where do we go when we die

We know the following truths about what happens when you die. The information comes from people living in the afterlife, not religions, gurus, or popular culture. These are the truths we know in detail with certainty from descriptions by people living in the afterlife. The information is taken from books by Seek Reality authors that have thousands of citations of people living in the afterlife testifying that there is life after death, what happens during the transition, and what life is like in the afterlife.


What happens after you die is just a change of focus

We know what happens when you die. You just have a change of focus. We were in our room or in bed or driving down a highway and suddenly we have a change of focus to being outside of our body looking down or we awaken in a room with our family or we awaken in a recovery area. Whatever happens, you were experiencing there and suddenly you’re experiencing here—it is just a change of focus you hardly notice.

It may seem that something has ceased to exist at the transition, but the person simply is changing attunement to another reality. It is much like our change of focus from computing our taxes to being interrupted by the phone ringing and talking with a close friend. When we’re doing our taxes, we don’t have our friend in mind at all. When we’re talking to our friend, we don’t have the taxes in mind at all. It’s as though we are in two different awarenesses. We have just changed focus. That’s what happens

Because we change focus, we no longer need the body we had when we were focusing on the earth realm. We have a new body that is attuned to our new reality.

We know what happens in the time leading up to when you die

You are cared for at every minute of your life, including just before and during your death. Your transition is a special event, so the care is much more obvious. If you are transitioning over time, such as from an illness, you will see loved ones in spirit coming for you and have other experiences showing you are being gently guided into the afterlife.

Every person has unique experiences in the transition from Earth School that suit the individual. However, there are general occurrences leading up to the transition and during the transition that are similar.

The “call” to loved ones

When death is expected, as at the end of protracted illness, there is a “call” to loved ones to come in the period leading up to the transition and at the time of the transition. Those in the afterlife answer the call and are with the person in the days before the transition and are there to help at the moment of transition.

In the case of a sudden death, there is no time for the call, so loved ones are not immediately with the person. Nonetheless, there are always “deliverers” who come to help the person make the adjustment.

Pre-death and deathbed visions are common

Everything we know about the life after death tells us that Our Universal Intelligence has set up life so the transition into the next plane of eternal life is as easy as possible; the universe is filled with love and compassion. Pre-death visions are an example of that preparation for a gentle transition.

Pre-death visions are visions of deceased loved ones that patients commonly have in the weeks before they transition. Deathbed visions are the visions dying patients have in the days or hours immediately preceding the transition. Both help the person prepare for the transition.

Transitioning people report seeing angels and other religious figures, but most report seeing familiar deceased people who often communicate that they have come to help take them away. The transitioning person’s mood and health often change when they have such a vision. During these visions, a once depressed or pain-riddled person is elated and relieved of pain.

Watch videos of hospice nurses describing incidents they witnessed with transitioning patients at www.earthschoolanswers.com/visions/.

View a video of Martha Atkins, death and dying educator and executive director at Contemplative Care for the Dying and founder of the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, speaking about deathbed and near-death visions at www.earthschoolanswers.com/atkins/.

View a video of Dr. Christopher Kerr, CEO of the Center for Hospice & Palliative Care, speaking about deathbed and near-death visions at www.earthschoolanswers.com/kerr/.

We know what happens when you die

When you die, you merely stop having experiences using the Earth School body. You do continue to have experiences—because your Mind never was in the body. The transition is quite smooth and painless, without trauma or fear. People who have made the transition to life after death describe suddenly feeling calm and comfortable, then being aware they are in a new condition. They don’t even notice the transition.

At the moment the earth body stops functioning, the person ceases to have body experiences. The person has not changed, but the person’s experiences are different. Those who have made the transition all remark how easy the transition is. For those who experience a catastrophic death, there may be a brief coma or period of unconsciousness during which the event occurs, or the person may suddenly be standing next to the lifeless body with no experience or recollection of the separation itself. There are accounts of people being taken away from an impending disaster and watching it happen from the safety of a lofty position. For those who have made the transition after a period of declining health, the individual is greeted by people in spirit as the transition occurs. All fear or anxiety dissolves and a profound peace comes over the person.

There are many accounts of floating out of the body in the moments after the body is abandoned. Some of the descriptions note a snapping of what seem to be strings attaching the person’s spirit to the body.

You will feel no pain when you die

All speakers from the afterlife say there is no pain during the transition, although the person may have been in pain from disease or trauma before the death. People who transition because of illness have no experience of the body’s pain at the end, even though the people gathered around the deathbed see struggles or signs of pain.

People who transition because of a horrendous accident are spared the pain of the trauma that results in their transition, although they may experience the fear and trauma leading up to the accident. But they describe being taken out just before the actual trauma.

We know what happens you enter life after death

All people who have made the transition have the same joyous reaction to finding that they continue to live after the body dies. People who have made the transition describe a feeling of being light and free. Any maladies they might have had in Earth School are gone. They experience no pain, even if their bodies were wracked with pain in the last moments of Earth School. They know then without doubt that there is life after death.

Entering a period of sleep when you die

Some enter a period of sleep without being conscious of what has happened. Sometimes that is a short coma. People may go through a longer period of sleep for two to four earth days that helps them make the transition into the next life. The length of time may depend on the person’s spiritual development that prepares them for the transition. Someone who understands the transition and anticipates it may experience a shorter sleep. They may awaken in a recovery area appearing much like a hospital to them, with attendants who greet them upon their awakening and help them adjust to their new condition.

Awakening in a hospital-like setting in the afterlife

When you awaken, you may be in a hospital-like setting called a “reception area” or “rest house,” where people help them make the adjustment to life after death. It is most often described as having many beds and no walls. You can listen to a man from the afterlife describing the reception area at www.earthschoolanswers.com/rupert/.

Awakening in a comfortable room, perhaps like a familiar room from childhood

Other people describe awakening in a comfortable room with beautiful furniture and light streaming through windows. Some describe awakening in familiar surroundings, such as in a room where they grew up. Their family now in the afterlife is there when they awaken.

You can hear Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Queen Consort of Edward VII of England, describe in a Leslie Flint session where she found herself upon awakening: www.earthschoolanswers.com/alexandra/.

Awakening in a pleasant natural setting in the afterlife

In other accounts given by people who have made the transition, the person awakens in a natural setting and is greeted by a loved one. In one example from Leslie Flint’s session recordings, a man named George Wilmot, who had been a “rag and bone” merchant in the earth realm, described waking after his transition in a field under a tree. He said he was greeted by his horse, Jenny, who had transitioned several years previously. You can listen to his account at www.earthschoolanswers.com/jenny/.

There are other conditions people find themselves in after they die. Each person is in a condition that suits their lives and needs. The transition to life after death is full of regard for the person. It is never a random event.

What happens when people suddenly taken from the body die?

People who transition suddenly and unexpectedly in the prime of life typically describe transitions that are markedly different from those who transition after a period of illness. They may continue with their activities in the moments after transitioning. They may watch events unfold around their lifeless bodies. Someone comes to help them understand that they have transitioned out of the body. It could be a loved one, an acquaintance whom they knew had passed, or a helper who has accepted the role of helping people who are confused when they cross into the next stage of life.

Listen to the recording of a man named Alf Pritchett describing his experience of suddenly being out of his body in World War I: www.earthschoolanswers.com/alf/.

We know what happens after you die

Your mind will not change after the transition. You will have the same feelings as before. If someone was angry and hostile in this life, the anger and hostility remain. If the person was humble and loving, the humility and loving nature are still there. All your skills, memories, attitudes, preferences, and desires remain the same. You will not become all-knowing. You will still be the same person, just in a different environment, the afterlife.

No one cares about what happens to the body

Those living in the afterlife testify that when the person no longer uses the body it can be buried, cremated, or left to the elements; the person has no need for it or interest in it. Never once in all that I have read from people who have lived through the transition did someone remain attached to their body in any way after the transition, although someone may attend their funeral unaffected by and uninterested in the body lying in the casket.

There are glorious, happy reunions in the life after death

There are always reunions with the people and pets the person loved while in Earth School, although the reunion may be delayed when the transition is sudden or when the person goes through a period of rest or sleep. Family, friends, and even acquaintances have a joyous coming-home experience with the new arrival. Most are joyful reunions with family members. However, Michael Newton writes about the description he received of a reunion organized by a soul group.

If we don’t want to see someone, that person will not ever come into our presence. As with all our activities forever in our lives, we choose the people we want to meet and those we want to live with. We don’t have to voice our reservations about seeing someone. Our Universal Intelligence knows who we don’t want to see.

You can visit loved ones still living on earth

The first thoughts of many who transition to the afterlife is of their loved ones still on earth. They wonder how they are or wish to see them and are either guided to them or immediately are in their presence in Earth School. However, most are very disappointed when their loved ones cannot see or her them. Their loved ones make no response to their presence.

We know we will have a life review in your life after death

Evidence from near-death experiences and mediums who have reported what people living in the afterlife have described to them agree that all people experience one or two life reviews after making the transition.

In the life review, an individual reviews all the significant actions and events during their life, feeling the sentiments from their point of view as well as from the points of view of others who are involved. No judgment or punishment results. People judge themselves. The purpose is to learn from the Earth School experience.

Is there a hell?

There is no hell. The concept of hell is a myth invented by the church in the second century CE. It is simply inconceivable that Our Universal Intelligence, embodying pure love, would torture people for a moment, let alone an eternity. No one who has communicated from the afterlife describes a hell. In fact, they are strong in stating no such place exists.

We know where we go after we die

All who transition to the next realm describe having a tangible body just as they had when in a physical body. They have no aches and pains, however, and they feel healthy and light. When they see themselves in a reflection, they look as they did in their twenties or thirties if they transitioned at an older age. If they transitioned as children, they grow up on the other side of life to have bodies that correspond to bodies in their twenties or thirties in Earth School. There are no diseases, deformities, or mental difficulties. People have bodies that are whole, healthy, vibrant, and young. There are no “old people” and no old-people ailments.

We know where people live in the afterlife

We will live in houses just as we do in Earth School, with yards, flowers, trees, streets, and towns. Houses are described as being elegant and clean. The houses have gardens around them, with natural soil just as on earth. People who enjoyed gardening on earth or wished they had been able to garden tend the gardens. Beautiful flowers grow continually and profusely. No one picks the flowers, however. They are left to grow naturally.

Each person lives in a home, possibly with loved ones, and otherwise with people who have been given the task to take care of the person. If one person has advanced to a higher level than a friend or relative, the two will see each other only occasionally, but they may meet when they choose to.

The homes are often duplicates of the homes the people loved in Earth School. Sometimes people who were wealthy in Earth School are in smaller houses to help them learn that wealth isn’t important. The construction can be changed at any time by an act of the will.

People wander in and out of people’s houses without being announced or invited. Everyone is welcomed and loved. There are no fences or hedges because boundaries are not needed.

The homes have no heating or air conditioning because the temperature is always pleasant. The air is comfortably warm, with gentle perfume-laden breezes.

The homes don’t need to be cleaned. Nothing becomes dirty; there is no dust or dirt.

We know what we will be doing in the afterlife

The activities in the afterlife are much the same as activities in Earth School. In our lives today we often gather to socialize. Gatherings of people in the afterlife are identical. We attend concerts, sitting in rows of seats with other music lovers listening to performances that excite us. The same scene with equally keen music lovers is played out regularly in the next realm. They also have family gatherings where they meet with great joy and affection. People gather in groups for pastimes such as sports or social activities.

People are industrious because being active, accomplishing goals, and serving others brings them bliss. Their work is recreation. People act out of love for one another, without expecting compensation for the work. They give of themselves in ways that make both them and the receiver joyful. Everyone works out of enjoyment and a desire to serve others. No one is compelled to perform any task. People are not required to be anything they don’t wish to be.

All occupations known to people on earth are represented in the afterlife, except police, prison guards, undertakers, and other such occupations that fit only the earth environment.

Conclusion about the life after death

We know with certainty what happens leading up to the death transition, during it, and after it. We know what our lives will be like in the afterlife. Today for the first time in human history, we know as much about our future in the next life as we know the history of life in this life.

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