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You are eternal! You never began, and you never will end!

Roberta Grime speaks on life after we die

Attorney Roberta Grimes

Dr. Hogan author about what happens when we die

R. Craig Hogan, PhD

Carol Morgan talks about using a pendulum for afterlife communication

Carol Morgan


Every day we are discovering new information about the exciting sciences of the afterlife, spiritual growth, and afterlife communication. We are in a period in the history of humankind when we are seeing further into space than ever before, deeper into the quantum world than ever before, and into the realities of the end of life and life after this life. We are devoted to following these discoveries so we can bring them to you. They will change your life. You will never die, and your loved ones who have gone on before you are still with you, patiently waiting for you to realize that and communicate with them.

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How to have afterlife communication
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Answer to where we go when we die
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We are not judged in the afterlife
Knowledge about the nature of reality

 Videos, articles, and podcasts about our purpose in life, how our intention shapes reality, proof the mind is not in the brain, and conscious is fundamental

What happens after death is we go to heaven together
Life-changing information about the afterlife
Descriptions of what happens at the end of this life and what life is like in the life after this life.
WE can communicate with the dead
Afterlife communication anyone can have
How anyone can communicate with loved ones living in the life after this life.
The answer to what happens after we die
What it means to grow spiritually
And how you can change your life so you are loving, peaceful, and joyful almost all the time.