Afterlife Communication

Seek Reality Online regularly posts blogs with valuable, insightful information that will help you expand your knowledge of this life, the end of this life, and the afterlife. Below are some of the blogs available to members.

How to Have Afterlife Communication Yourself

We're often asked, "How can I have an afterlife communication myself?" In the Self-Guided Afterlife Connections Procedure, you go through eight stages of training in how to self-hypnotize.…

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Automatic Writing: People Communicate to Us from the Life after Death

Slate with Writing Unguided by a Human Hand People living in the life after death communicate to people living on this side of life through writing. The video…

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Spirit Art: Artists from the Life after This Life Create Portraits without Human Hands

Painting that Appeared on Canvas in Front of a Large Audience People living in the afterlife are able to create portraits of themselves as they are now in…

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Grief Counselor Guided Afterlife Communications

Dr. Allan Botkin Dr. Jane Bissler Rochelle Wright, MS State-licensed grief counselors are helping clients have afterlife communications with the people for whom they are grieving as they…

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