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Computers cannot be conscious

Quantum Physicist Demonstrates that a Computer Can Never Be Conscious

Professor has mathematical proof human consciousness cannot be simulated by any computer. Self-observation is a unique property of human mind. A machine…

Children have psychic ability

Girl Sees without Using Her Eyes

The mind experiences without using any physical senses. There are many examples of people who can "see" with their mind without using…

Medium brains have unusual abilities

Study Shows Mediums’ Brains Have Unusual Dynamics

Studies of mediums' brains show surprising results. The areas that are devoted to thinking and analyzing are suppressed. It seems that the…

Suzanne Giesemann best medium

Is It in the Soul’s Plan for a Person to Murder Someone or Commit Suicide?

The talented medium and channeler, Suzanne Giesemann, receives channeling from the group of exalted beings called Sanaya about whether murder and suicide…

Bruce Lipton how to be happy

To Love the People Around You, Learn to Love Yourself

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, explains that his research into how people get sick and how they get well…

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross with proof of life after death

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Describes Talking to a Dead Woman

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross describes speaking to a woman who appeared to her two years after her death, further evidence of life after…

There is no time in the afterlife

Can We Predict the Future? Science Says We Do It All the Time

How can we predict the future? We do it all the time. We just don't allow the messages to bubble up from…

Alexandra's afterlife communication

Queen Alexandra Speaking from Spirit Describes Awakening in the Afterlife

Queen Alexandra of Denmark was Queen of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions, and Empress of India. She came through from…

Pets are live in the afterlife

Our Universal Intelligence Guides Evolution

The universe is Our Universal Intelligence. Changes in the physical world aren't mindless. It is the process of intelligence making continual adjustments.…

Luiz Gasparetto mediumistic painting

Luiz Antônio Gasparetto Mediumistic Paintings with His Eyes Closed

Luiz Antônio Gasparetto was a Brazilian medium who allowed entities to paint through his hands as his eyes were closed. This video…

People in comas may be aware

Evidence People in Comas Are Conscious and Aware

There is considerable evidence that people in comas or otherwise non-communicative are conscious and understanding, even though they are not able to…

Flight attendant learns the afterlife is real

Flight attendant recalls her encounter with a ghost passenger

A flight attendant describes her encounter with a materialized person whose body had died.