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Luiz Gasparetto mediumistic painting

Luiz Antônio Gasparetto Mediumistic Paintings with His Eyes Closed

Luiz Antônio Gasparetto was a Brazilian medium who allowed entities to paint through his hands as his eyes were closed. This video…

People in comas may be aware

Evidence People in Comas Are Conscious and Aware

There is considerable evidence that people in comas or otherwise non-communicative are conscious and understanding, even though they are not able to…

Flight attendant learns the afterlife is real

Flight attendant recalls her encounter with a ghost passenger

A flight attendant describes her encounter with a materialized person whose body had died.

Proof of the afterlife

Most Americans Believe Afterlife Communication is Possible

A 2021 Pew Research study* surveyed U.S. adults about their beliefs concerning heaven, hell, and the afterlife.  It showed that a large…

Is there an afterlife? Yes.

Research Has Surprising Results about Belief in Heaven

A Pew Research survey of U.S. adults shows striking results of questions about how many believe in a heaven and a hell.…

Are our pets in the afterlife?

Do Pets Have a Life Review in the Afterlife?

We know our pets who have died are in the afterlife waiting for us. Matt Fraser, the well-known, talented medium explains that…

Meditation to raise spiritual vibration

How to Raise Your Emotional & Spiritual Vibration

A vibration is a state of mind and being that is determined by our mental state. We can raise our vibration through…

Susanne Wilson qualified psychic medium

Do We Turn into Orbs or Balls of Life after the Body Dies?

Some people have the misconception that we turn into orbs or balls of light after leaving the body. That is not true.…

Allan Botkin psychotherapist for afterlife communication

People Experience Afterlife Communication in a Psychotherapist’s Office

A revolutionary new procedure developed by psychotherapist Dr. Allan Botkin enables clients to have afterlife communication while sitting in the psychotherapist's office…

Julie Beischel on proof of the afterlife

Researcher Dr. Julie Beischel Talks about After-Death Communication and Mediums

Dr. Julie Beischel is a world-leader in consciousness research, and director of research at the Windbridge Research Center doing research on afterlife…

Spiritually transformative experiences

Spiritually Transformative Experiences People Around the World Are Having

Yvonne Kason, M.D., MEd, CCFP, FCFP, is a world-renowned pioneer in spiritually transformative experiences, a term she coined that is now commonly…

Jurgen Ziewe spiritually transformative experiences

Out-of-Body Explorer Describes the Solidity of the Afterlife

Jurgen Ziewe, an afterlife researcher who explores the afterlife through astral travel, describes the fact that life in the afterlife is as…