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How to choose a qualified medium

How to Choose a Qualified Medium for Afterlife Communication

You can have an uplifting, successful communication with your loved one living in the afterlife. You just have to follow these guidelines.…

You Can Communicate with Loved Ones in the Afterlife Using Automatic Writing

You can learn to communicate with your loved ones living in the afterlife. One way is through automatic writing. In automatic writing,…

Where we go after death

What Determines Where We Live in the Afterlife?

People speaking to us from the afterlife through mediums tell us where people go after death. It’s not a mystery.  The recording…

How You Can Awaken Yourself to Your True Nature

TJ Woodward is a kind of public visionary whose special calling has been helping people who have substance abuse issues. His first…

Proof of the afterlife

Three People Now in the Afterlife Describe What Happened After They Died

Today we have many thousands of accounts of communication with people living in the afterlife describing where they are now living. We…

Can we speak to God

Can We Speak to God and Get a Response?

A Seek Reality Online member asked, “How do we speak to God to ask him for something and does he respond?” You…

What is heaven like

What if my loved one has advanced to a higher level before I get to heaven?

A Seek Reality Online member asked, “What happens when our loved one advances to a higher level and we have not yet…

How we can be happy

Do Our Loved Ones in the Afterlife Miss Us?

A Seek Reality Online member asked, “Do our loved ones in the afterlife miss us until we get there?” You’ll be delighted…

What happens after we die

Do People Lose Their Anger and Negative Feelings in the Afterlife?

A Seek Reality Online member asked, “I read in one of your books that people lose their resentment and negative feelings towards…

Can You Manifest Anything You Want in Your Life?

A Seek Reality Online member asked, “Is it true you can manifest anything with mind power? How are we supposed to, for…

How to Have a Past-Life Regression to Learn about Your Past Lives

Anyone can have a past-life regression session in which they learn about other lives they are intertwined with through the Higher Self.…

Physical Medium Etta Wriedt

Etta Wriedt, Who Had Invisible Hands of Dead People Touch Visitors

Etta Wriedt was born in Detroit in 1859 and became a professional medium who charged only one dollar per séance. She did…