Afterlife Communication: Connect with Loved Ones

Bridge Gap: Talk to Loved Ones in Afterlife

It is possible to communicate with loved ones who have passed on and are now living in the afterlife. It is similar to communicating with someone who has moved to a different country – they are still present and eager to connect with you. They want to continue their relationship with you and are attempting to communicate with you, but you must be open to receiving their messages. Often, they are disappointed that their efforts are not being understood. The following video explains how you can establish a connection, and a transcript is provided for your reference.

How You Can Have Afterlife Communication with Loved Ones in the Afterlife

You can communicate with your loved ones in the afterlife. It’s just as though they’ve moved to a different country. They’re still available and are anxious to connect with you. They want to continue an ongoing relationship with you. You just have to be able to receive the afterlife communication they’re trying to get to you. And we know they’re trying! One of their great disappointments we hear again and again from them is that they try to communicate but the person on this side of life just doesn’t get the messages.

We know that some methods of afterlife communication are up to 98 percent successful. That shows all of us can communicate. We just have to find the method that works for us.

Here are ten ways you can communicate with your loved one living in the afterlife. 

Method 1: Find a Qualified Medium

Here are some online sources of lists of qualified mediums. You can read details about these lists and link to them at
  • Bob Olson’s website
  • Forever Family’s website
  • Mark Ireland’s website
  • The American Federation of Psychics and Mediums’ website
  • The Windbridge research website
  • Voices Across the Veil mediums website

Method 2. Have a Voices Across the Veil Medium Reading

A wonderful program called Voices Across the Veil will allow you to have a medium reading with much less cost than a private medium reading, and you can do it from your home. In the Voices Across the Veil program, you will participate through online video using Zoom with a very small group of six to ten people and a highly qualified medium. Each participant receives a reading. The program is very successful. Most of those who attend have uplifting medium readings. You can learn more about Voices Across the Veil at

Method 3. Learn to Have Afterlife Communication Yourself

Having afterlife communication is a skill anyone can learn. Seek Reality Online has a training program you can use to learn how to connect. It teaches you how to enter the state of mind in which an afterlife connection will occur. With practice, you can have your own communication with your loved one on your own wherever you are. You don’t need a medium. The program is 86 percent successful for people who finish the training. You can go to the training online at Seek Reality members receive coaching in how to connect from Craig.

Method 4. Learn to Use Automatic Writing for Afterlife Communication

In automatic writing, you learn how to allow the messages from your loved one to come up from your subconscious by writing them as quickly as thoughts come into your mind. Afterlife communication is very fast. The person in the life after this life conveys messages through telepathy. In telepathy, you receive the message instantly, without words. As a result, the dialogue goes forward rapidly. Automatic writing is a way to capture the messages. To use automatic writing, sit with 10 or 12 sheets of paper on a hard surface and a pencil or pen. Relax with your eyes closed. When you are thoroughly relaxed, invite a loved one to communicate with you. Then write a question. Don’t look at your writing. Scribble it. Don’t worry about whether you can read it. After you’ve scribbled your question or as you are scribbling it, you will get the answer in an instant. Scribble the answer as quickly as you can. Don’t look at it or worry about the penmanship of the writing. Just keep writing what you say and what the response is. After a while, you’ll find you can just scribble constantly without trying to write words. You’ll be getting the messages from your loved one fluently. For a more detailed explanation of how to use automatic writing, link to

Method 5. Have a Grief Counselor Guide You into an Afterlife Connection

Grief counselors are using three methods of helping people connect with loved ones that are proven and very successful. For two you must be in the office with the grief therapist. The third can be done online over Zoom.

The First Method Grief Counselors Use Is Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy

Rochelle Wright, a retired licensed grief counselor from Washington state, created a groundbreaking grief therapy called Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy. This therapy has been proven to help 98% of clients reduce their grief in a single session by facilitating afterlife connections between the client and their deceased loved ones while in the counselor’s office. Rochelle has trained over 100 grief counselors to use this therapy, and it has had a profound impact on their clients. In fact, it has been successful with 98% of the clients who have experienced it, and their grief scores have reduced from high scores of 10 or more to 0-3 on a 10-point scale measuring the disturbance of thoughts about their loved ones, after just one session. The communications are extensive dialogues that can last for hours. provides a list of qualified grief therapists who are trained to use this therapy. The website also offers training for psychotherapists who wish to learn this technique.

The Second Method Grief Counselors Use is Induced After-Death Communication.

Dr. Allan Botkin, a grief therapist at the North Chicago Veterans Administration Facility, developed Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) using the psychotherapy method called Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This therapy is commonly used for PTSD and trauma patients and has been shown to help individuals have afterlife communications with their loved ones. In a study, 76 percent of clients reported some form of communication or presence from their loved one. The clients are put into a relaxed state and close their eyes, while the afterlife communication happens. The grief counselor does not interfere with the process and only learns about it after the clients open their eyes and describe what happened.

Dr. Botkin has trained hundreds of psychotherapists to administer IADC therapy, and thousands of people have now had induced after-death communications. Most patients report having a genuine connection with their deceased loved ones and view life after death differently, even those who previously identified as atheists. provides more information about IADC and a list of qualified grief counselors.

The Third Method Grief Counselors Use Is Loving Hearts Connections.

Loving Hearts Connections provides a channel through which you can have a connection yourself at your home with a loved one who has transitioned into the afterlife. It uses the Loving Heart Connection technique developed by Jane Bissler, PhD, LPCC-S, FT. The sessions are private and last for approximately 90 minutes. The grief counselor uses the online Zoom conferencing service that is free for you to use. The counselor then helps you learn the method so you can perform it for yourself when you want to. You can learn about the method at

6. Meditation for afterlife communication

You can have afterlife communication during meditation. When you meditate, you relax your conscious mind. When you are relaxed, afterlife communications can emerge from your subconscious into your conscious mind. You can learn to allow the messages to come to you by opening your mind, accepting the messages that come without trying to shape them into something, and without judging whether you feel they are from your loved one. You just relax, ask your loved one to come to you, speak or ask questions, and the first notion or message that comes to you is the response. 

Maria Pe, County of San Diego Chief Deputy Tax Collector, lost her two sons when their father murdered them. She learned how to connect with them during meditation and wrote a book, Journey to the Upper Realm, describing her meditation journeys to be with her boys.

You can read about the use of meditation for afterlife communications at

7. Monroe Institute’s Lifeline Afterlife Communication Procedure

The Monroe Institute has created a distinctive program that employs its Hemi-Sync technology. Robert Monroe discovered that some sound patterns gently guide the mind into states from deep relaxation or sleep to expansive mindfulness or other extraordinary states.

The Hemi-Sync audio guidance sends distinct sounds to each ear through stereo headphones, causing the two hemispheres of the brain to act in unison and hear a third signal – the difference between the two tones. Hemi-Sync creates a mental state that improves access to the subtle messages coming from people in the life after this life.

Anyone can participate in the Lifeline Procedure. After learning to enter various states of consciousness, individuals can comfortably make contact with people who require assistance and gently guide them towards “The Light.” The training teaches participants how to visit “The Park,” an afterlife experience reception center designed for those who have had a real-life death experience or near-death experience. There, individuals can connect with new guides or systems of guides, and communicate with friends and relatives who have made their transition.

For more information, visit

8. Use a Pendulum for Afterlife Communication

Many people have found they can use a pendulum for afterlife communication. You will hold the pendulum over a circle chart with letters on the outer edges. The person in spirit will influence you so the pendulum points to letters to spell out messages.

One of the Seek Reality workers is Carol Morgan. Carol learned how to communicate with her son Mikey using a pendulum. Based on her communications with him, she and Roberta Grimes wrote a book on his teachings titled Flying High in Spirit. Mikey was a snowboarder. For a demonstration and Carol’s explanation of how you can use the pendulum for afterlife communication, go to

9. Using Mirror Gazing for Afterlife Communication

Black mirrors are one of the most powerful and ancient tools for opening the door to afterlife communication. A black mirror has black paint on the underside of the mirror instead of the standard silver. You can make your own black mirror by spray painting black on the glass of an 8” x 10” or 11” x14” picture frame. Put the black side down in the frame. You can see your reflection, but not as you would with a silvered mirror. You will relax and have in mind someone you want to communicate with. You will then stare into the mirror, keeping a constant gaze, with the person in mind. After a period of time, you may have an afterlife connection.

You can read about mirror gazing at

10. Other Methods

Communication with loved ones living in the life after this life also occurs through materialization mediumship and instrumental transcommunication (ITC). If you are interested in learning about either of those methods, go or respectively. Anyone can have real, uplifting communication with loved ones living in the life after this life. You just have to learn one of the methods that will work for you.
Bridge Gap: Talk to Loved Ones in Afterlife

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