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Why Religion Is Declining in Modern Societies

Attendance at churches is declining rapidly. After two millennia since the founding of the three prominent religions, religious, religious activities such as…


Evidential Medium John Edward Demonstrates Evidential Mediumship

An evidential medium gives people details about their loved ones in spirit he could not know. John Edward demonstrates his abilities to…


Psychology Professor Says “Don’t Worry About World Conflict! Be Happy and Live Your Best Life.”

Sociology professor Sam Richards has sage words for his students: "What we need is for people like you, like all of us…


People Whose Bodies Have Died Appear, Speak to Loved Ones, and Touch Them

Physical mediumship is an experience in which a person with the ability to be a physical medium sits with a group of…

Family walk on long straight road, way towards sunset sun. Mothe

Learning to Trust in God (Part 4, The Realization We Are Spiritual Beings)

We are transitioning from the end of the material phase of human existence and entering what we might call the spiritual phase,…

Thought. Conceptual 3D illustration.

A Cardiologist Says There’s Growing Acceptance Minds Are Outside the Brain

Cardiologist Dr. Michael Sabom explains that the fact that science can't measure or hold the mind that is apart from the brain…


How We Deny Ourselves the Love, Peace, and Joy That Should Fill Our Lives and What We Can Do About It

We can live in a world full of misery and unhappiness, or we can live in a world filled with love, peace,…

Concepts Management Peaceful Atom. A Man Manipulates An Atom On

Learning to Trust in God (Part 3, This Material Phase Is Temporary but We Are Eternal)

We are transitioning from the end of what we might call the material phase of human existence, and toward the non-material and…


Autistic Girl Unable to Speak Learns to Communicate Fluently On a Computer Keyboard

Carly Simon was diagnosed at age 2 with autism, developmental delay, and oral-motor apraxia, a neurological condition preventing speech. She learned to…

Jesus' teachings

Learning to Trust in God (Part 2, Jesus Is a Real Person and There Is a Greater Reality)

Thorough study of this reality and the afterlife has revealed that Jesus is a genuine historical figure and the reality we see…

Heaven 2

Beliefs about the Afterlife, God, Angels, and the Devil Are Changing

Americans' beliefs about the afterlife, God, angels, and the devil are changing. People are abandoning the myths.


Do Our Mind Create Reality? Explore Consciousness’s Impact

There is nothing but mind and experiences. Our minds can alter the physical world. This article describes areas of research proving it.