other events in the person’s life. The learning experiences are planned with great care.

The Primary Challenge

The planning group plans events and circumstances with great challenges the person must deal with and overcome. The challenges are intended to help the person learn the lessons the Soul and others want the person to learn. The greatest challenges were chosen because of the great lessons the person wanted to learn. The person may not be able to triumph over the challenges the first time they encounter them. The person’s Soul and guides may alter upcoming events during the person’s life in Earth School to present the challenges again. However, as with everything in our eternal lives, we have free will. We may choose not to go through the struggle of overcoming the challenges. There is no judgment for not confronting and learning from them.

Most people have a primary challenge that dominated their thoughts and plans in the pre-birth planning. It may be learning compassion, humility, trust, other-centeredness, sensitivity, or other positive learning. If a person’s life seems to be dominated by challenges and growth in an area, that likely is the area of the primary challenge. The individual will feel guidance about the circumstances in which the primary challenge appears. Growth will happen each time the person faces the challenge.

Because it is so profound, the area of the primary challenge is the area of life that may not be successfully addressed. However, even when the challenge does not result in the desired outcomes, some learning has occurred.

Viewing the Alternatives During the Planning

The planning group is able to see the alternative paths the person may take during the Earth School experience. The experiences are not pre-destined. The person has free will and may choose a path not in the pre-birth planning. The planning includes contingencies for these detours. And the person’s Soul and guides are engaged in working with the person every moment of the lifetime, so when detours occur, the person can be guided through influences and circumstances to choose an alternate path that will arrive at the desired learning.

Learning Lessons through Opposites

One of the foremost ways the planning group plans for the events to teach the desired lessons is through opposites. The Soul will plan for the person to be in circumstances and experiences characterized by the opposite of what they want to learn so they can experience that opposite condition and learn to value and appreciate the missing sentiment the Soul and Higher Self want to understand more fully. For example, a Soul that wants to understand humility may have the individual born into a family that is arrogant because of its wealth and position. In that circumstance, the person is able to become offended by the family’s treatment of employees and others, thereby realizing the importance of being humble rather than arrogant. That person may then choose to lead a humble life without wealth and position.

Siddharta Gautama, the Buddha, is reported to have been a prince who learned that his position and wealth could not provide lasting happiness or protection from suffering. He left his wealthy conditions to discover a state of mind that was free from disturbing emotions and full of compassion. His successful learning has become the teachings of Buddhism. He spent his life teaching people how they could reach the same state.

Edward VIII, king of England for one year, abdicated the throne to marry Wallace Simpson, an American commoner. The day after his abdication, he announced in a radio broadcast to his subjects (summarized): It is impossible for me to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to accomplish my duties as your king without the assistance and support of the woman I love. This decision has been mine alone … The person most concerned with this decision has tried to persuade me not to do it.” In his pre-birth planning, he had set his life’s path to have position, power, and wealth. In that position, he saw how empty his life would be without the woman he had come to love. He learned to follow his heart and act against the entreaties of those around him, giving up his position and power. That decision was in his life’s plan.

This is an example from Rob Schwartz’s Your Soul’s Plan:

For instance, a deeply compassionate Soul who wishes to know herself as compassion may choose to incarnate into a highly dysfunctional family. As she is treated with a lack of compassion, she comes to appreciate compassion more deeply. It is the absence of something that best teaches its value and meaning. A lack of compassion in the outer world forces her to turn inward, where she remembers her own compassion. The contrast between the lack of compassion in the physical world and her inner compassion provides her with a more profound understanding of compassion and, therefore, herself. From the perspective of the Soul, the pain inherent in this learning process is temporary and brief, but the resultant wisdom is literally eternal.

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