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You will graduate from this life to your afterlife,
but you will never die.

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Dr. R. Craig Hogan is an acknowledged expert on the afterlife and afterlife communication, president of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, co-founder of Seek Reality Online, and author of eight books about the afterlife and afterlife communication. He has spoken at numerous conferences and on podcasts. (See below)

Craig is co-founder of Seek Reality Online (SRO) at SRO’s mission is to teach people, especially Baby Boomers and the older Silent Generation, that we do not die, the transition to the next life is easy and painless, and when we awaken in the life after this life, it is much the same as the earth plane. We have solid bodies that are as we would have been in our prime on earth, our 20s or 30s, so we can enjoy the rich life in the afterlife. Craig has a free online training program that teaches people how to have afterlife communication with loved ones.

Craig speaks about how people can lose their fear of the natural transition at the end of this life to the next life. He describes events leading up to the transition from this life, what happens during the transition, where people find themselves immediately after the transition, what life is like in the life after this life, and how people can communicate with loved ones living there.

R. Craig Hogan expert on afterlife communication


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R. Craig Hogan books about the afterlife and afterlife communication


R. Craig Hogan speaking about the afterlife

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Story Ideas

Ideas category: Psychotherapists guide clients into afterlife communication

  • The best way to treat grief is to talk to your deceased loved one—and get answers
  • Psychotherapists can now connect you to your deceased loved one
  • You have a 98% chance of talking with dead loved ones.
  • A psychological method endorsed by the American Psychological Association will connect you with your deceased loved one.
  • In grief because of what you did or didn’t say to your deceased loved one? Don’t feel guilt or remorse. They hear every word you were speaking now.

Ideas category: You will never die

  • You will never die. I have 5 proofs.
  • Entering your next life is as easy as falling asleep.
  • Even scientists are saying there is life after death.
  • Your body has to die for two reasons.

Ideas category: You can communicate with deceased loved ones

  • Your deceased loved one is calling. You can learn how to answer.
  • You are a medium— for your own loved ones.
  • I can tell you how you can know you’ve had a connection with your loved one.
  • One procedure has a 98% chance you will talk with deceased loved ones.
  • I have 3 ways you can talk to your deceased loved one.
  • Church bodies endorse afterlife communication.
  • We have thousands of recordings of people in the afterlife speaking.
  • Your loved one in the afterlife will come to you when you ask.
  • I have 3 reasons will not hold your loved one back by communicating.

Ideas category: We don't need a body or brain to live

  • Your mind is not in your brain.
  • When your body and brain die, you just grow new ones.
  •  You are creating your world.
  • Darwin was wrong that we evolved from apes?

Ideas category: Your deceased loved ones are with you

  • That feeling you have that your departed loved one is with you is real.
  • Your loved ones in the afterlife are only a thought away.
  • Ghosts come in Heinz 57 varieties.
  • Do dead people watch us shower?

Ideas category: What is life like in the afterlife?

  • There is no judgment in the afterlife.
  • You can have sex in the afterlife.
  • Car enthusiasts get together for rallies in the afterlife.
  • I can prove your deceased loved ones are alive.
  • I can prove to you there is no hell.
  • Everyone goes to heaven.
  • Your deceased pets are patiently waiting for you.
  • Babies not born for whatever reason are waiting for you in the afterlife.
  • Children grow up in the afterlife healthy and happy, waiting for you.
  • We have discovered where Heaven is.
  • Suicides are met with great love and empathy in the afterlife.
  • You’re going to love the body you have in the afterlife.
  • You can eat, drink, and smoke as much as you want in the afterlife.
  • You’ll live with anyone you want to in the afterlife and with no one you don’t want to.
  • There’s no need for doors, air conditioning, or umbrellas in the afterlife.

Ideas category: What happens at the transition

  • You won’t even notice you’ve gone from this life to the next.
  • You will feel no pain or discomfort during the transition from this life.

Ideas category: Live life in love, peace, and joy

  • You might be living someone else’s life.
  • Unhappiness is not in your soul’s plan for you.
  • We know why there is evil in the world
  • Your soul planned your life: good, bad, or ugly.
  • Humankind could live in peace if everyone accepted one important truth.
  • Murder and suicide are not in a soul’s plan.
  • Don’t feel guilty over a death. We all have an exit point we can do nothing about.
  • I know which religion is the right one.