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Answers to Previously Submitted Questions

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You stated earlier that "some people refer to "vibration" in connection to consciousness. But that's not accurate. Nothing vibrates when a person goes into a more lucid state of higher levels of consciousness." Does consciousness relate with itself, or does it just exist to be all that it can be?

Yes. Consciousness is irreducible. It is the foundation of existence. A physical world with “vibrations” is a manifestation of consciousness. People refer to a “higher vibration” when referring to a level on which people in the unseen dimensions and afterlife exist. They refer to “raising their vibration” to be able to communicate with people living in the afterlife. These are just metaphors. We “raise our vibration” in physical mediumship circles to increase the energy from our side that those who materialize use to have the ectoplasm form around their etheric bodies so we can see, hear, and touch them. The energy makes it possible for them to create manifestations such as lights, movement of objects, and sounds. We are really only increasing our spirit energy. Nothing “vibrates” in the sense that air vibrates to give us a sense of sound. 

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If the afterlife is so proven then why do so many scientists still say that it is not real? Also why is there no real hard core scientific evidence that we go on only personal accounts .

It isn’t true that scientists say there is no afterlife. Materialists say there is no afterlife. Some of them are scientists. But many scientists have read and agree with the data that the afterlife is a reality. The fact that some scientists who are materialists haven’t yet learned the afterlife is a reality is similar to the slow realization of the truth scientists have experienced in the past. Copernicus stated the Earth is not the center of the universe in the 16th century. Scientists didn’t believe it. Galileo proved it in the 17th century by showing the scientists and clergy of his day that Jupiter has moons and Venus goes through phases, and he showed that Tycho Brahe’s structure was true. But it wasn’t until the 19th century that Friedrich Bessel proved the Earth had an annual rotation around the Sun.


The same can be said for a great many other discoveries: plate tectonics, evolution, and the idea that germs cause illness all were not accepted until well after they were proposed. People hold onto beliefs in the face of evidence proving the contrary. That is what is happening today. More and more materialists are coming to understand the truth.

Read these collections of people who have become convinced of the truth. These are small samples of the entire body of people.


Clergy and church bodies:
Professors of the humanities:
Psychology professionals:
Physical scientists:


Examine the evidence. Read my book, Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die. That also is just a sampling of the immense amount of evidence today.

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So the afterlife is more like a surprise for us rather than it being just like Earth?

The life we will enter after this life fits our expectations. It has all the characteristics of the Earth environment. But there is much, much more. You’re looking at what we have on Earth and wondering if the same things will be there. What you don’t realize is that there is a great variety of other experiences. We can observe historical events from Earth’s history, have books read themselves to us along with the author’s original intent and thoughts, propel automobiles and boats through mind power, attend vast events such as concerts where people we knew from Earth perform, listen to instruments we don’t know of on Earth, talk walks through fields of beautiful, enormous flowers that have a heavenly odor but also have music coming from them, and much, much more. You needn’t wonder whether you’ll have the types of pleasurable experiences you have on Earth. You’ll have many more.

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Is wealth deceptive? Will it really make it harder for me to grow spiritually?

Nothing outside of you can hinder or hasten your spiritual growth and feelings of love, compassion, and joy. Wealth can neither add to your stature nor diminish it. What makes a difference is how you regard yourself and your wealth. You can be a miserable wealthy or poor person, and likewise a joyful, compassionate wealthy or poor person. 

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If I chose this life and this amount of suffering, then why can't I stop it if I want?

It’s much like going through training to be a computer programmer. If you’re to come out of the training a fit, adept programmer, you’ll have to finish the training, even though at times it’s hard and you may feel you want to give up on computer programming. If you stop halfway, you won’t have learned the skills and won’t be able to be a computer programmer. If you were able to quit Earth School easily, you wouldn’t face the challenges that are making you a more wise, loving, compassionate person. The hard lessons are the most enlightening. They change you as a person. Only the crucible of struggles in Earth School can have the effect of causing you to grow when you go through the trials and come out the other side triumphant. That’s why you can’t just quit when the going gets rough.

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How often can I have after-death communication with my loved one?

As often as you want to. It’s no different from having a person you love who lives in another state or country. You may call every day if you want to, or you might leave a few days or weeks between conversations. It’s up to you. Your loved ones are available to communicate with you when you make yourself available. They are always only a thought away. When you intend to communicate with them, they receive your intention and either communicate telepathically from wherever they are or come to you on the Earth plane.

You’ll also learn when THEY want to communicate. You can learn to have the sense when they are calling you or are near. It’s as real a sense as seeing or hearing. You just have to become attuned to it. If you are in grief, when you have a wave of sadness, it’s because they’re near or are thinking about you. At a subliminal level, you feel their presence and their love, so it brings up memories of them. The subliminal memories may put you into a feeling of grief because they’re not with you at that moment in the familiar body.

Be sensitive to the feeling they want to talk to you. Stop what you’re doing for a moment and talk to them. The first notion that comes to you after you say something is their response. If you have to think about it, you’ve missed it. They communicate telepathically, so you get their entire message in one package. It comes either before you say something, because they know what you’re going to say, or while you’re saying it, or immediately after you say it. They never wait a few seconds or a minute to respond. You’ll get used to receive their messages if you just relax and accept what comes to you as a notion or feeling or message when you say something to them.

Q &A

What the best evidence is we have for an afterlife.

Today, we have libraries of proof people live on in the life after this life after the body dies. Read my book, Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt You Will Never Die. The best evidence is communication from people now living in the afterlife to people on Earth who knew them well. The book contains evidence from these sources: direct-voice mediumship, materialization mediumship, instrumental transcommunication, spontaneous materializations, psychotherapist-guided communication, self-guided communication, trance mediumship, automatic and planchette writing, mental mediumship, dream visitations, and common afterlife communication experiences. The evidence is overwhelming.

Q &A

How do I spend all of my time growing spiritually and preparing for eternity? Where do I start?

You’ve already started. You grow in wisdom and spiritual stature by continuing to seek knowledge and being open to what you find. You are being given help by your Soul, your guides, and the people who love you who are living in the afterlife. Now you just have to seek out the sources of knowledge and drink from them.

A wise Rabbi who taught in the hills of the Galilee in the first century CE is reported to have said these insightful words: “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7, NLT) What Yeshua (Jesus) was saying to his listeners is that if you seek after wisdom and spiritual maturity, they will come to you. That is a law of nature. Fill your life with wholesome, uplifting things and people. Avoid things that are negative, violent, and cruel. You will rise in your spirituality just as a boat rises with the tide without an effort.

Q &A

NYC has plenty of different types of cuisine, such as cheesecake, pizza, egg tarts, hot dogs, etc. Can I taste them all in the afterlife?

Everything you want will be available to you because you want it. People of different cultures enter the next realm of life with their own set of expectations and desires. Among them are foods they ate on Earth and drink they normally had. In the life after this life, each person is in an environment that fits their expectations for life based on their common Earth experiences. As a result, if an Australian wanted a meat pie, it would be simply be there, cooked and ready to eat. If a Chinese person wanted stir-fried vegetables with particular herbs and spices, it would be available. A Greek individual would have Greek salad, seafood, or eggplant-based dishes. These dishes don’t have to be requested. All aspects of the environment fit the person’s expectations for normal life.

We also have heard people living in the afterlife saying they have wine, cigars, pipes, and other such sources of sensory experiences. Their taste is the ideal taste the individual experienced on Earth, but nothing harms the body or the environment. Only the taste and rest of the experience is present. No one has to go to the store to purchase these things. They are simply present in the person’s home because they expect life to contain them.

Q &A

Some people say that if we change our perspective, the reality we live in will change. It will turn into a paradise. Is that true?

Yes, there is nothing in our reality that requires the world be as it is, with so much turmoil. We create the turmoil. All people want to be loved, and all people have the capacity to love others. If we had love and compassion for others without reservation, we would live in a heaven on earth. Yeshua (Jesus) is reported to have said in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom of Heaven is spread out upon the face of the Earth, and men do not see it.” If all people saw that loving others would result in their being loved, the world would change. Hopefully, that will happen. But all the comments I’ve heard from the other side say that it is not certain we will turn life around. It will require a great change in our will. It’s up to humanity to make it happen.

Q &A

Can people have sex in the afterlife if they want it?

We have been assured by the people now living in the afterlife that if we want to enjoy the pleasures of sex there, we are able to do so. The psychical researcher Frederick Myers, speaking after his death through medium Geraldine Cummins, described sexual activity in the life after this life. Myers describes a man who lived for sex in his earthly life. After his transition, he found he was able to indulge in his desires. This is a summary of the communication:
As a person enters the Kingdom of the Mind after death, their mental perceptions become sharper and their earthly desires intensify, with their mental power becoming more significant. They can summon those who gratify their over-developed earthly desires and others of their kind are attracted to them, leading to a temporary existence in a sex paradise. However, these beings still yearn for gross sensations rather than the finer aspects of sexual love, such as perfect companionship without gratification of the grosser feelings. They obtain these sensations in abundance, leading to a terrible satiety and eventually disgust. It becomes extremely difficult for them to escape those who share these pleasures with them.
You can read more at this Seek Reality Online post:

Q &A

Are our loved ones in the afterlife missing us until we get there?

Yes, they miss us, but not in the way you might think. They do miss doing the old things we did together with them when they were in Earth School. But they know in the blink of an eye we’ll be together with them and will have many more wonderful experiences with them. They visit us and are only a thought away. When we think of them, they come to us from wherever they are in the afterlife. So they don’t miss seeing us. They can do that anytime. What they miss is our realization they are around and able to communicate with us. They are saddened by their inability to get through to us. They miss the interaction we could have with them if we just learned how to communicate with them so we receive their communication.

Q &A

If most of our personal soul remains in Heaven, where we came from, why are we greeted after death like we weren't there?

Our Souls are part of our Higher Selves. The Earth School mind we are is performing a different role from our Soul. Our Soul was part of the planning of our lives and gives us guidance and counsel as we go through this life. Our Earth School mind is one with our Souls, but we don’t have the understanding and perspective of our Soul. We go through Earth School experiences to learn lessons and grow in love and compassion. We couldn’t do that if we had the perspective of our Souls, with all knowledge of life, the afterlife, the plan for our lives, and the involvement of other people and their souls. We are narrowly focused on Earth School. Our Earth School minds aren’t “in Heaven.” As such, we grow to love people here, and when they make their transition from this life, we miss them. When we arrive in the afterlife, we have a wonderful reunion with them.

Q &A

What happens to dictators who kill millions when they get to the afterlife?

First, there is no Hell. That’s a terrible mythology created by the church in the first centuries after Yeshua’s (Jesus’) transition from this life to the next. People who are cruel, violent, without a conscience, sadistic, and otherwise unsavory live with people who have the same attitudes in a separate realm or level in the afterlife. It isn’t a punishment. They are keeping themselves there by maintaining their twisted state of mind. There, they treat each other badly and perpetuate the negative environment. Counselors from higher levels go down to them to counsel them with the goal of having them raise themselves out of those circumstances by learning to be loving and compassion. Eventually, everyone grows out of that state of mind.


But it isn’t just dictators who kill millions and serial killers who have that negative state of mind. Any individual may have it, even if that person doesn’t follow through with killing someone. The attitude is the same, whether the person has killed millions or has such hatred in their heart that they would do harm to others. I know of one good Catholic who attended mass twice a week, said the rosary every day, and went to confession regularly. He told me that if he could, he would line up all the abortion doctors and shoot them to death. His heart was the same as Hitler’s, Stalin’s, Pol Pot’s, or other dictator’s heart. He just didn’t have the means to follow through with his hatred.


Yeshua (Jesus) is reported to have said “You have heard it said long ago, ‘Do not murder, and anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’  But I tell you anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.  Again, anyone who says to his brother, ‘Raca,’ (meaning ‘you empty-headed idiot,’) is answerable to the Sanhedrin.  But anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of Gehenna (a garbage dump where people were burned in the past).” (Matthew 5:21-22) He was saying that there is no difference between committing murder and being angry with someone without committing murder. The anger a person feels is the same as murdering someone.


In the end, we are in Earth School to learn to be loving and compassionate. It is part of the human condition to be angry at times. But our goal is to reduce our anger and show love for those who malign us.

Q &A

Is it true you can manifest anything with mind power? How are we supposed to, for example, get money we need?

“Manifesting” through mind power is greatly misunderstood. There is evidence that intentions can influence reality. Many studies have been done of “healers” focusing on patients in cardiac-care intensive care units, blood cells treated with saline to kill them, bean sprouts, and a great variety of other things. The finding is that the healer’s intentions for healing to occur for the experimental group resulted in positive effects.

Lynne McTaggart has done work on using meditation groups of eight people to influence reality, primarily through healing, but also in having events occur in a person’s life. Read her book The Intention Experiment. She had people in groups of eight focus their intention together on a single target to have significant changes in the target. The evidence is that the effects did occur. Nearly all of the targets were healing of some kind. Some of them showed events such as being given a job offer may have been influenced by the intentions of the circles. However, wishing for a Ferrari is not likely to put the car in your driveway.

You can manifest through your intentions by using them to give you confidence and direction. Then you may be helped along the way. You might want to lose weight, so you set the intention to be 20 pounds lighter in four weeks. That intention has energy. However, it’s also your following through with exercise and diet to see the changes occur. Just “intending” to have a manifestation and following a normal eating routine won’t result in changes.

In your case, you want money. Set your intention to have the money you need in two weeks. Then set about using all the guidance you’re being given to discover means to make money that will allow you to achieve your goal. The intention gives you the energy you need. You will find doors opening to you when you go through the effort to obtain the money. However, you may also be setting an unrealistic expectation. Don’t expect the universe to give you what you ask for just because you ask for it. Be realistic.

Q &A

Can I fly at the speed of thought, like Superman, in the afterlife?

We have not heard of anyone flying, but it seems it may be possible because we know people are able to perform activities they have always wanted to perform on Earth. Many experiences a person would like to have had are possible in the afterlife after the person has matured in the ability to manipulate the environment. People newly arrived have few of the unusual abilities. The person’s intention matures so more things are possible. So it isn’t to say flying is possible, but it may be. As far as traveling at the speed of light, people travel faster than the speed of light. They can intend to be somewhere and are instantly there. “Travel” is different from “flying.” There is no travel through space when someone intends to be somewhere else. They intend to be somewhere and are simply there, instantly.

Q &A

How do spiritual entities recognize each other in the afterlife if there is no physical body?

We do have physical bodies in the life after this life. Life there is much like life here. The experiences you have here are the same experiences you will have there, only with no negatives. You will have a body that is as it was (or ideally would have been) in your 20s or 30s, with no defects. Children who transition to the afterlife grow up until they reach the their 20s or 30s in Earth years. People take walks, swim, play ball games, perform in orchestras, and even have sex if they want to. All the pleasures of the body we have on Earth are available in the afterlife. There are no illnesses or accidents that deform the body. Read our blog about the body at for more.

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Will there be technology in heaven, such as smartphones for example?

You won’t need technology in the afterlife. For example, if you want to converse with someone, you just do it through telepathy. You can link with anyone, anywhere. If you want to be someplace, you just intend to be there and you are there. 

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How can it be that a soul that is part of my higher self might be on Earth at the same time I am here?

Other souls that are members in our Higher Self are in Earth School at the same time we are and after we graduate. All are part of our Higher Self. You can’t understand it because when we try to translate it into vocabulary, we use our experiences from Earth School. We see people as individuals, separate from one another. We translate that into a Higher Self as an individual with little individuals in it. Instead, realize that we are all one with each other and everything and everyone who has ever lived. There is one Universal Intelligence. So the roles of various individuals in it are fluid, not discrete.

Don’t think of the Higher Self as an individual. The Higher Self is the combination of all the individuals who comprise the group we call the Higher Self. We have our individual self and we have the group soul that we call the Higher Self. We have a closer relationship with the individuals in our Higher Self than we do with other groups or other Higher Selves. That is all the Higher Self is. So we are intertwined with all those in our group.

Q &A

When Jesus said we must be reborn to see the Kingdom of God, was he referring to reincarnation?

The Aramaic name for Jesus that was mistranslated in Greek and Latin was Yeshua.

As for the saying by Yeshua that we must be “born again,” he clarified that when he repeated it to Nicodemus by adding “of water and the spirit.” He wasn’t referring to reincarnation. He was referring to what he said as reported in Matthew: “Have a change of heart and mind, for the Kingdom of Heaven is here now.” And in Luke he clarified, “the Kingdom of God is within you.” The word he used for how a person would enter the Kingdom of Heaven was metanoia in the Greek. It means “Have a fundamental change of heart and mind or spiritual conversion.” It was mistranslated as “repent” in the familiar passage, “Repent (metanoia), for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (here right now).”

So Yeshua wasn’t referring to being born again as in the mistaken notion of reincarnation as coming back to Earth. He was referring to what his listeners must do now to have love, peace, and joy in their lives in the present moment. They must be born of the spirit and baptized with water to show their change of heart and mind. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, he is reported to have said, “The Kingdom of God is spread out upon the face of the Earth, and men do not see it.” He was saying heaven is here now if we just realize it, accept it, and live life knowing it.

Yeshua’s focus was on this life rather than the afterlife.

Q &A

What are the cities of heaven like?

The cities are much like cities on Earth, but more glorious. They have an opalescent exterior. They are built as buildings are on Earth, but there is a strong component of the builders’ intentions that create the buildings. The halls are vast. There are no cars, buses, or other such mechanical devices in the cities. Instead, there are broad avenues people walk on. People do have cars, motorcycles, boats, and other mechanical devices, but they don’t burn fossil fuels. They are propelled by the intention of the driver.