What Are Ghosts? Are Ghosts Real?

Picture of a Ghost: A Mysterious Phenomenon - What Are Ghosts? Are They Real?

Unveiling the Truth: Are Ghosts Real? Exploring the Phenomenon

While the term “ghost” is typically used to refer to an unknown entity that has a frightening effect on people, it’s important to note that there are many unseen entities of various kinds. Some of these entities can be beneficial to the individuals who encounter them.

We interact with people on earth by seeing, hearing, and touching them. These experiences give us the feeling that the only individuals or entities in the world are those we can see, hear, and touch. However, we know that is not true. There are unseen entities that are also part of this world and exert their influence upon us from their unseen positions. They are all around us, all the time. Explanations of some of these entities follow.

Many Beneficial Entities Are Around Us to Help Us

As we go through our lives in Earth School, we are continually being given guidance and help from our Soul, guides, helpers, angels, loved ones in spirit, and entities that have an interest in our well-being and development. We rarely realize we’re being aided. We have inspirations or insights that suddenly come to us to solve problems or act. The guidance is sound, so we act upon it, not realizing its source. At times other people around us in Earth School are influenced in ways that help us. All Souls, guides, helpers, angels, and loved ones are working in concert to help us as we go through our years in Earth School.

“Ghosts” Can Be Just Memories on the Ether

Entities that we commonly refer to as “ghosts” also manifest in visual experiences. Those residing in the afterlife describe these apparitions as impressions on the memory of the “ether,” which is the spiritual atmosphere surrounding Earth. In cases of emotional or traumatic events, the ether may retain a memory of the incident. Sensitive individuals may later perceive these ethereal memories playing out as apparitions.

These memories do not involve any spirits and are completely harmless. They can only move in the same way that the person did when the memory was created. These memories cannot communicate, and they have no intention of causing any harm. That is why hauntings often involve spirits repeating actions without any interaction with the witnesses. In some rare instances, when the conditions between Earth’s atmosphere and the ether are ideal, these memories may play out like a movie. Multiple living people can witness them. An example of this is when people observe a battle scene being replayed by what they describe as “ghosts.” However, no living spirit is present when the memory is in the ether.

Some People Will Not Leave Earth and Become Earthbound

There are myriad unseen people living in the Earth School environment without bodies called “earthbounds.” They no longer have a body, but their spirit remains on earth. Being still attuned to earth, they can walk, sit, ride, attend gatherings such as church services, and otherwise participate in activities unseen by people still living on earth. If they advanced to the next level, they would leave the earth realm and participate in that level’s experiences and activities. Their advancement is an act of will, however.

People may be earthbound because of the trauma of a sudden death, because of superstitions and religion teachings about the afterlife, because of a desire to vicariously enjoy earth’s pleasures, or because of intense negative emotions such as resentment, anger, guilt, remorse, or jealousy. These sentiments keep the person fixated. They live in the earth environment in a dimension where they have no experience of time. As a result, the earthbound may be so totally immersed in the illusion, unable to see alternatives, that the person may stay in that state for centuries. Counselors and others continually work to try to get through to them, but since the earthbounds are still in the earth realm, they do not see or hear the counselors, just as people in Earth School do not see or hear guides or loved ones.

Sometimes people living in Earth School called “rescuers” are able to help the earthbounds realize what has happened to them to open their perception to the counselors and loved ones who have been trying to reach them.

Earthbounds leave the Earth School environment when they realize they are no longer in bodies or when they come to appreciate the benefits of going to the next stage of their eternal lives and giving up on the reasons they tarried on earth. The transitioning out of the Earth School environment into the environment of the life after this life is termed the “second death.” It would be better to call it the “second transition.” There is no “death” involved.

The transition from one attunement to another is entirely in the Mind and seamless. Earthbounds have free will and may decide to stay in the Earth School environment as long as they want to stay. As a result, some earthbounds remain in that condition for hundreds or thousands of years.

Earthbounds May Have Unfinished Business Holding Them Back

Some earthbounds stay in the Earth School environment because they have unfinished business. They could want to stay near a loved one who is ill or grieving. Children lament that they cannot go on because their parents are grieving so much.

Earthbounds May Fear What Comes Next If They Leave Earth

Some earthbounds accept the mythology of the church, so they are afraid if they leave the earth realm they may go to purgatory or hell. Neither exists.

Others who were materialists in their earth life are certain there is no life after the bodies dies, so they’re afraid if they do something that shakes the balance of the position they are in, they will fall into the abyss of nothingness.

Earthbounds Can Be Very Frustrated at Not Being Noticed

As the earthbounds travel on earth, they can become very frustrated at not being seen or heard. They may try to move objects or make noise to get people’s attention. They are not malicious, however. They are just annoyed that they are close to people and the people take no notice of them.

Poltergeists can be earthbound people who are not able or willing to change their mental condition to allow themselves to leave Earth School. They are almost always simply trying to attract attention and are frustrated that no one can see them or respond to their communication. As a result, they may bang on things, move things about if they can, and otherwise disrupt Earth School.

During a Leslie Flint session, a woman named Dorcas described how she took pleasure in scaring people. She admitted to playing pranks and engaging in mischievous behavior, including opening and shutting doors, throwing coal, breaking mirrors, and frightening people. She confessed that she used to find great amusement and enjoyment in these activities.[iii]

You can hear Dorcas explaining what she did in more detail at www.earthschoolanswers.com/dorcas/.

Some Earthbound People Stay on Earth to Participate in Religious or Other Such Activities

Other earthbound people remain in the Earth School environment to continue practicing the rituals they practiced while in bodies, such as religious practices. They may practice old religious rituals, holding on to the religious dogma. They cling to the old beliefs in fear that to doubt would be sacrilege. They go into church and mingle unseen with other people, hear the same old teachings, perform the familiar rituals, and continue in the old mental attitude until some realization guides them into the knowledge that they can move on. They do not progress and obtain knowledge and advancements until they break away from the old beliefs and creeds.

Earthbounds May Stay on Earth to Influence People

There are some spirits who refuse to leave the earthly realm due to their strong attachment to materialistic experiences. These spirits may influence weaker or more vulnerable individuals to carry out acts that they can derive vicarious pleasure from. For instance, those who enjoyed drinking alcohol and spending time in bars may linger around those establishments and hover over the patrons, enjoying the pleasures vicariously. They take pleasure in witnessing the downfall of the people they have attached themselves to. On the streets, there are numerous spirits who find joy in destroying souls and dragging them down to their own miserable level.

Angry, hostile, and violent people staying in the Earth School environment will actively influence people in Earth School who are angry, hostile, and violent. They enjoy the vicarious experiences that result. They cannot control them or make them do anything against their will, but when a person is in a weakened condition, such as being drunk, they are more easily influenced by these earthbound people.

These earthbounds who have not progressed can have such an influence over someone mentally or physically weak that it seems the person is possessed, but people can only be influenced, not possessed.

People who are earthbound often are unable to make connections other than to the people still living on earth. As a result, they may “attach” themselves to someone.

Earthbound Influences Often Cause What Is Mistakenly Called Mental Illness

Some in the next realms of life have also said clearly that these earthbound spirits are the cause of many cases diagnosed as paranoia, depression, psychosis, manic depression, phobiascriminal behavior, and addiction. The earthbounds cannot “possess” a person, but people who are sensitive to the other realms of life and easily influenced can become the focus of earthbound spirits who wish to use them to have vicarious experiences. The voices people hear, the cravings, and the impulses to do things are the result of these influences.

Twentieth-century Swedish-American psychiatrist and psychical researcher Dr. Carl A. Wickland, a member of the Chicago Medical Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science and a director of the National Psychological Institute of Los Angeles, explained that “Spirit obsession is a fact—a perversion of a natural law—and is amply demonstrable. . . . to be an ignorant or mischievous spirit, whose identity may frequently be verified.”

Today there are psychiatrists who specialize in treating people negatively influenced by entities. Among the most prominent are psychotherapist Dr. Edith Fiore, author of The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession, and psychotherapist Dr. William Baldwin, author of several books, including Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual.

Children May Be Influenced by Earthbounds

Many young children have mediumistic abilities because their Minds are in the state that is associated with meditation and creativity in adults, called the alpha or theta states. As cell biologist Bruce Lipton explains, in the first seven years of a child’s life, the child’s Mind is in a receptive, learning state. This state registers in the body experience as alpha or theta brainwaves. In this state, children are open and naively receptive. They are being programmed to live successfully on earth. Poltergeists are often associated with children and adolescents because this openness is the same as medium ability. The entities can draw from this energy to act in the physical realm.

When children use a device like a Ouija board, they may receive communication from earthbound spirits who intentionally deceive them. In such cases, the lower-level spirits may offer misleading and disruptive messages. It’s important to note, however, that a lower-level spirit cannot possess someone under any circumstances.

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