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How to Have Afterlife Communication Yourself, Proof of Life after Death

Self-Guided Communication for Life after Death
You Hold the Key to Your Afterlife Communications

In the Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Procedure, you go through eight stages of training in how to self-hypnotize. The first two stages explain the need for confidence that the afterlife is a reality and that their loved ones are available to communicate. The third takes them into a hypnotic state through a guided meditation. In this stage, participants learn to allow unfoldments to occur in their minds without trying to inhibit them or manipulate what happens. The next four stages guide increasingly independent self-inductions. After the last stage, you will be able to perform self-hypnosis and have a connection with a loved one in the life after this life at any time, without aids such as a narration or music.

The result is that 86 percent of participants who complete the training confirm having successful afterlife communication, which contains many validations that participants are communicating with loved ones.

A Video Describing Self-Guided Afterlife Communication

A video describing the Self-Guided Afterlfe Communication procedure follows. You can read and listen to the example connection in the text after the video controls. The same example is in the video.

Afterlife Communication Example 1

A woman had already had an afterlife communication with her mother when the scene changed. You can listen to a narration of this text using the following audio control:

The Following Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Account Narrated

Then, I saw a young girl/teenager. She had familiar features. The name Brenda came to me and I realized it’s a friend of mine’s daughter. She died in a rollover crash where she was pinned and asphyxiated. The kids with her were allegedly responsible for her being abandoned at the wreck. The feelings I got from her had nothing to do with that wreck or the people around her then. She hovered with me, morphing a bit so I saw her in different stages, ages. I saw her exploring. I saw her as a student, studying. I don’t know that she did that on Earth but she is now that she’s passed. I heard her say, “I love mom. I miss mom.” I asked in my mind, “How can you miss her, you are always with her?” It was more like a misunderstanding. I saw some food item, rolled. It looked like a lobster roll but with jalapeños. I was focused on it too much and it disappeared. I looked to the side and saw her as a little girl, rolling out dough, working on a red checked tablecloth, working so hard. She was darling! Then, I realized, Oh, she misses doing this stuff with her mom. At least that’s what I got from it. I saw her enjoying the weather, the fall, the leaves, colors. I saw her and felt her loving the ocean and tide. I could feel her sort of drinking it in. She showed me some other things she was liking about where she was and her condition.


Well, how Dee doo? I wrote Lauren [mother of Brenda in the afterlife connection] and told her the first part of it and how confused I was with the roll ups that had jalapeño in them. I kept thinking, “What on earth!?” So, I wrote Lauren unsure of how much to tell her. I can never remember who is a believer and who isn’t. Guess what? She writes back and says it makes sense to her. Yes, they made jalapeño roll ups. WHAT…. I’ve NEVER heard of such a thing. Look, if I ever thought I was making this stuff up, well, I completely believe now. Where the hell did jalapeño rollups come from?

Afterlife Communication Example 2

You can listen to a narration of this text using the following audio control:

The Following Self-Guided Afterlife Connection Narrated

I went to the same garden (my own) and again found what I did not expect. My Uncle Jim (who died about the same time as my father) was sitting in the seat my brother Dick had been in. Bob was my favorite uncle when I grew up. He used to take me for rides in his truck when he was working. I have not thought of him for some time. He began talking to me about the farm where I grew up. We walked out from the farmhouse and he began sharing about how it was when he grew up there. I had not thought of that much; both he and my Dad spent their childhood there. I turned to look at the ridge where I used to walk and daydream. Immediately he took both of us to the ridge. He said it was one of his favorite places too. Then he talked about how they dug out the white chalk rock there to make my Grandma’s flower beds. It was a revelation to me: I had always loved the raised round flower beds in the front yard and I always loved the broken up place on the ridge but I had never put two and two together. Then Bob took me up high to look down on the farm. He asked me if I would like to take care of a farm for my remaining years. I said I was a bit old to do that. He waited for me to answer. I said “Sure.” It seemed and still seems a strange idea. We left it there, said goodbye and separated.

Not what I expected. Just a chatty visit with someone I had not seen for some time. Different members of my family have been showing up. We were never an overtly affectionate bunch. All three sessions have seemed to convey a rather amused and affectionate attitude towards me. I have felt very much at home with them, always felt surprised at what transpires and left wondering at them in a good way.

Evidence from Self-Guided Afterlife Communication Proves You Will Never Die

People’s ability to initiate afterlife communications with their loved ones shows that the loved ones are still alive, just in a different form. They become present when asked, communicate information the experiencer would not have imagined, and reveal facts the experiencers knew nothing about but were later confirmed. The result is a dramatic reduction in grief and a desire to engage in more communications. The experiencers insist they have had a valid, uplifting communication with their loved one living in the life after this life.

Self-Guided Afterlife Connections are more evidence that proves you will never die.

You can go to the training online at www.afterlifeinstitute.org/self-guided/. Seek Reality members receive coaching in how to connect from Craig.