Sue Brayne on proof of life after death

Sue Brayne Talks about Living and Dying Optimally

Sue Brayne is a British expert on the rituals of death and dying. She has an MA in the Rhetoric and Rituals of Death, and a second MA in Creative Writing. For many years she worked as a therapist, specializing in trauma, end of life issues, bereavement, and grief. Currently she hosts several Death Cafes a year, and she focuses on her work as a writer, speaker, and facilitator. Over the past few years Sue has become increasingly aware of the shifts and changes that are happening to our planet. This prompted her to write her latest book which is, Living Fully, Dying Consciously – The Path to Spiritual Wellbeing. She also hosts an “in conversation with Sue” blog which focuses on how to live consciously for a better world, and she has set up the Facebook community page Living Consciously for a Better World.