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Extraterrestrials are living on other planets

A Man Speaks from the Afterlife Saying People Living on Other Planets Want to Contact Us

A man named John Grant came through in a Leslie Flint session in 1969 with a message about extraterrestrial and interdimensional entities…

Oliver Lodge says UFOs or UAPs are extraterrestrial intelligences

A Scientist Speaking from the Afterlife Says UFOs Are Real Intelligences

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge was a British physicist with patents for early radios and radio wave detectors. He spoke often from the…

Sir Thomas Beecham speaks from the afterlife about UFOs and extraterrestrials

Sir Thomas Beecham, Speaking from the Afterlife, Explains UFOs or UAPs

Sir Thomas Beecham spoke in a Leslie Flint séance about UFOs. He has surprising and positive things to say about their coming…

Using a mirror to have afterlife communication described in Life After Life

Anyone Can Use a Mirror to Have Afterlife Communication

Dr. Raymond Moody developed a protocol using a black mirror that allows people to enter a state of mind in which they…

What happens after the body dies?

What Can Go Wrong When the Body Dies? (Part 1)

We know that the transition to the next life should be peaceful, with ecstatic discoveries after the transition about the life after…

We have recordings of people in the afterlife

We Can Record Afterlife Voices, but We MUST Be Careful

Researchers are very successful at recording tracks on recorders that have the voices of people living in the afterlife on them. The…

Near death experiences (NDE) help us understand what happens after the body dies

Unraveling the Mystery: The Distinct Realms of Near-Death Experiences(NDEs) and Actual Death

Near-death experiences (NDEs) are often wonderful and even spiritually transformative experiences. But they are not related in any way to actual death,…

Evidence of life after death and proof of the afterlife

6 Areas of Evidence of Life After Death and Proof of the Afterlife

This video contains proof of life after death and evidence of the afterlife from six areas of evidence. It includes recordings of…

Evidence from Near-Death Experiences Show You Will Live After Your Body Dies | Seek Reality

People’s near-death experiences convinced two psychology professors of the reality of the afterlife

Research by psychology professors has convinced them there's a consciousness beyond our physical reality. They explained their conclusions at a South by…

What it is like in the afterlife

Life in the Afterlife (Part 6)

What is it like in the afterlife? People attend concerts and plays, learn from teachers and philosophers, travel extensively through beautiful landscapes,…

What happens to miscarriages and abortions in the afterlife?

A Woman’s Miscarried Son Appears to Her with Open Arms in a Séance

A woman sitting in a Helen Duncan séance had her miscarried son appear to her with open arms. He had been born…

Eira Conacher with Leslie Flint - she is speaking to her dead husband Douglas

Recording of a Wife Speaking to Her Husband in Spirit

Eira Conacher sat with medium Leslie Flint to speak with her husband. We now have several of the recordings. You can listen…