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Answers to Previously Submitted Questions

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What is the difference between Induced After-Death Communication and Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy in helping someone have afterlife communications.

EMDR is called a “breakthrough therapy” because it resolves trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with remarkable effectiveness. Psychotherapists learned that when using EMDR with clients in grief therapy after the death of a loved one, many people were having afterlife communications with the person for whom they were grieving. The result was a remarkable reduction in grief, sometimes to very low levels. There are certain protocols the therapist must use in EMDR. 

The Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) method uses EMDR as it is traditionally used. The focus is on reducing the disturbance or trauma of specific memories connected to a loved one’s death, going from one memory to another to reduce the emotions involved in all the memories the client brings up. 

Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy (R&RGT) uses EMDR, but changes the protocol so the people in spirit guide the progress of the session. The therapy session may begin with one disturbing memory and never go on to the others. The session allows the person in spirit to take the client from the disturbing memory into an uplifting communication that goes in other directions. 

As a result, R&RGT is more successful and the communications are longer, sometimes several hours long. R&RGT has a 98% success rate. IADC has a 70% success rate, and some of the successes are only a minute or two long. I recommend R&RGT. A distinct advantage of either method is that the EMDR protocol helps with grief by itself. So either procedure will have benefits.

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Do animal abusers go to the lower levels like criminals, since there's no punishment. Innocent pure animal souls being tortured by horrible humans is something I will never understand to go just like that without any punishment, not to mention not making any sense for those pure animal souls to come to horrible earth.

Where people go in the life after this life depends on their state of mind, not their actions on Earth. Our societies generally have the belief that people are rewarded or punished for deeds committed on Earth when they reach the afterlife. We have an inherent need to feel people are held accountable for actions on Earth.

But as far as I know, Adolph Hitler killed no one. But he precipitated the killing of millions. He did it in large part because he really believed Germany was the pinnacle of human development as the Aryan race and it should dominate the world. Of course, we know that was errant thinking, but he believed it and acted on it. Others such as Heinrich Himmler were the actual architects of the holocaust. Now, on the other hand, I know a devout Catholic man who said if he could he would line up all the abortion doctors and shoot them. He just couldn’t act on it. What is the state of mind of these people? We cannot judge. If Hitler realized the error of his thinking, would he become more compassionate in the life after this life? We don’t know.

Killing animals for sport is still very much a part of today’s cultures. Trapping is still permitted. Animals are slaughtered to be eaten. Cruelty to animals is an accepted part of our culture. What is important is the state of mind of the person doing the killing. Are they killing to be cruel or are they killing because they believe animals are not sentient beings and can be used by humans as we will?

So each person will be in circumstances that fit their mind in the next life. If they would do harm to others, are full of malice and anger, and have no regard for other people, that person will be with others of like mind in areas that are darker and less pleasant. It isn’t a punishment. Their state of mind creates the environment, and they are with people who have the same state of mind. But we don’t know which people, regardless of their actions on Earth, have a state of mind that will situate them in a lower realm. Their actions will not do so. Only their state of mind will put them there.

Read these descriptions of animals in the afterlife by people now living in the afterlife:

Q &A

While I am very pleased and thankful our pets will be with us in the afterlife, I am curious about wild animals.

The speculation about whether wild animals have souls and come into the life after this life isn’t settled. What we know is there are vast areas of wildlife in the next life. We don’t know for sure where they come from. Some say they are the souls of animals from Earth. What we do know is that any animal we love will be with us in the next life. Our pets are there because we love them. 

Q &A

So if there's no night and instead we have occasional twilight, will there be nightlife activities, such as partying, in this twilight?

Yes, we can party hearty in the life after this life. All the things we enjoy on Earth will be available to us. There is no night as we have on Earth. Instead, there is a period of twilight. As far as needing night to party, when we party on Earth, we create artificial daylight with electricity. No one parties in the dark. Even venues with dimmed lighting still have lighting strong enough that people recognize each other. Yes, you’ll be able to party as much as you want. Since you won’t need sleep, you’ll be able to party all day if others are willing to join in it with you. You may go into a state of rest when it is twilight, but whether you cease your activities is up to you.

Q &A

As my life has gone on since my husband passed, I don't feel much of a connection with him anymore.

When someone you know moves to another state or country, eventually they’re not in your thoughts as much. If you continue a dialogue on the phone or through email, you keep the relationship fresh. That’s what’s happening with your husband. It isn’t that he’s any less receptive. It’s just  that you’re not keeping up your conversations. Go through the training at You will reinvigorate your contacts. You can then have them every day if you want them. You just  have to learn how to receive the messages.

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In my latest journey in the Self-Guided Afterlife Communication training, I'm pretty sure that I failed miserably as I could not envision my wife appearing to me in anything other than me just having memories of various times with her.

You’re doing fine. You are allowing free unfoldment. When a memory or song or something else “pops” into your head, it’s unfoldment. The fact that it’s something in your memory doesn’t take away from it’s being free unfoldment. Those memories are being brought to you. Allow them to come to you. Your mind and your wife’s mind are one. When she brings something to memory, it pops into your mind. She’s communicating with you. When you get frustrated something else isn’t come to you, you shut down the communication. Stay with what unfolds to you. Allow it to expand and change. Start talking with her about what’s coming to you. Have a dialogue. “I remember that wonderful feeling we had.” “Do you remember what happened after the ceremony?” “Did you really think out little boy would grow so fast?” Have a dialogue. The first notion of what comes to mind as you speak is her response. If you have to wait for something, you’ve missed it.

Q &A

I would love to grow spiritually by helping and loving others. But I have such a strong ego that it's making it hard for me to grow spiritually.

You will grow from where you are, as quickly or slowly as you are able. You needn’t think you must become all loving and compassionate in a single bound. Be content with small experiences of growth. Look for opportunities to love others and show your love. Do it in small steps. Find one person a day to show love to. Take time to experience it, as it’s happening and afterward. Keep doing that until you can come to show love for two people a day, then three. Go slowly. Think of growth in years, not days or months. Eventually, fill your day with opportunities to love others and show your love. After years of doing this, you might go into circumstances in which you seek opportunities to love the unlovable. You will grow to be more loving and compassionate at your own pace.


Grow in your ability to forgive others and ask others for forgiveness. When you are angry with or hurt by someone, go to them. Let them know about your admiration for them and compassion. In some small way at the limit of your ability to do so, let them know you love them. Don’t expect any other person to change or to do something you wish they would do. Don’t expect their love, forgiveness, or compassion toward you. It is all about what you do in your compassion and your actions. 

Q &A

I rescued an injured hawk and have been caring for him for five month as he is unable to fly anymore. Will he suffer while transitioning and will he be able to soar again in the afterlife?

Your hawk will be in the next life with you because you love him. All our pets and other animals we have come to love live on because we love them. He will be able to soar in the afterlife and will communicate with you.

Q &A

My son took his life because he couldn't live with the voices in his his head from schizophrenia. Was that his exit point? Did he possibly come here to experience a mental illness? Did his passing send me on this spiritual journey? Was this a soul contract we agreed upon before coming to earth?

I’m so sorry your son has gone on to our next life early. First, let me say that your son was met with great compassion and understanding. There is no judgment or condemnation in the next life. He is fine. Since the voices ended with his physical body, he immediately felt relief and is feeling healthy and joyous.

As to whether that exit was one of his pre-planned exit points, no, it was not. Taking one’s life is not in the pre-birth planning. Having schizophrenia was in his plan. His soul and the others planning his life decided that to learn some important life lessons, he would have the condition of schizophrenia. From it, he would learn lessons set out for him, or as you say, his soul might have intended for him to experience schizophrenia. Yes, his condition was part of your life lessons and his, but you were not responsible for it. He didn’t have to have it for your benefit.

He’s fine now. He is with you when you grieve. You can talk to him.

Q &A

Does spiritual growth bring lasting satisfaction, even while on Earth?

Yes, spiritual growth brings lasting satisfaction while on Earth. Humankind is now so dominated by ignorance and superstition that people are destroying each other and the Earth without regard for the consequences. The primitive belief that all there is to life is what we experience from birth to death and the only thing of importance is gaining pleasures for oneself regardless of the effects on others is resulting in interpersonal strife and war. When people learn we are eternal beings having a physical experience, they will live together in peace, love, and harmony with all others. The ignorance and superstition must die for that to come to pass.

Our nature is to love and be loved. That fundamental truth is obscured by people’s feelings we are separate from one another, we must mistrust others, and we must take and protect what we desire for ourselves over others. Every person wants to be loved. Every person would like to have someone they can love. That is our basic nature. It is the one thing all human beings have in common. When the obstacles to feeling and demonstrating our love are removed, all of humankind will live in love, peace, and joy. It is as natural a progression as water’s flowing downhill. 

And so our mission is to teach people we are eternal beings, sojourners on this adventure of life, who can love others without reservation and receive love in return. We just have to learn the truth about who we are in eternity and reject the primitive self-centered falsehoods we absorbed from society in our childhoods. The truth will set us free.

Q &A

In my Stage 4 sef-guided afterlife connection at, I did not see any images. I told myself over and over that my daddy is here with me. I told him he knows how much I love him and miss him. At the end, I could visualize him saying he knows and I can see him again.

You now must shift your focus. When you go into the place of great beauty, you seem to be waiting for a contact or sign. In your case, you worked hard at asking for a sign. Both interfere with the free unfoldment. Don’t work hard at anything. Instead, be hyper-sensitive to what is there, without thinking anything. You have a desire to communicate. That’s all you need. Then, when you go into the place of great beauty, notice the subtle things that are there. They are coming to you. You just have to notice them. Look into the place of great beauty. Notice everything about it. Keep hyper-vigilant. You’ll see things passing into your awareness and leaving. If you see nothing, you’re missing what’s there. Also notice feelings you have, sounds in your mind, senses about the content. All these things will bubble up into your awareness if you free your mind. Don’t do anything that requires your effort, such as telling yourself your daddy is there. That fills your mind so what is there can’t come through. Get used to seeing what comes to you.

If you would like to practice, close your eyes and relax. Don’t try to make a connection in this exercise. Just notice things flowing into and out of your mind. They may be crazy images, thoughts, or sensations. Just allow them to come and go. Then when you go back to the Stage 4 experience, do the same thing, but with your intention to connect with your dad. Don’t keep thinking or saying “I want to connect with my dad.” Just have the intention. Then start a dialogue with whatever comes to you. “I see swirls of purple. Dad, are you in the swirls.” The first notion that come to you is the answer. It won’t be a voice. It will be a knowing.

Q &A

I read in one of your books that a grieving person can be doing just fine, and then something occurs regarding the deceased loved one that can trigger a sudden emotional ( crying) episode in the person on earth. What is that?

We all have a “sense of presence” that is akin to psychic knowledge. An example of psychic knowledge is that Rupert Sheldrake’s work shows we know when someone is about to call or someone is in trouble. Psychics are more able than most to have these subtle messages bubble up from their subconscious. We are linked to other people. When someone we love who is in spirit comes into our presence, we know it at a subliminal level. It affects our body, although our awareness may not register it. So a person may get tingles or other body sensations. Our bodies react to the subliminal messages such as the presence. You can get used to knowing when your loved one is near if you pay attention to the subliminal messages and bodily sensations. You may get a tingle on one side of your head or body, for instance. But don’t wait for a body response. You will sense when a loved one is present because a memory of them will suddenly pop into your mind. That is what brings on the grief. Stop and communicate, if only to say, “Hi. I know you’re here.”

Q &A

What do our spirit guides say is going to happen to Earth in the future? Is it really going to expire one day?

Earth is a state of mind, not a rock spinning through space. It only exists because we are having experiences that are earth-like. And its existence is entirely in our minds. We are all dreaming the same dream. When there are no more people to dream this dream, Earth will simply not be experienced. It will never be destroyed. It never has existed and never will exist without people having experiences of it.

I refer to Earth as our current dream, but of course, it’s more vivid than our nightly episodes containing realities our minds create. And it has continuity across our lifetimes. But as we are the actors in our dreams and we have experiences of sight, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, and body experiences while asleep, with no reference to a world outside of us, we are similarly having experiences in what we refer to as the physical realm with nothing outside of our consciousness. Earth is entirely in our minds. When we go on to the life after this life, we will simply transition into another realm we’ll be experiencing together. It will also exist in our minds because we are having experiences there.

Earth will never go away because it doesn’t exist apart from our consciousness.

Q &A

Does the development of AI that performs complex tasks contradict the survival of consciousness. Can scientists somehow create conscious robots?

Artificial intelligence already performs better at recalling and explaining information than people do. Everything about the responses is what we would expect from a person and more. That part of consciousness is easy to duplicate, and because it’s primarily recall and synthesis, AI will be able to do that better than we can. We might call that the “easy problem” of mimicking consciousness, using David Chalmers’ “easy problem” and “hard problem” expressions, referring to attempts to explain how the brain could create consciousness. Chalmers refers to the neurological correlates of consciousness as the easy problem. We can tell, for instance, where in the brain vision and hearing are processed. We can tell where the command center and emotional center of the mind are. However, neurological correlates of consciousness have yet to explain how the three to five pounds of fat and protein in the skull can create consciousness. That is Chalmers’ hard problem of consciousness.

We already have solved the easy problem of creating AI that mimics consciousness. The “Turing test” of AI is whether someone can have a conversation with an AI device and not realize it’s not a human being communicating. That’s common now. Eventually, bodies will be built with all the dexterity of a human body. The bodies will interact as people interact. Then the Turing test will be whether someone can sit down and have a conversation with an AI humanoid and believe it’s a real person. That likely will happen in the next decades. The easy problem of mimicking consciousness is within our grasp.

Recalling information, speaking coherently, and moving as a person moves are small parts of what conscious beings can do. There is still the hard problem of mimicking consciousness: using AI for extraordinary mental actions.  These are just a few of the things AI cannot do.

  • People are able to remote view by getting sensory impressions of things thousands of miles away with no intervening energy or devices.
  • People continue to live after their body dies and communicate with us to prove it.
  • People are able to go out of body and describe activities in remote locations with no intervening energy or devices.
  • People have intuitive feelings about things and events that were not in the data, but prove to be true.
  • People in groups have their brain waves and heart rates synchronize when 200 miles apart when they intend to do so.
  • People are able to send healing thoughts to living things and cause them to prosper and, at times, heal, whereas control groups without the benefit of healing thoughts during the same period of time deteriorate.
  • People whose body responses are measured as they look at random pictures of calming or emotional scenes show an anticipation of the picture to be shown by as much as six or seven seconds before the computer even selects the random picture to be shown.

AI will never be able to duplicate these activities. They are the hard problem of creating consciousness with AI.

The conclusion is that AI will be far advanced in its abilities, but will never duplicate the human mind. AI can never be conscious. It can only mimic the activities in the easy problem of mimicking human activities that appear to emerge from consciousness.

Q &A

What Happens to people on earth that do horrendous acts of evil when they die?

Everything that happens to us in this life and the next is intended to help us grow in love, compassion, understanding, and wisdom. Each person is regarded rather like a child on some level of development. Some are infants. Some are adolescents. Some are mature adults. And some are spiritually and mentally wise above all others. Everyone is on some level of development. It would do no good to chastise and punish an infant because they were not behaving as an adolescent, or an adolescent because they were not behaving as an adult, or an adult because they do not display advanced wisdom and understanding.  

There is no judgment or condemnation of someone for their intellectual, emotional, or physical stage of growth. In the same way, all people are at some stage in their development toward becoming loving and compassionate. Some are in their infancy, doing acts on Earth we regard as evil and contemptuous. Others are in conflict continually with the people around them. There can be no more judgment of a person for acts performed on Earth than there can be judgment of a person at some level of intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. We are all works in progress.

In the same way, there is no judgment or condemnation in the life after this life for any acts committed on Earth. Every person goes through a life review, in which they review what they did on Earth in detail. They review incidents in which they did things that harmed others. During the review, they become the person being harmed. They feel all the feelings and live through all the terror. That is not a punishment. It is a way to teach them what their actions did to people. They will grow from that to becoming more loving and compassionate. 

All actions in the life after this life are to help people grow from where they are to being more loving, peaceful, and happy. Nothing that happens to them is judgment or punishment for sins on Earth.

Watch our video and read the article at

Q &A

Do you know many people that have actually talked to their Spirit Guide and how can we that haven’t?

Not very many people speak to their spirit guide, but it is a skill you can learn. The talented medium Susanne Wilson has created a CD in which she guides listeners into a state of mind in which you can meet your spirit guide. You can purchase a copy at

Q &A

As I am sure soul contracts exist, I just wonder how much of it is soul contract vs free will? Was it Hitler's soul contract to be a monster, or was it his free will to be a monster?

Being a murderer or instigator of murder is not in the person’s life plan, what you refer to as a soul contact. Sanaya, the collective of higher-level beings speaking through the medium Suzanne Giesemann calls murder “free will gone awry.” A person may choose to be in a life situation in which there are challenges that might lead to violence or instigating violence, but the violent acts are not planned. 

The reason the person is taking on the potential to be violent is so the person will rise above the potential and become more loving and compassionate. That is the life lesson that person must learn. However, since each of us has free will, the person may take the route of becoming violent by murdering or instigating murder. The life plan or soul contract does not dictate what a person will do. It simply provides the context for a person’s life based on the life lessons the person’s soul and others involved in the planning have decided the person must learn. The context includes environment, family, upbringing, abilities, deficits, and the rest of what gives the person the life circumstances in which to learn lessons. It does not dictate actions and responses to these aspects of the context of the person’s life. The actions and responses are a result of free-will decisions the person makes when confronted with circumstances that should lead to spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

Q &A

What questions would I ask a psychotherapist when trying to find one who is qualified to put in a trance for communicating with deceased?

To have a psychotherapist help you enter the state of mind in which you have an afterlife communication, you must meet with one who has been trained in one of the three techniques. To find a psychotherapist who can help you have afterlife communications, go to these three links:


Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy:
Induced After-Death Communication:
Loving Hearts Connections:

Q &A

What happens when our loved one advances to a higher level and we have not yet experienced that same growth? Would we no longer be able to " live" together?

You are limited in your view of life to what you have been experiencing on Earth. One of the limitations is that you want life to always remain the same as it is now. But it never has. It never will. Your perspective on your life will be very different after time in the life after this life. What you want will change.


Having said that, you will always have free will. Advancing to a higher level doesn’t mean you go off to live somewhere else. It means you advance mentally and spiritually wherever you are. You might then go to live with others who are as advanced as you are, or you may stay with your loved ones who have not yet advanced, for as long as you want. But you ought to expect they’ll be advancing with you, however. So you will decide who to live with, how long to live with them, and when to all advance spiritually so you live with others of similar advancement.


One of the “laws” of the life after this life is that you may visit the areas where people have advanced spiritually and mentally that are below your advancement. You may not visit areas above you in advancement. It isn’t that there are walls or barriers. It is that a person can’t live in the same vibration as people above them. But people on higher levels can visit those below them at any time, for as long as they want. So they don’t need to be separated from someone they want to be with.

Q &A

Will my special needs son have a " normal" life in the afterlife?

Your son will be perfect in every way. He will have no special needs, mental or physical. Any issues with his body that resulted in the special needs will disappear. He will have a healthy, robust body and mental state.

Q &A

Can families live together in the houses we construct as families again?

Living arrangements in the afterlife are the same as on the Earth plane. You will live with whomever you want to live with. Any of the others you live with also have the same free will choice, so they may choose to live with you or not live with you. If you have a loving relationship, they likely will want to live with you. You will live in a home that meets your desires and expectations. It will be constructed for you by builders in the afterlife. If you have in mind you would like to live in a duplicate of your family home, that home will be constructed for you. 

If at any time, you decide to change your arrangements, you may do so, just as you do on the Earth plane. You still have free will. No one is forced to do something against their will, including living with or even chancing upon another person.

Q &A

This power called the source is what people call God and it's capable of all miracles?

Yes, the Source is capable of all miracles, and we are one with the Source. In other words, WE are capable of all miracles. Instead of praying to something outside of yourself, look to your own power and ability. Have confidence you can do what you want to have done. All power we attribute to a god outside of us is in us. We are Our Universal Intelligence. Instead of praying for something to happen, have the confidence it will happen if it’s in your best interest and go about making it happen. YOU will make it happen.

Q &A

Dolores Canon talks about the source talking to her and answering questions and being huge big light and love force.

Perhaps. Who are we to judge a person’s personal relationship with Our Universal Intelligence. We tend to want to embody things as sources. We want to know what entity is communicating to us or guiding us. So we say it was our Higher Self or our guide or our guardian angel. At times, these members of our Universal Intelligence let us know the role they are taking. But all are Our Universal Intelligence taking on different roles. So the source of the knowledge or guidance isn’t important. It is all part of us communicating with ourselves.

Q &A

What about the law of attraction and what Dolores Canon says about how? You can visualize what you want and feel it as if it's already happened and just sit back and watch the miracle happen?

Studies of healers sending healing intentions to patients in intensive care, vials of blood cells, seeds, and all manner of other things that have the potential to be healed or change their properties have shown healing effects from the healers’ influence. The same is true of a person’s desire to be healed affecting their own healing. There are examples of people who have changed their outlook on life and have been healed of life-threatening physical ailments. Anita Moorjani, author of Dying to Be Me, is one. When she changed our perspective on life, she emerged from her deathbed from cancer to being completely healed. However, as far as visualizing what you want and having it manifest, there’s no evidence that happens. If it were a real phenomenon, we would have gathered data showing that it’s a law of nature. That makes the claim it happens suspect. However, it is true that when someone sets their sights on a goal and determine to achieve it, the strength of their will enables them to make their goal a reality. But that doesn’t involve a supernatural influence that brings what the person wants through positive affirmations or visualizations.

Q &A

How do we speak to the universal intellect to ask him for something and does he respond?

You speak of Our Universal Intelligence as being outside of us. We are Our Universal Intelligence. We are just taking on roles within that source of all reality. It is not a “him,” as in a male entity outside of you. Referring to God or Our Universal Intelligence as separate from us gives us a mistaken perspective.  Within Our Universal Intelligence, there are different parts taking on different roles. There are guides, guardian angels, higher selves, and people who have been on Earth and are now in the next realm. All are individuated manifestations of Our Universal Intelligence taking on different roles. As an example from your own life, you may be a wife, a mother, a secretary, and a member of an organization. In each, you are taking on a different role, but they are all you. Referring to yourself as a mother using “she” isn’t appropriate. You are that mother.

You are continually in touch with the parts of Our Universal Intelligence taking on different roles in your life. You may communicate with them by just speaking to them aloud or in thought. Each will respond to you. You may ask for anything, but whether it manifests will depend on your path in Earth School. They will not generally override what will happen to you as part of your pre-birth planning, or that is happening to you as part of your life experiences. They may give you counsel about what you might do to achieve your goals. They will help and guide you if you ask for their help and are attentive to what they say. Expect that they will help you achieve your goals rather than making changes in your life. Don’t expect to ask for something and have it manifest without your effort.

Q &A

Is it possible to have superpowers in heaven? Such as those from tv shows and comic books?

There are laws of nature in the next life just as there are in this life. Some laws are different. You may communicate telepathically. You don’t need to eat or drink to sustain the body. You will use your intentions to help you perform tasks. Much of what you do will be from the force of thought. A bricklayer described loving to set bricks, so he didn’t use his intention to set them. He set bricks one at a time as he did on Earth. But he said others were using their intentions as aids. What part of laying the bricks relied on intention he didn’t say. But it isn’t that you look at a site and make bricks pile up using your mind. It still takes labor, but the labor is enhanced by intention.

However, there are some laws that will limit what you can do. You won’t be all knowing. You’ll be the same person. You can intend to be somewhere and you’ll be there instantly. You won’t go through space to get there. 

So you will have abilities you don’t have on Earth, within the limitations of life in the next realm. But you won’t have unlimited, remarkable abilities, such as being able to make an object miraculously appear or making objects levitate. But you will grow into greater abilities as you mature in the next life. As to whether you can fly like superman, I’ve never heard reports from the residents of the next life of people being able to do that. I think it’s too extraordinary to fit into our understanding of the nature of reality, here and there. We create our reality based on what we regard as “real” or “expected.” But I may just not have heard of someone doing it. We are always learning new things about the life after this life.

Q &A

You describe "transmission stations" the entities in the life after this life use to transmit messages. Why would they need a transmission station when communicating telepathically?

The transmitting stations are for communicating voice recordings to people living on the Earth plane using instrumental transcommunication–communication using electronic devices. People don’t need a transmission station to communicate telepathically with loved ones living in the life after this life. The person living in the next life receives help and coaching in how to communicate, but there is no intervening transmission station.

Stations such as the Brazilian Station, North American Station, and Rio de Tempo (Timestream) station in Europe have electronic devices the scientists and technicians there have built. They have told us the laboratories have rows of tables with devices on them. The devices make it possible for speakers to impress their thoughts on the devices so electromagnetic tracks are laid on the physical system on our side. The electromagnetic tracks play back as the voice of the person.

It is the real person communicating, but instead of using vibrations on air as we do to speak, they use the electronic tracks laid on recording equipment. It requires the technology they have created through their research. The resulting voices are a blend of their spiritual energy with physical devices.

As with all the technological and scientific advancements we and they make, they learn to create and use the technology, then inspire the scientists and technicians on our side of life to create and use them. In other words, we are just behind their advancements. The stations that have existed since the last part of the 20th century are the result of these developments by technicians on the other side.

Q &A

I read in one of your books that people lose their resentment and negative feelings towards others when they enter the afterlife. Is this true, and is it immediate?

Yes, people lose their resentment or negative feelings towards others as they live in the life after this life. It is not instantaneous. As with life on the Earth plane, we grow gradually. Our self is intact, without suddenly changing. When someone enters the life after this life, the dynamics involved in Earth life go away immediately. In this new setting, with the perspective that we are eternal beings, one with each other, the person grows to realize there is much more to life and our relationships than the narrow interests they had on Earth. As a result, over time the person has a change of perspective. They grow into having a more mature understanding of life and relationships. For some people that may happen in a short time. Others may need more time to understand the new realities. In either case, it will take time. When we enter the life after this life, we are the same person mentally as we were before the transition.


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Can I experience the effects of spiritual growth right away instead of just working at it and then wait until some future moment before being completely transformed into a person of love and forgiveness?

Yes, you are living on a spiritual plane now. When you transition to the next life, you will just be living on another spiritual plane where you will continue to grow spiritually. You can experience spiritual growth now that will give you more of the Heaven on Earth all people want. We create our reality here. If you want to live a life filled with love, peace, and joy, increase your experiences with showing love and compassion for others. That will increase your spiritual stature. You learn to love by loving.

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Will AI specialists be able to transfer human consciousness to a computer in a perfect android body so they create what amounts to a functioning person?

No. Laplace stated that if we could know all the forces that preceded a person’s actions, we could predict everything a person is thinking or doing. There is no free will, he suggested. So if we could put all the forces into an AI computer–memories, inclinations, genetic predispositions, skills, and so on–the computer would act like the human these things came from. Put that into a body facsimile and it would seem you might have a functioning android indistinguishable from the person.

But it would fail in all the activities we know are outside of the mundane control of physical activities, such as remote viewing, psychic abilities, intuition, precognition, and so on. And it would not respond to input from unseen influences, such as guides, loved ones now in the afterlife, and Our Universal Intelligence. And finally, when the android’s system failed, everything about the apparent consciousness would cease to exist. That doesn’t happen when a person stops using a body; they go on blissfully with no change in all the characteristics of the person. We have the proof these other influences contribute to a larger scope for what makes us human. They are the reason AI will never create a real person.

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As I was saying goodbye in my self-guided afterlife communication, I asked for a hug and felt an energetic force that straightened my posture from head to toe. It happens relatively slowly, but it feels autonomic, like something is moving me. Have you heard this happening to others?

Yes, the feelings you’re describing are common. People feel the energy of hugs and kisses. They are not tactile, but clearly are what a person feels after the tactile sensations. In other words, when we are using a body, we have the experience of touch. After the sensation of touch, we have mind experiences such as happiness, feeling of energy, tingles, and other effects. When we’re receiving them from our loved ones in spirit, we may have a physical experience such as a cold or warm or tingles. They are the counterpart of the touch. Then we may have feelings of happiness and knowledge we’re being hugged or kissed. The after effects are the same. We don’t notice the after effects so much when we’re hugging or kissing someone who is using a body on Earth. We get the sense of touch strongly, so the subtle feelings after the touch are less apparent. When we are having the experience with someone not using a body now, we register the experience in the mind that would happen after the physical experience of being touched.

It’s important to realize that all senses are experiences in the mind. The body feels nothing. It is insensate. Experiences happen only in the mind. So we feel a touch, but it is only the experience of a touch in the mind. We see an object, but we are only seeing the object in the mind. As a result, when we are communicating with a loved one nearby who is not using a body, we get the mind sensations of seeing, hearing, touching, and so on. They are real experiences that are the same as the experiences we have after a physical sensation when using a body. We just skip the body part.

There are many examples in afterlife communication accounts. In an induced after-death communication experience, the client, sitting with his eyes closed, was having a conversation with his brother in spirit. Suddenly he opened his eyes and told the psychotherapist he had a startling sense of having a claw around him. The psychotherapist had him go back into the scene and ask his brother what that was. His brother responded that he was giving him a hug.

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In a self-guided communication, I asked a deceased neighbor why she passed. She said throat cancer (I'd seen her smoke several packs a day for years). When I asked my parents, they said the official cause was a heart attack. Did my imagination answer for her, so it was wrong?

You asked “Did my imagination answer for her, so it was wrong?” It isn’t imagination if it unfolded to you naturally. However, you can have your assumptions override the unfoldment. If, when you asked how she died, the cue of her smoking popped into your mind, the assumption it was throat cancer could have followed by the cue “smoking” even though you weren’t consciously thinking “smoking.” All of our memories or thoughts come to mind from cues. The cues then cue other memories or thoughts. Our days are filled with strings of these cues interrupted by cues from things in our environment. Since you had shut down the environment to have the Stage 4 experience, the communication came from either afterlife sources or from cues that leak into your mind. The more you’re able to relax into allowing the communication from someone in the afterlife fill your awareness, the more you won’t get the other cues. As you practice, you’ll learn to sense the difference. In any event, if you’re relaxed and open to the communication, even if a cue interrupts it, you’ll get right back on track after whatever is cued up goes through your awareness.

So the short answer is, you don’t know what she actually passed from. It could have been a heart attack induced by the lung cancer in her chest. Or it could have been the brief laps in a cue that leaked into your mind about her smoking. Don’t worry about which it was. Just continue to be open and allow the communication to come through free unfoldment.

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Did God created the Universe? If not, who did?

We are creating the universe. We are one with Our Universal Intelligence, the source of everything that is. We are given experiences in Earth School so we can learn lessons, grow in love and compassion, and enjoy this life. The experiences we have are with a life environment that was established by others before us that we now have internalized from Our Universal Intelligence. This life is as it is because we expect it based on what has been established in the minds of all the others who preceded us. We are, in effect, having the same dream. Our expectations create this reality. We are creating the universe.


Everything is the mind of God. As Amit Goswami, the nuclear physicist, concluded, “There is nothing but God.” We are facets of that mind. God is not a separate entity. Where is nothing but God. We are God having experiences from the mind of God, and we then create experiences from our minds.

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Will I be able to listen to my favorite songs? For instance, I love listening to rock and techno/electronic music.

You will be able to listen to any music you want to listen to. And the artists you love who have transitioned to the next life will still be giving concerts you can attend. You can meet them and spend time with them if they agree to spend time with you. You will choose to be among people who share your interests, so you’ll have groups who are listening to the music you want to listen to. Or you may listen to any music ever created on your own. You might even join a band if you want to. Everything you desire will be open to you.

That isn’t as unusual as you might think it is. We have much the same abilities in this lifetime, but we don’t take advantage of them. We feel constrained by life circumstances or our feeling we don’t have the ability or opportunity. However, we can be whatever we want to be, within the limitations of Earth School. In the next life, even the limitations are removed.

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Do we always maintain our independence and personality, no matter what dimension we reach OR how much we spiritually grow?

Yes, we maintain our independence and personality forever. We do have different mentalities because of our ascension in spirituality and wisdom. We can’t imagine those. We grow as we want to. And the levels explained in the literature from the communication we’ve received from people living in the life after this life are just at the horizon of our sight. We can’t understand the levels beyond our sight. There are vast vistas we will evolve into beyond those horizons. You will fit into the life after this life as you want to. Whatever you are comfortable with will be your situation. You needn’t worry about having expectations for your life or having to be something that isn’t borne out of your personal identity.

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When we grow into higher levels, can we still descend to the Summerlands once in a while and enjoy those things when we want to have some fun?

Yes, we are able to have the sensual experiences of Earth at any level of our growth. We just intend to have the experiences and what we need to have them is available to us. We have the mentality in Earth School that we can have or can’t have things based on physical laws, availability, rules and laws, and other constraints. Those constraints no longer affect people in the life after this life. There, we are able to have experiences we want to have with few constraints. There are laws of the realm against violence, harming ourselves, others, and animals, and other such activities. Other than these, people in the life after this life have great freedom to have desired experiences.

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I absolutely want to experience eating, drinking, and sex in Heaven. So what replaces those pleasures?

You’re stuck in the Earth environment’s desires, rather analogous to being stuck in infancy or adolescence in this life. Your life will go on, and your desires will change. With your Earth-School perspective, the things that give you pleasure seem like all you want to experience forever. But just as an infant can’t imagine the pleasures of being a child or an adolescent or an adult and wants to keep a favorite rattle and the oral satisfaction of a baby bottle, you can’t imagine or understand the pleasures you’ll have as you leave the Earth Plane’s limited pleasures behind. 

When you first transition, you can have all the sensual experiences of Earth except those that harm yourself or others, such as hunting, drug addiction, violent actions toward others, and so on. If you want to eat, drink alcohol, smoke, or have other sensual activities, those will be available to you, for as long in the future as you want them. Your state of desire will make them available to you. You want them, so they’ll be there. Eventually, you’ll find you derive greater pleasure out of other activities you can’t envision now. Then those will be available to you.

You’re stuck with your Earth School mind now, with its desires and expectations. That will change over time. But don’t worry about it. You’ll be satisfied beyond measure by the wonderful new sensual experiences you enjoy. You just can’t imagine them now.

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If we can’t imagine colors we haven’t seen before, does this prove that the afterlife experiences are real if people are experiencing different colors as their brains can’t make them up?

It’s easy to think of our minds as being what we experience on Earth and what we experience in other realms such as the afterlife as different existences altogether. Instead, our mind is entirely the same mind experiencing this realm and the next. There is one Universal Intelligence we are members of. We have different focuses depending on the realm we’re attending to, but everything is available to us if we can cue it up. 

In other words, we have great limitations on our minds on Earth as we learn lessons, grow in love and compassion, and enjoy life’s experiences. One limitation is that we experience a narrow set of colors. However, our eternal selves have the potential to experience the vast spectrum of colors. So when we enter the next stage in our eternal lives, many of the limitations will be lifted. We will see many more colors, communicate telepathically, travel by intending to be somewhere, and have other such abilities and experiences. We have all these abilities now, but we’re playing our roles in Earth School so we don’t experience them. Some people in near-death experiences have the focus on the Earth plane disrupted briefly so they do experience more colors and greater love. But for normal people in our normal lives, our minds are narrowed into the focus on Earth with limited experiences. 

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Many of the spiritual texts I read state God/Source/the Universe resides within us. However many of those who have experienced NDEs experience a light/source/God that is outside of them, distinguishable from them, not part of them. Why is that?

There is nothing but God. There is only Our Universal Intelligence. We are manifestations of that Source of all being. We’re just taking on different roles to have our Earth School experiences. We are still wholly the Mind of God. So God is more than within us. All we are is God.

Having said that, we have individual experiences in the roles we play in Earth School so we can learn lessons, grow in love and compassion, and enjoy life. We experience ourselves as separate from others, even though we are all one. The roles we learned from childhood in our self-absorbed society keep us from feeling the depths of love we could feel for one another.

As a result, when in an NDE, we experience God’s love without the limiting filter of our Earth-School personalities, it is overwhelming; we are experiencing the pure love we don’t feel from others in our limited Earth-School roles. People in NDEs who experience the love of God have the shroud of their Earth-School role removed so they can experience the depths of the unconditional love that is at the core of our being as individuated members of the Mind of God.

That also shows us the magnitude of love we all could have for one another if humankind learned to relax the part of our roles that tells us we’re separate from one another. We would then feel the genuine Divine love for others and from others that would naturally envelop us. Our nature is to love. Only the mindset we learned as children that we are separate from one another keeps us from feeling that love from others and expressing the love to others all the time. In an NDE, that mindset is temporarily removed so we feel the unconditional love of God we all could feel for one another if we lived knowing we are all one in the mind of God.

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You have said this life is like a dream we are all dreaming together. Does that mean the next life is a dream also?

The metaphor “life is like a dream” is just a metaphor. It means there is no objective world outside of us that we are all experiencing. Our lives are real experiences in an apparently solid universe. The same is true of the life after this life. But they are not “dreams” in the sense of being ethereal, unreal, transitory states. That part of the metaphor doesn’t work for our lives in this life and the next. In the life after this life, we will have real, solid, fleshy bodies as we have on the Earth plane. We will walk on streets, live in houses, listen to music, engage in pastimes like driving or boating, and all the things we do on the Earth plane. The Earth plane is just another spiritual realm. We go on to a similar spiritual realm when we change our focus to the life after this life. And both realms are real and solid in our experiences of them.

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How do you know that you aren't communicating with Satan? Satan will mimic our loved ones and make us believe we are talking with them, but really, we are talking to him.

There is no such being as “Satan” in the sense of a totally evil being that oppresses humans. The Jewish Bible does not portray Satan as such a creature. Instead, Satan is the opposer or adversary of God. The evil fallen angel created by Christianity was developed from Zoroastrianism, a Persian religion. 


There’s nothing in the Torah or Christian Bible indicating that “Satan will mimic our loved ones.” That’s a superstition. Besides, as Jesus said when the Pharisees accused Jesus of casting out demons appealing to Beelzebub, the ruler of demons, Jesus said, “If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself.” Receiving love and support from loved ones living in the next life would defeat a being like Satan. And the communication from people living in the life after this life all show great reverence for Jesus. That would certainly be a house divided against itself.


The idea that a demon follows each person around and communicates to mediums is a curious superstition I’ve heard before that is simply not Bible-based. When the Jewish Torah mentions not talking to mediums, it is because people were going to mediums for guidance, not God. That made God angry. But even then, there is no mention of the idea that mediums were speaking to demons.

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You stated earlier that "some people refer to "vibration" in connection to consciousness. But that's not accurate. Nothing vibrates when a person goes into a more lucid state of higher levels of consciousness." Does consciousness relate with itself, or does it just exist to be all that it can be?

Yes. Consciousness is irreducible. It is the foundation of existence. A physical world with “vibrations” is a manifestation of consciousness. People refer to a “higher vibration” when referring to a level on which people in the unseen dimensions and afterlife exist. They refer to “raising their vibration” to be able to communicate with people living in the afterlife. These are just metaphors. We “raise our vibration” in physical mediumship circles to increase the energy from our side that those who materialize use to have the ectoplasm form around their etheric bodies so we can see, hear, and touch them. The energy makes it possible for them to create manifestations such as lights, movement of objects, and sounds. We are really only increasing our spirit energy. Nothing “vibrates” in the sense that air vibrates to give us a sense of sound. 

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If the afterlife is so proven then why do so many scientists still say that it is not real? Also why is there no real hard core scientific evidence that we go on only personal accounts .

It isn’t true that scientists say there is no afterlife. Materialists say there is no afterlife. Some of them are scientists. But many scientists have read and agree with the data that the afterlife is a reality. The fact that some scientists who are materialists haven’t yet learned the afterlife is a reality is similar to the slow realization of the truth scientists have experienced in the past. Copernicus stated the Earth is not the center of the universe in the 16th century. Scientists didn’t believe it. Galileo proved it in the 17th century by showing the scientists and clergy of his day that Jupiter has moons and Venus goes through phases, and he showed that Tycho Brahe’s structure was true. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that Friedrich Bessel proved the Earth had an annual rotation around the Sun.


The same can be said for a great many other discoveries: plate tectonics, evolution, and the idea that germs cause illness all were not accepted until well after they were proposed. People hold onto beliefs in the face of evidence proving the contrary. That is what is happening today. More and more materialists are coming to understand the truth.

Read these collections of people who have become convinced of the truth. These are small samples of the entire body of people.


Clergy and church bodies:
Professors of the humanities:
Psychology professionals:
Physical scientists:


Examine the evidence. Read my book, Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die. That also is just a sampling of the immense amount of evidence today.

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So the afterlife is more like a surprise for us rather than it being just like Earth?

The life we will enter after this life fits our expectations. It has all the characteristics of the Earth environment. But there is much, much more. You’re looking at what we have on Earth and wondering if the same things will be there. What you don’t realize is that there is a great variety of other experiences. We can observe historical events from Earth’s history, have books read themselves to us along with the author’s original intent and thoughts, propel automobiles and boats through mind power, attend vast events such as concerts where people we knew from Earth perform, listen to instruments we don’t know of on Earth, take walks through fields of beautiful, enormous flowers that have a heavenly odor but also have music coming from them, and much, much more. You needn’t wonder whether you’ll have the types of pleasurable experiences you have on Earth. You’ll have many more.

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Is wealth deceptive? Will it really make it harder for me to grow spiritually?

Nothing outside of you can hinder or hasten your spiritual growth and feelings of love, compassion, and joy. Wealth can neither add to your stature nor diminish it. What makes a difference is how you regard yourself and your wealth. You can be a miserable wealthy or miserable poor person, and likewise a joyful, compassionate wealthy person or joyful, compassionate poor person. 

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If I chose this life and this amount of suffering, then why can't I stop it if I want?

It’s much like going through training to be a computer programmer. If you’re to come out of the training a fit, adept programmer, you’ll have to finish the training, even though at times it’s hard and you may feel you want to give up on computer programming. If you stop halfway, you won’t have learned the skills and won’t be able to be a computer programmer. If you were able to quit Earth School easily, you wouldn’t face the challenges that are making you a more wise, loving, compassionate person. The hard lessons are the most enlightening. They change you as a person. Only the crucible of struggles in Earth School can have the effect of causing you to grow when you go through the trials and come out the other side triumphant. That’s why you can’t just quit when the going gets rough.

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How often can I have after-death communication with my loved one?

As often as you want to. It’s no different from having a person you love who lives in another state or country. You may call every day if you want to, or you might leave a few days or weeks between conversations. It’s up to you. Your loved ones are available to communicate with you when you make yourself available. They are always only a thought away. When you intend to communicate with them, they receive your intention and either communicate telepathically from wherever they are or come to you on the Earth plane.

You’ll also learn when THEY want to communicate. You can learn to have the sense when they are calling you or are near. It’s as real a sense as seeing or hearing. You just have to become attuned to it. If you are in grief, when you have a wave of sadness, it’s because they’re near or are thinking about you. At a subliminal level, you feel their presence and their love, so it brings up memories of them. The subliminal memories may put you into a feeling of grief because they’re not with you at that moment in the familiar body.

Be sensitive to the feeling they want to talk to you. Stop what you’re doing for a moment and talk to them. The first notion that comes to you after you say something is their response. If you have to think about it, you’ve missed it. They communicate telepathically, so you get their entire message in one package. It comes either before you say something, because they know what you’re going to say, or while you’re saying it, or immediately after you say it. They never wait a few seconds or a minute to respond. You’ll get used to receive their messages if you just relax and accept what comes to you as a notion or feeling or message when you say something to them.

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What the best evidence is we have for an afterlife.

Today, we have libraries of proof people live on in the life after this life after the body dies. Read my book, Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die. The best evidence is communication from people now living in the afterlife to people on Earth who knew them well. The book contains evidence from these sources: direct-voice mediumship, materialization mediumship, instrumental transcommunication, spontaneous materializations, psychotherapist-guided communication, self-guided communication, trance mediumship, automatic and planchette writing, mental mediumship, dream visitations, and common afterlife communication experiences. The evidence is overwhelming.

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How do I spend all of my time growing spiritually and preparing for eternity? Where do I start?

You’ve already started. You grow in wisdom and spiritual stature by continuing to seek knowledge and being open to what you find. You are being given help by your Soul, your guides, and the people who love you who are living in the afterlife. Now you just have to seek out the sources of knowledge and drink from them.

A wise Rabbi who taught in the hills of the Galilee in the first century CE is reported to have said these insightful words: “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7, NLT) What Yeshua (Jesus) was saying to his listeners is that if you seek after wisdom and spiritual maturity, they will come to you. That is a law of nature. Fill your life with wholesome, uplifting things and people. Avoid things that are negative, violent, and cruel. You will rise in your spirituality just as a boat rises with the tide without an effort.

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NYC has plenty of different types of cuisine, such as cheesecake, pizza, egg tarts, hot dogs, etc. Can I taste them all in the afterlife?

Everything you want will be available to you because you want it. People of different cultures enter the next realm of life with their own set of expectations and desires. Among them are foods they ate on Earth and drink they normally had. In the life after this life, each person is in an environment that fits their expectations for life based on their common Earth experiences. As a result, if an Australian wanted a meat pie, it would be simply be there, cooked and ready to eat. If a Chinese person wanted stir-fried vegetables with particular herbs and spices, it would be available. A Greek individual would have Greek salad, seafood, or eggplant-based dishes. These dishes don’t have to be requested. All aspects of the environment fit the person’s expectations for normal life.

We also have heard people living in the afterlife saying they have wine, cigars, pipes, and other such sources of sensory experiences. Their taste is the ideal taste the individual experienced on Earth, but nothing harms the body or the environment. Only the taste and rest of the experience is present. No one has to go to the store to purchase these things. They are simply present in the person’s home because they expect life to contain them.

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Some people say that if we change our perspective, the reality we live in will change. It will turn into a paradise. Is that true?

Yes, there is nothing in our reality that requires the world be as it is, with so much turmoil. We create the turmoil. All people want to be loved, and all people have the capacity to love others. If we had love and compassion for others without reservation, we would live in a heaven on earth. Yeshua (Jesus) is reported to have said in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out upon the face of the Earth, and men do not see it.” If all people saw that loving others would result in their being loved, the world would change. Hopefully, that will happen. But all the comments I’ve heard from the other side say that it is not certain we will turn life around. It will require a great change in our will. It’s up to humanity to make it happen.

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Can people have sex in the afterlife if they want it?

We have been assured by the people now living in the afterlife that if we want to enjoy the pleasures of sex there, we are able to do so. The psychical researcher Frederick Myers, speaking after his death through medium Geraldine Cummins, described sexual activity in the life after this life. Myers describes a man who lived for sex in his earthly life. After his transition, he found he was able to indulge in his desires. This is a summary of the communication:
As a person enters the Kingdom of the Mind after death, their mental perceptions become sharper and their earthly desires intensify, with their mental power becoming more significant. They can summon those who gratify their over-developed earthly desires and others of their kind are attracted to them, leading to a temporary existence in a sex paradise. However, these beings still yearn for gross sensations rather than the finer aspects of sexual love, such as perfect companionship without gratification of the grosser feelings. They obtain these sensations in abundance, leading to a terrible satiety and eventually disgust. It becomes extremely difficult for them to escape those who share these pleasures with them.
You can read more at this Seek Reality Online post:

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Are our loved ones in the afterlife missing us until we get there?

Yes, they miss us, but not in the way you might think. They do miss doing the old things we did together with them when they were in Earth School. But they know in the blink of an eye we’ll be together with them and will have many more wonderful experiences with them. They visit us and are only a thought away. When we think of them, they come to us from wherever they are in the afterlife. So they don’t miss seeing us. They can do that anytime. What they miss is our realization they are around and able to communicate with us. They are saddened by their inability to get through to us. They miss the interaction we could have with them if we just learned how to communicate with them so we receive their communication.

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If most of our personal soul remains in Heaven, where we came from, why are we greeted after death like we weren't there?

Our Souls are part of our Higher Selves. The Earth School mind we are is performing a different role from our Soul. Our Soul was part of the planning of our lives and gives us guidance and counsel as we go through this life. Our Earth School mind is one with our Souls, but we don’t have the understanding and perspective of our Soul. We go through Earth School experiences to learn lessons and grow in love and compassion. We couldn’t do that if we had the perspective of our Souls, with all knowledge of life, the afterlife, the plan for our lives, and the involvement of other people and their souls. We are narrowly focused on Earth School. Our Earth School minds aren’t “in Heaven.” As such, we grow to love people here, and when they make their transition from this life, we miss them. When we arrive in the afterlife, we have a wonderful reunion with them.

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What happens to dictators who kill millions when they get to the afterlife?

First, there is no Hell. That’s a terrible mythology created by the church in the first centuries after Yeshua’s (Jesus’) transition from this life to the next. People who are cruel, violent, without a conscience, sadistic, and otherwise unsavory live with people who have the same attitudes in a separate realm or level in the afterlife. It isn’t a punishment. They are keeping themselves there by maintaining their twisted state of mind. There, they treat each other badly and perpetuate the negative environment. Counselors from higher levels go down to them to counsel them with the goal of having them raise themselves out of those circumstances by learning to be loving and compassion. Eventually, everyone grows out of that state of mind.


But it isn’t just dictators who kill millions and serial killers who have that negative state of mind. Any individual may have it, even if that person doesn’t follow through with killing someone. The attitude is the same, whether the person has killed millions or has such hatred in their heart that they would do harm to others. I know of one good Catholic who attended mass twice a week, said the rosary every day, and went to confession regularly. He told me that if he could, he would line up all the abortion doctors and shoot them to death. His heart was the same as Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Pol Pot’s, or other dictator’s heart. He just didn’t have the means to follow through with his hatred.


Yeshua (Jesus) is reported to have said “You have heard it said long ago, ‘Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’  But I tell you anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.  Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,’ (meaning ‘you empty-headed idiot,’) is answerable to the Sanhedrin.  But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of Gehenna (a garbage dump where people were burned in the past).” (Matthew 5:21-22) He was saying that there is no difference between committing murder and being angry with someone without committing murder. The anger a person feels is the same as murdering someone.


In the end, we are in Earth School to learn to be loving and compassionate. It is part of the human condition to be angry at times. But our goal is to reduce our anger and show love for those who malign us.

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Is it true you can manifest anything with mind power? How are we supposed to, for example, get money we need?

“Manifesting” through mind power is greatly misunderstood. There is evidence that intentions can influence reality. Many studies have been done of “healers” focusing on patients in cardiac-care intensive care units, blood cells treated with saline to kill them, bean sprouts, and a great variety of other things. The finding is that the healer’s intentions for healing to occur for the experimental group resulted in positive effects.

Lynne McTaggart has done work on using meditation groups of eight people to influence reality, primarily through healing, but also in having events occur in a person’s life. Read her book The Intention Experiment. She had people in groups of eight focus their intention together on a single target to have significant changes in the target. The evidence is that the effects did occur. Nearly all of the targets were healing of some kind. Some of them showed events such as being given a job offer may have been influenced by the intentions of the circles. However, wishing for a Ferrari is not likely to put the car in your driveway.

You can manifest through your intentions by using them to give you confidence and direction. Then you may be helped along the way. You might want to lose weight, so you set the intention to be 20 pounds lighter in four weeks. That intention has energy. However, it’s also your following through with exercise and diet to see the changes occur. Just “intending” to have a manifestation and following a normal eating routine won’t result in changes.

In your case, you want money. Set your intention to have the money you need in two weeks. Then set about using all the guidance you’re being given to discover means to make money that will allow you to achieve your goal. The intention gives you the energy you need. You will find doors opening to you when you go through the effort to obtain the money. However, you may also be setting an unrealistic expectation. Don’t expect the universe to give you what you ask for just because you ask for it. Be realistic.

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Can I fly at the speed of thought, like Superman, in the afterlife?

We have not heard of anyone flying, but it seems it may be possible because we know people are able to perform activities they have always wanted to perform on Earth. Many experiences a person would like to have had are possible in the afterlife after the person has matured in the ability to manipulate the environment. People newly arrived have few of the unusual abilities. The person’s intention matures so more things are possible. So it isn’t to say flying is possible, but it may be. As far as traveling at the speed of light, people travel faster than the speed of light. They can intend to be somewhere and are instantly there. “Travel” is different from “flying.” There is no travel through space when someone intends to be somewhere else. They intend to be somewhere and are simply there, instantly.

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How do spiritual entities recognize each other in the afterlife if there is no physical body?

We do have physical bodies in the life after this life. Life there is much like life here. The experiences you have here are the same experiences you will have there, only with no negatives. You will have a body that is as it was (or ideally would have been) in your 20s or 30s, with no defects. Children who transition to the afterlife grow up until they reach the their 20s or 30s in Earth years. People take walks, swim, play ball games, perform in orchestras, and even have sex if they want to. All the pleasures of the body we have on Earth are available in the afterlife. There are no illnesses or accidents that deform the body. Read our blog about the body at for more.

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Will there be technology in heaven, such as smartphones for example?

You won’t need technology in the afterlife. For example, if you want to converse with someone, you just do it through telepathy. You can link with anyone, anywhere. If you want to be someplace, you just intend to be there and you are there. 

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How can it be that a soul that is part of my higher self might be on Earth at the same time I am here?

Other souls that are members in our Higher Self are in Earth School at the same time we are and after we graduate. All are part of our Higher Self. You can’t understand it because when we try to translate it into vocabulary, we use our experiences from Earth School. We see people as individuals, separate from one another. We translate that into a Higher Self as an individual with little individuals in it. Instead, realize that we are all one with each other and everything and everyone who has ever lived. There is one Universal Intelligence. So the roles of various individuals in it are fluid, not discrete.

Don’t think of the Higher Self as an individual. The Higher Self is the combination of all the individuals who comprise the group we call the Higher Self. We have our individual self and we have the group soul that we call the Higher Self. We have a closer relationship with the individuals in our Higher Self than we do with other groups or other Higher Selves. That is all the Higher Self is. So we are intertwined with all those in our group.

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When Jesus said we must be reborn to see the Kingdom of God, was he referring to reincarnation?

The Aramaic name for Jesus that was mistranslated in Greek and Latin was Yeshua.

As for the saying by Yeshua that we must be “born again,” he clarified that when he repeated it to Nicodemus by adding “of water and the spirit.” He wasn’t referring to reincarnation. He was referring to what he said as reported in Matthew: “Have a change of heart and mind, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here now.” And in Luke he clarified, “the Kingdom of God is within you.” The word he used for how a person would enter the Kingdom of Heaven was metanoia in the Greek. It means “Have a fundamental change of heart and mind or spiritual conversion.” It was mistranslated as “repent” in the familiar passage, “Repent (metanoia), for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (here right now).”

So Yeshua wasn’t referring to being born again as in the mistaken notion of reincarnation as coming back to Earth. He was referring to what his listeners must do now to have love, peace, and joy in their lives in the present moment. They must be born of the spirit and baptized with water to show their change of heart and mind. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, he is reported to have said, “The Kingdom of God is spread out upon the face of the Earth, and men do not see it.” He was saying heaven is here now if we just realize it, accept it, and live life knowing it.

Yeshua’s focus was on this life rather than the afterlife.

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What are the cities of heaven like?

The cities are much like cities on Earth, but more glorious. They have an opalescent exterior. They are built as buildings are on Earth, but there is a strong component of the builders’ intentions that create the buildings. The halls are vast. There are no cars, buses, or other such mechanical devices in the cities. Instead, there are broad avenues people walk on. People do have cars, motorcycles, boats, and other mechanical devices, but they don’t burn fossil fuels. They are propelled by the intention of the driver.