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Explore Your Past Lives in a Past-Life Regression with Dr. Hogan

Past lives involve much more than simply living another life. You are connected with many other lives in your higher self. When your life was planned, your Soul, guides, and others chose fragments from lives already lived to be part of your life.

For example, someone may have been a musician who didn’t learn how to stand up for herself, so your higher self wants your life to include lessons in how to stand up for yourself to advance your higher self’s understanding. When you get that fragment of her life to learn how to stand up for yourself, you might get that other person’s love of music and even a talent for playing an instrument. All of that will come out in a past-life regression.

Or someone may have drowned and in their life didn’t learn how to be open to love from others. Your higher self wants that lesson to be learned, so you get the fragment of that person’s to go through lessons to learn to love in your lifetime. At the same time, you get a fear of water from that life. The past life regression would help you understand why you have a fear of water.

This training is in an hour to an hour-and-a-half session. Dr. Hogan will lead you into a past life regression. In a regression of this kind, there may be several fragments from other lives that are intertwined wit your life. They may all come out. You may then realize why you have desires, fears, senses of deja vu, and other characteristics that came from one or more of those other lives intertwined with yours.

Cost of this one hour to an hour-and-a-half session is $300.

If your past-life regression does not connect with at least one life, your fee will be refunded.