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Proof there is life after death

What Are Earthbound Spirits?

Many people who leave their bodies do not want to go on to the next life. They may want to stay on…

Evidence of the afterlife

“How Marvelous It Is to Be Dead,” a Dead Man Says

This video contains a recording of a man named George Olsen, living in the afterlife, speaking through the mediumship of Leslie Flint.…

Bruce Greyson on near-death experiences

Is there an afterlife? Here’s what he saw while he was ‘dead’ | Bruce Greyson for Big Think

Thousands of people across the world and throughout the centuries have reported near-death experiences (NDEs). Most NDEs share one common trait: an…

Sonia Rinaldi speaking to the afterlife using technology

Latest Experiments & Love from the Afterlife

Join Sonia Rinaldi for this special 2-hour presentation on her work and witness her current breakthroughs capturing Images of those in the…

How to have afterlife communication - Life After this life | Seek Reality

What Is It Like to Communicate with Someone in the Afterlife?

Anyone can communicate with a loved one in the next life. Seek Reality Online teaches how to have afterlife communication.

Where Do We Go after Death? | Seek Reality

Where Do We Go After Death? Exploring the Afterlife

At the end of this life, we go to a beautiful environment called Summerland. We know what life is like there. Join…

What Are Ghosts? Are ghosts Real?

What Are Ghosts? Are Ghosts Real?

Ghosts are real, but not always what people assume they are. Some are beneficial to the people experiencing them. Join Seek reality…

How Can I Be Happy? | We Are Spiritual Beings Who Can Live in Love, Peace, and Joy | Seek Reality

How Can I Be Happy?

We are creating lives filled with love, peace, and joy or loneliness, separation, turmoil, depression, and unhappiness. We create our reality. Our…

Emanuel Swedenborg explains life after death

Emanuel Swedenborg Explains What Happens When You Die

This information is based on the writings of the Swedenborg Foundation ( What Happens When We Die According to Swedenborg? Emanuel Swedenborg…

We live on happily together in the aterlife

What Do People Do in the Afterlife?

From the book, Answers to Life’s Enduring Questions: From Science Discoveries and Afterlife Revelations. The world we are living in now is…

How to have afterlife communication - Seek reality

What Experiences Might I Have When I Communicate with My Deceased Loved One?

Will I Hold Loved Ones in the Afterlife Back by Connecting? No. They desire to communicate with you, and they have an…

Can we have sex in the afterlife?

Can We Have Sex in the Afterlife? Is There Sex in Heaven?

Afterlife and Sex: Exploring the Possibilities All of the pleasures available on Earth are present in the life after this life, including…