What Is It Like to Communicate with Someone Living in the Life after This Life?

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You must learn a new way of communicating. Mind-to-Mind communication comes in whole messages, very quickly. You rarely will hear words in your Mind, although you may translate what you’re getting into words naturally. Don’t expect to hear a voice in the room.

You must learn a new way of communicating when you communicate Mind to Mind with someone living in the next life. We’re not accustomed to having someone communicate within our Minds. We’ve been thinking, remembering, daydreaming, and talking to ourselves in the privacy of our Minds since we were children. Now, having someone else come in and start thinking and talking in that space in our Minds is a very different experience. To be able to connect and communicate, you must learn new ways of speaking and listening. That takes time and patience.

It’s like learning a new language. You can’t learn a new language by flying into a country, stepping off a plane, and spending a half hour with native speakers. You’ll just be bewildered by what you hear. In the same way, you mustn’t expect that you’ll learn this new language of Mind-to-Mind communication in one session. You must give it time. You’re about to step off the plane into a new realm, and there you’ll receive thinking, images, sentiments, memories, and messages that are coming from deep inside you where you are one with the person with whom you’re communicating. You will be thinking, reminiscing, and viewing together. That’s going to feel like your accustomed thinking, remembering, and talking to yourself, but it’s not coming from you.

When you get the communications from your loved ones, guides, Higher Selves, and Souls, they come Mind to Mind, so there are no sounds and there are usually no words (although sometimes words come to mind). You just receive the messages. These messages have the qualities of memories or daydreaming. The thoughts from them will come to you as your thoughts do. You may then create words from the messages using your inner voice. That makes it difficult at first to realize the difference between your thinking or imagination and their messages—it’s the same inner voice you’ve thought with since you were a child. You must get past feeling like their messages should come in the voices they used in the earth realm. They usually don’t. They usually come without words at all. They come in fully formed messages in the Mind.

You should actively and often speak to them. Don’t stop communicating because you don’t feel you’re getting a response. The response is there. You just have to learn how to allow it to come up from your subconscious. Their response to your thought or voiced comment or question will come immediately after you speak, while you are speaking, or before you speak. It comes in an instant because you are communicating telepathically without words. The whole message comes at once. If you have to stop to think, you’ve missed it. You must keep up the dialogue.

It’s a very normal part of learning how to communicate to go through having to get over the mistaken notion that what’s coming into your Mind is “just my imagination.” That will happen when you experience having images, thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and messages come to you that you just couldn’t originate. The more you experience that, the more confident you will become that the messages are coming from them, and the messages will flow more smoothly. You must be patient. Learning Mind-to-Mind communication is like learning to speak a new language. But you will learn it if you just trust and allow the unfoldment to teach you.

Having said that, experiencers occasionally report that they hear clear words spoken in their Minds, with the sound of the voice the person in the life after this life used in the earth realm. Be open to anything.

What Is the Procedure I Should Follow to Have an Afterlife Communication?

Anyone can have an afterlife communication with a loved one in spirit. Most of us can’t become mediums, but we can be our own medium with the people we love. The love bond makes that possible. There are procedures you can follow to connect with your loved ones.

There are things you can do to make conditions better for an afterlife communication. In none of these are you making things happen. The person in spirit is entirely in charge. Your job is to set the conditions in your life so the communication is more likely to occur. The procedure I have developed for AREI is available free online. You can learn more at www.afterlifeinstitute.org/self-guided-afterlife-connections/. A summary of the procedure follows.

You Must Learn to Acknowledge and Process the Natural Unfoldment

Some of what comes into the Mind comes without our intention. Unintended images, thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and messages come in deep-sleep dreams, hypnogogic dreaming when half awake, inspirations or flashes of insight, notions, and inspirations. They unfold without our intention to have them come. This entry into our Minds is called “free unfoldment.” We don’t control free unfoldment. Our language has a number of words or phrases to describe free unfoldments coming to us because they’re so common. We might describe them by saying “It just came to me,” “I suddenly realized,” “I had a flash of inspiration,” or “a light bulb went on.”

The sources of these unusual images, thoughts, or messages are our loved ones, guides, Souls, Higher Selves, Soul, and people interested in helping us. They all communicate with us regularly, throughout the day.

We are taught by our society not to regard the messages as real or valid, so we don’t listen to them. We thus miss many messages from our loved ones, guides, Souls, and Higher Selves.

You Must Be Open and Positive

Open yourself to whatever comes. That will help you become more attuned to the natural unfoldment that comes from your guides, helpers, Soul, and loved ones in the life after this life. Something may come to you: a sense of presence, a feeling of warmth and love, a memory, or a song. Allow whatever comes to come. Don’t try to make something happen or change what comes to you. The experiences are like soap bubbles floating past you. If you reach out to draw one closer, as soon as you touch it, the bubble will pop. That is what will happen to your naturally unfolding experiences if you try to make them become something you want or expect.

Our loved ones, guides, helpers, and Souls are in charge of the experiences. Don’t reject anything that comes. If you’re communicating and suddenly think of the seashore, don’t reject that because you saw a picture of a seashore just before trying to make the connection. Stay with whatever comes. If you have the image of Mom or message from Mom and you really wanted to connect with Dad, don’t stop the connection. Allow it to unfold. Often the person we want to communicate with intentionally steps aside to allow someone else to come through. The person you want may be next.

Let the Doubt Flow Past

It’s natural and normal to have occasional doubts about whether the unfoldment is from your loved one. Our culture is so spiritually backward that we were reared to doubt the reality of our eternal lives, even though the religions teach about eternal life. We all continue to second guess what we’re getting from someone living in the life after this life. Just remember that unfoldment isn’t coming from you. The unfoldments flow just like a conversation because they are a real conversation. You’ll learn that the messages couldn’t be coming from you. That will become more obvious to you over time. But don’t feel you’re not doing well because of the doubts. They’re natural and normal.

Follow This Procedure to Have an Afterlife Communication

Anyone can experience afterlife communication with a loved one. It takes relaxing into the state of mind to allow the connection to happen and being hyper attentive to what comes, accepting everything without judgment. Follow this procedure.

Set aside 15 to 30 minutes of time when you are in a quiet area without interruptions. Bring no cellphones to the area. Tell your family or others living with you that you are not to be disturbed. Wear comfortable clothing, preferably without belts or other restrictions. A jogging suit is ideal. Sit in a comfortable chair or recliner. Lying down is not good for most people because there’s a good chance you will fall asleep.

Have in mind the person or pet who lives in the life after this life. The person or pet must be significant for you. It shouldn’t be someone you know of but don’t have a relationship with, such as an actor or historical figure. You may be grieving for this person or pet, or you may have someone in mind you aren’t grieving for but had a close relationship with.

If you never see images in your mind, you may have aphantasia. If so, instead of the sight of your loved one, you will have the sense they are present. If you don’t think words to yourself, you may have no inner monologue.  If so, follow this procedure with your eyes open and speak words rather than try to think them in your Mind. You might sit at a table with an empty chair and have a dialogue with your loved one sitting in the chair.

Follow this procedure.

  1. Close your eyes and relax. Be aware of your breathing for a few minutes.
  2. After you feel you are totally relaxed, invite your loved one to come to communicate with you. Be hyper-aware of everything that happens. Assume your loved one is there. Don’t create your own picture of your loved one. You must be patient and allow whatever unfolds to happen by itself.
  3. When you have a sense of presence, speak in your Mind or audibly about your love for that person.
  4. Carry on the communication as long as you want. We normally suggest you allow the person in spirit to decide when to stop. As you stay in the communication, you’ll find it becoming more natural and you’ll lose track of where you are.

Try Using Automatic or Inspired Writing

One very good way of learning to keep the flow of the dialogue going is through automatic writing, also called inspired writing. Have a sheaf of a dozen blank pieces of paper on a table or clipboard and a pen that writes easily. Relax your Mind to shut out the physical world following the procedure explained in “How to Have Afterlife Connections” above. Then invite your loved one to communicate with you. Ask a question. As you ask the question, scribble it on the top sheet of paper.

Don’t worry about legibility. Don’t look at the writing. You might do this with your eyes closed. After you’ve scribbled the statement or question, keep scribbling the first words that come to mind immediately, without a break. You may receive a thought instead of words. Scribble the thought in words. Then scribble your response. Don’t worry about penmanship. And don’t stop scribbling. If you stop to wait for a response, you’ve already missed it. The response came either immediately after you scribbled your question or statement, while you were scribbling it, or even before you scribbled it. Your loved one is responding to the question in your Mind, not what you scribble, so they know and respond to the question before you write it.

Do this regularly and you will find you have less and less need to write all the words coming to you. You’ll get the words in whole blocks of thought so quickly you can’t write down words. Be patient and allow the weeks and months it may take for this fluency to happen.