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We know the purpose of life

We Know Who Your Really Are, and It’s Wonderful News

Who are we? When we know who we really are, we can live our lives in love, peace, and joy. We are…

You can know your purpose in life

What Is the Purpose of My Life?

When you realize who you really are, you will be amazed. You are much more than it appears you are as you…

We know what happens after the body dies

A Psychic Medium Says We Have a Spiritual Spa Day When the Body Dies

Psychic medium Emily Dexter describes messages she has receive from people who have transition from earth about a "spa day" they have…

Psychotherapists help people have afterlife communications

Study Shows Psychotherapists Can Help People Have Afterlife Communications

A study of people who had gone through training in how to have their own afterlife communications showed that 86% became successful…

Children see when blindfolded

Program Teaches Children How to See Blindfolded

An online course of study for children teaches them how to see, read, ride bicycles, and other activities while blindfolded.

We know what life is like in the afterlife

Life in the Afterlife (Part 5)

There is a great variety of activities people in the afterlife enjoy. There are many of the activities we love on the…

Little girl speaks to grandpa in the afterlife

Little Girl Talks to Her Grandfather Who Died Months Before

Children are open and naïve, so people now living in the life after this life come to speak to them. The children…

Rev. Sheri Perl has electronic voice phenomena EVP

Researcher Sheri Perl’s Home is Orb Central ~ See the Video and Pictures

Researcher Sheri Perl, who specializes in recording voices of children in the afterlife to give to their parents, experiences large numbers of…

We can tell the future

Past and Future Events Already Exist So We Can See the Future

A paper describes a theory explaining that seeing the future or precognition is from our understanding that past and future events already…

Masaru Emoto shows why our minds affect reality

Dr. Masaru Emoto Shows That Minds Influence Matter

Masaru Emoto demonstrated that minds influence matter by showing how different words like "I hate you," "Gratitude," "Love," and "Fear" actually make…

What does heaven look like?

Life in the Afterlife (Part 4)

We know what life is like in the afterlife. We know where heaven is and what life is like in heaven. This…

Jeffrey Long on near death experiences (NDE)

Radiation Oncologist Writes That Research Has Convinced Him without a Doubt That There’s Life After Death.

I've studied more than 5,000 near death experiences. My research has convinced me without a doubt that there's life after death.