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Jung knew our minds are one

Carl Jung Understood That We Are All One at the Unconscious Level

Carl Jung realized there is much more to us than the senses we are having. The unconscious contains parts of us we…

What the afterlife is like

Graphic Presentations of What the Lower and Higher Astral Planes of the Afterlife Look Like

The accomplished astral traveler and artist Jurgen Ziewe has astral traveled to the lower and upper realms of the afterlife. He has…

Jeffrey Long on near death experiences (NDE)

Evidence of the Afterlife: Groundbreaking Near-Death Experience Findings–Dr. Jeffrey Long

"Evidence of the Afterlife: Groundbreaking New Findings from the Largest Study of Near-Death Experiences Ever Reported.6 " was presented by world-renowned near-death…

Bernardo Kastrup on consciousness as eternal

Today, Scientists Are Advancing a Different Idea of the Nature of the Earth Realm

Scientists today are becoming increasingly aware that the universe is not what the old guard of scientists said it is. We are…

How to have afterlife communication

Afterlife Communication: 16 Proven Methods, 85 True Accounts

This book is a compilation of articles by the speakers at the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies conference developed by the…

Meditation for afterlife communication

Example Afterlife Connections Using the Self-Guided Afterlife Communication Method

Thousands of people have learned to have their own afterlife communication experiences using the Self-Guided Afterlife Connections procedure developed by Dr. R.…

We know what happens to children after they die

A Woman’s Husband in Spirit Takes Her on a Rescue Mission for a Newly Deceased Little Girl

A woman's husband Karl in spirit takes her on his rescue missions to the Earth plane where he ministers to people who…

How to have self-guided afterlife communication

A Woman Guides Herself into a Connection with Her Twin Brother in Spirit

A woman who learned to guide herself into afterlife communications connects with her twin brother who died at birth.

How to have self-guided afterlife communication

Accounts of Self-Guided Afterlife Communications that Validate They Are Real

The Self-Guided Afterlife Connections training program teaches people how to have their own afterlife communications. These accounts by experiencers have content that…

Journey to the Upper Realm Meditation for afterlife communication

Attorney Learns How to Connect with Her Sons in the Afterlife

Attorney Maria Pe's two sons were killed by their father. Desperate to connect with them, she learn how to communicate with them…

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication

Psychotherapist Guides Woman into an Afterlife Connection with Her Mother

Psychotherapists are putting clients into a state of mind in which they have an afterlife communication with the person for whom they…

Psychotherapists help clients have afterlife communication

Afterlife Connections with Psychotherapists Prove the Connections Are Real

A psychotherapist put a woman into the state of mind to have an afterlife communication. The woman had two connections that were…