We Create a World of Love, Joy, and Peace or Misery

We Are Creating Our Worlds

What children are being taught in Earth School is failing humankind. We must realize that we are creating the world that is bringing us hopelessness and misery. Society, our families of origin, and organizations such as schools and religions teach children to believe they are flotsam and jetsam, bobbing about in an unsympathetic sea that flings them onto the rocks of suffering and misery. They are taught to see themselves as victims in a cold, mindless world they cannot control or appeal to.

The primary change in perspective we must make as we cast off Earth School’s mistaken teachings is to realize we are creating our world. If we are miserable, it is because we are making ourselves miserable. Misery is not imposed on us. We can deny misery and make ourselves happy. Happiness is freely available when we realize we are not victims and can change our lives to be what we want our lives to be.

Two people have the experience of losing the use of their legs to a neurological disease. The experience is the same for both. One person curses god for inflicting this disease on them and feels their life is over. They spend their days being miserable, feeling cheated by fate, and anesthetizing themselves with alcohol and drugs. They feel this life is all they’re allotted in eternity, and now it’s wasted. They vigorously defend their right to be miserable.

The other person finds new interests they can pursue, learns to adjust to the new constraints, and is thankful for the abilities they have. They join a basketball team for people who have lost the use of their legs. They are upbeat and happy, realizing they will learn lessons from this experience and looking forward to the life after this life when they will understand why they have chosen disabilities for this life. There, they will have the use of all their limbs.

Each person has created a reality from the circumstances. One goes through life miserable and feeling victimized; the other goes through life happily, looking forward to newly found capabilities.

In childhood, people learn to feel they are victims with no ability to influence the content or quality of their lives. They are taught that we are allotted only this life, and if we are not healthy and capable, our lives are wasted.

For us to advance from the mythologies and untruths taught in childhood to become the mentally and spiritually mature person we set out to become in Earth School, we must abandon the notion that we are not in control of our lives. We must realize we are creating our lives, our happiness or misery, and the person we want to be through our free will, self-assurance, and industry.

Silver Birch, the collective of higher beings speaking through Maurice Barbanell, said, “As awareness increases, the individual realizes that they possesses infinite possibilities, that the road to perfection is an endless one.”[i] For us to become all we had set out to become in Earth School, we must realize that a universe of opportunities is open to us if we will be open and receptive, with the confidence and fortitude to overcome obstacles and accept them.

Timothy Gray, living in the life after this life, speaking through August Goforth, describes this realization.

I'm learning that Heaven is in the mind, and mind is the true reality, existing beneath the illusory environments of the self-damned mind. Perfection is not something to be attained; it is something to be realized, to awaken to. Oh, the incredible ecstasy of awakening to the realization that there is no end to awakening! There is no end to Heaven, continually unfolding and revealing itself as we awaken to ever increasing awareness of having our being in and as paradise.

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