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How to have afterlife communication

Dr. Hogan Leads You into an Afterlife Communication Experience

Our loved ones living in the life after this life are anxious to communicate with us. They try repeatedly, especially in the months after their transition. You can receive the messages they’re sending to you.

Dr. Hogan will put  you into a state of mind in which you will open yourself to the communications.  You will have on a set of headphones so you can listen to music that changes between your ears in a procedure called bilateral stimulation. As you listen, Dr. Hogan will lead you into sets of relaxation episodes. You will close your eyes and allow the connections to occur. You will then open them to explain to Dr. Hogan what has happened. Dr. Hogan will then coach you to help you improve your connections.

Cost of this one hour to an hour-and-a-half session is $300.

If your afterlife communication session does not connect you with someone in the afterlife, your fee will be refunded.