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Michelle Szabo on how we can communicate with the afterlife

On Michelle Szabo’s and Dennis Gregga’s Afterlife Information Websites

Dennis Grega and Michelle Szabo have established and maintain the oldest and largest sources of afterlife information on the internet. And now Afterlifedata.com, founded in 2009, has been joined by Afterlifelibrary.com, founded in 2011, and Voicesacrosstheveil.com, founded in 2014. Today they talk with Roberta about the services they provide for people who are just learning about life after death, and about their hopes for a future in which everyone understands that no one ever dies.
January 9, 2023

Joy Stewart on how to have a happy life


Joyce Stewart is a learned psychotherapist and energy healer with a broad range of interests. In this, her eighth Seek Reality interview, she talks about endorphins, which are the pleasure chemicals that are crucial to our personal sense of happiness and well-being, and also how we can encourage and foster them. Joyce’s website is livingfreenow.net.

Tricia Robertson on proof of life after death

Highlights Of Her Afterlife Investigative Work (Uk)

British researcher and afterlife scholar Tricia Robertson has spent more than thirty years in this broad and complex field. In her fourth Seek Reality interview she reminisces with Roberta about some of the difficulties and surprises of their many discoveries, and the satisfaction of having arrived at a place where so much is now commonly known about what happens at and after death that they are happily completing one another’s sentences. Tricia’s books are Things You Can Do When You’re Dead, More Things You Can do When You’re Dead, What Can You Truly Believe? and It’s Life and Death, but Not as You Know It, From the Unbelievable to the Bizarre. Tricia’s website is triciarobertson.weebly.com.

R. Craig Hogan, PhD | How We Can Extinguish the Fear of Death | Seek Reality

On Extinguishing The Fear Of Death

In this, his 38th Seek Reality appearance, Craig Hogan shares with us the excitement of the newly expanded seekreality.com website that he and Roberta are sharing with the world to help as many people as possible to at last get past the fear of death. They talk about how the world will be improved when as many people as possible know at last that there really is no death. seekreality.com.

Peter Wright on past-life regressions

What We Know about Past-Life Regression ~ Peter Wright

Peter Wright is one of the most beloved of all Seek Reality guests over its whole ten-year history. In this, his 13th Seek Reality appearance, he discusses past-life regression therapy and some of the amazing results that he has achieved with it during just one two-hour session. In many ways it can be vastly better and more powerful than many years of talk-therapy. Peter can be reached at www.insightsfromwithin.com.

Dr. Kalem-Kengga on racial equality

Dr. Kalem Kengga Talks about Racial Healing

Dr. Kalem Kengga was a Bishop in California for 32 years prior to moving to Texas a few years ago. He wanted to be a prison chaplain, but that turned out to be a trickier process in Texas, so now he is a Board Certified hospice Chaplain, and he works at Midlothian Methodist Medical Center and is also a Hospice Chaplain in the Dallas Texas area. Dr. Kengga has written nine books, and he holds several degrees in Theology, with a PhD in Religious Studies. His most recent book, Remember Who You Are and Evolve!, is written especially for the young black men who have been so disadvantaged in American society.

Sandra Champlain shares proof of the afterlife

Sandra Champlain Talks About Receiving Signs From Her Dear Transitioned Friend

During this, her fourteenth Seek Reality appearance, our dear friend Sandra Champlain shares with us some wonderful afterlife signs that she received after the recent unexpected transition of her close friend, including amazing pictures that Sonia Rinaldi received of him through the Brazilian station. Even though we know that all our lives are eternal, these signs that our loved ones have arrived safely in the afterlife and that the love bonds remain truly do lift our hearts!

Sue Brayne on proof of life after death

Sue Brayne Talks about Living and Dying Optimally

Sue Brayne is a British expert on the rituals of death and dying. She has an MA in the Rhetoric and Rituals of Death, and a second MA in Creative Writing. For many years she worked as a therapist, specializing in trauma, end of life issues, bereavement, and grief. Currently she hosts several Death Cafes a year, and she focuses on her work as a writer, speaker, and facilitator. Over the past few years Sue has become increasingly aware of the shifts and changes that are happening to our planet. This prompted her to write her latest book which is, Living Fully, Dying Consciously – The Path to Spiritual Wellbeing. She also hosts an “in conversation with Sue” blog which focuses on how to live consciously for a better world, and she has set up the Facebook community page Living Consciously for a Better World.

Carol Morgon on how to communicate with the dead

Carol Morgan and Mikey Answer Listeners’ Questions

Mikey Morgan is a sixth-level being who had last lived on earth in the 1600s, and who was concerned about the way that things are going on earth, so he took a brief additional earth-lifetime that ended in 2007 at the age of 20 so he could answer our questions through his mother, Carol, in the voice and idioms of a modern American. This is his 18th Seek Reality appearance. Roberta has tested Mikey exhaustively and he is certainly genuine, so he is a regular guest; therefore if you have an afterlife question for Mikey, simply email it to Roberta through the Contact block on robertagrimes.com.