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How to trust in God

Learning to Trust in God (Part 1, Christianity is Failing)

The primary religion in America is Christianity, but Christianity is failing. The belief system that must take its place is knowing we…

Remote viewing an orb

Additional Proof the Mind Is Not in the Brain ~ Remote Viewing

A strong proof the mind is not in the brain and we live on after the body dies is that remote viewers…

Life in the afterlife - Authors explain books

In the Afterlife, When You Read a Book You Receive the Author’s Thoughts about It

A woman living in the afterlife, Alice Green, speaks in a Leslie Flint séance saying when you read a book in the…

Proof the mind is not in the brain - Foreign Accent Syndome

More Proof the Mind Is Not in the Brain ~ Foreign Accent Syndrome

People's skills in speaking language come from experiences they have acquired that are accessed from the greater reality, not the brain. Some…

Feeling attached to loved ones in the afterlife improves mental health

Feeling a Secure Attachment to Loved Ones in the Afterlife Improves Mental Health

A study of 77 widows and widowers showed those with a feeling of a secure attachment to their deceased loved ones were…

A man has afterlife communication with his wife

A Man in the Afterlife Explains Trying to Get a Message through to His Wife on Earth

A man named Alfred Higgins spoke from the afterlife through medium Leslie Flint, explaining how he tried to communicate with his wife.

R. Craig Hogan expert on afterlife communication

Life in the Afterlife Interview with Dr. Craig Hogan

Dr. R. Craig Hogan speaks to Mission: Evolution with Gwilda Wiyaka about what life is like in the afterlife and what happens…

What happens when we die

What Can Go Wrong When We Die? (Part 2)

We know what happens when we die. Afterlife communication provides detailed information about what happens when the body dies. This article explains…

Self-Guided Afterlife Communication

Self-Guided Afterlife Communication Accounts by Experiencers

Anyone can have an afterlife communication with a loved one. The free, online training offered by Seek Reality Online shows you how.…

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication - IADC

Psychotherapist Leads Man into an Afterlife Communication with a Girl He Saw Killed

A man has an induced after-death communication (IADC) in a psychotherapist's office. He had seen a baby die from a gunshot wound.…

Woman has afterlife communication in a psychotherapist's office

Woman Has an Afterlife Communication During a Psychotherapist Session

Psychotherapists know how to have afterlife communication. This article describes a woman's afterlife communication with a psychotherapist.

A publisher provides evidence of extraterrestrials

A Publisher Speaking from the Afterlife Talks About Extraterrestrials

We have proof extraterrestrials are contacting Earth. In this recording of a man from the afterlife, he explains that we are having…