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Jeffrey Long on near death experiences (NDE)

Radiation Oncologist Writes That Research Has Convinced Him without a Doubt That There’s Life After Death.

I've studied more than 5,000 near death experiences. My research has convinced me without a doubt that there's life after death.

Life in the Afterlife (Part 3)

When we enter the afterlife, we will find it feels like to be at home in the world that we had almost…

Humanity Must Be Reborn

This video explains why people are failing in Earth School and how humanity can be reborn so all people live life in…

What Life Will Be Like When All People Believe the Evidence of the Afterlife

We can envision what life will be like when all people believe the evidence of the afterlife. This video explains what life…

Family Members Verified Communication with Their Daughter Whose Body Had Died

A minister and his wife communicated with their deceased little girl whose body had died six weeks before the experience.

Do people celebrate holidays in the afterlife?

Do Earthbound Spirits Really Influence Humans?

The prolific author about the afterlife, Mike Tymn, has written a blog about earthbound spirits influencing people.

Life in the Afterlife (Part 2)

Five things predictably happen quite soon after our deaths. This article explains what happens after we die.

what is life like in heaven

Life in the Afterlife (Part 1)

What is life like in the afterlife? We know now with certainty what life is like soon after making the transition to…

How to be happy in life knowing there is life after death

A Pandemic of Loneliness Results from Not Realizing We Have Life After Death

Ignorance about who we are in eternity is resulting in a pandemic of loneliness that affects our quality of life and length…

Children must learn the reality of the afterlife

Study Shows Children Are Born Creative Geniuses and Education Dumbs Us Down

NASA, renowned for spearheading the world’s preeminent space program and nurturing some of the most brilliant minds globally, engaged the expertise of…

The mind is not in the brain

30 Reasons We Know the Mind Is Not in the Brain

There is abundant evidence that the mind is not in the brain. In fact, much of what the mind does could not…

Susanne Wilson best medium

Do Our Loved Ones Turn into Orbs or Balls of Light?

In this video, the talented evidential medium, Susanne Wilson, talks about the misconceptions that when we leave the body we turn into…