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Proof of Life after Death: A Man Who Is Dead Materializes and Speaks through a Materialization Medium

David Thompson Materialization Medium proving life after death
Materialization Medium David Thompson

Sitters in séances with materialization mediums experience having people known to them materialize and address them directly. It is further evidence of life after death. The sitters verify that the people materializing are the individuals they knew when they were in bodies on the earth plane. The statements by the people now in spirit demonstrate that they know the sitters personally and are aware of events that occurred after their bodies died, including very recent events.

A Man Speaks to His Love from the Afterlife

During a séance with materialization medium David Thompson, a man named Nick came through to speak to one of the sitters, Sarah, further proof of life after death.

David Thompson

David Thompson conducts séances in darkened rooms with direct voices and materializations of those in spirit in the presence of a variety of people with careful, rigid controls. These include inspections by more than one sitter, before the séances begin, of a gag across his mouth and zip ties binding his body to a chair. You can listen to descriptions of David Thompson’s séances verified by four witnesses and read four research articles about his séances at www.afterlifeinstitute.org/david/.

Evidence of Life after Death in Matialization Seances

In one recorded séance with David Thompson, a man named Nick, whose body had died, materialized and spoke to Sarah, his beloved companion, who was among the sitters. Speaking using the ectoplasmic voice box is very difficult for people in spirit. They must impress their thoughts on it in a manner that results in audible words. Nick was not familiar with speaking through the ectoplasm, so he spoke in a whisper because he could not activate the ectoplasmic vocal cords. Sarah has graciously agreed to allow us to share her experience to demonstrate the reality of survival of consciousness.

You can listen to the actual recording of the séance as you read it by clicking on the audio control below.

Transcript of Sarah communicating with Nick:

Nick:Can you hear me?
All:Yes we can hear you. You’re OK. Yes, you’re OK. You’re fine.
Nick:Oh my God. I’m a bit frightened of this.
All:It’s all right. You’re OK. You’re amongst friends. You’re OK. Just remain calm. Just relax. It’s OK.
Keith:It’s just a bit strange.
Nick:You’re right. It is strange.
All:It is strange. But it’s all right.
Keith:Take a moment to adjust.
Nick:Never thought I’d do this.
Wendy:It’s wonderful that you have.
Keith:Can you tell us who you are?
Nick:My name’s Nick.
All:It’s Nick. Hello Nick. Hi Nick.
Nick:I can’t. Sarah, I want to see Sarah.
All:You’re here to see Sarah.
Sarah:Darling, I’m here.
Rosheen: Sarah, speak up to him.
Nick:Can you hear me?
Sarah:Yeah I can, Darling. I love you, baby. I love you so much.
Nick:I love you, too.
Sarah:Don’t ever leave me OK. I know you’re with me.
Nick:I spend as much time with you as I can. I’m always gonna be there.
Sarah:OK, my baby, just stay close. I love you so much and you know how grateful I am to you for doing this.
Nick:You know something, all those things that you’ve bought?
Nick:At the cottage, they’re just lost. They’re lost.
Nick:Don’t worry about them.
Nick:I knew you was there. I knew you was there.
Sarah:Did you, Darling? I do, I just, was I enough for you? I just…
Nick:Listen to me, listen to me. We haven’t got long. Listen to me.
Sarah:OK, my baby.
Nick:Always remember…
Nick:I love you with all my heart.
Nick:I told you that just before I left you.
Sarah:I know.
Nick:I’ll always be with you. I’ll always be with you.
Sarah:OK, my Darling.
Nick:Promise me something. I want you to be happy.
Sarah:I will for you. I will for you. I’ll make the best of what I’ve got here. For you.
Nick:Remember whatever happens we’ll always be together before we meet again.
Sarah:You promise me that?
Nick:I promise you.
Nick:From the bottom of my heart, I promise you.
Sarah:OK, my Darling.
Nick:I want you to be happy.
Sarah:I will try. I am trying I’m trying so hard. It’s just such a shock you know. But I’m trying hard. I’m doing better, I’m doing better, Darling.
Nick:You are, girl, and you’re doing fantastic.
Sarah:As long as I’ve got you with me and I know I do. I just hope I did enough for you.
Nick:Yes, you did. You were everything I ever wanted.
Sarah:I was? Good. I just wanted to be enough.
Nick:That’s why I died peacefully.
Sarah:You… oh thank goodness.
Nick:That’s why I had that look of peace on my face.
Sarah:Yes. Did you see me when I went to see you?
Nick:Yes, I did. And everything you put into the coffin. I saw it all.
Sarah:Oh, thank you, Darling. I tried to do right by you. I tried to do everything I could. I really tried hard.
Nick:You done for me what a man could ever want. More than any man could ever want.
Sarah:OK, my baby, because you know you were worth it. You don’t ever doubt how much I loved you and how much I will continue to love you. Don’t ever doubt it.
Nick:Don’t ever doubt my love for you.
Sarah:OK, my baby. [Nick places his hands around Sarah’s face in an embrace] Oh!! Oh I love you. I love you.
 [The “whooshing” sound of dematerialization]
Keith:You OK, Sarah?
Keith &  Chris:Good.

Sarah’s Communication with Nick Contributes to the Evidence of Life after Death

Sarah had no doubt that the materialized man who stood before her and spoke to her was her deceased love, Nick. She carried on an extended conversation with him about things the two knew intimately. During the conversation, it was clear that Nick was alive even though his body had died. He referred to things that happened during their lives together before his transition and to events that occurred after the transition that Sarah was clearly relieved about. It is further proof of the afterlife.

Konstantin Raudive Materializes and Speaks to Sonia Rinaldi–More Proof of Life after Death

Konstantin Raudive evidence of life after death
Konstantin Raudive
Sonia Rinaldi, pioneer researcher into evidence of life after death
Sonia Rinaldi

During one of materialization medium David Thompson’s séances in 2014, Konstantin Raudive, whose body had been dead since 1974, materialized and spoke to Brazilian instrumental transcommunication researcher Sonia Rinaldi. In instrumental transcommunication, people whose bodies have died cause their voices to be recorded on audio recorders, their images to appear on televisions or monitors, or their images to appear on surfaces such as fabrics that are video recorded. In his message, Raudive revealed that he knew of Rinaldi’s current research and made a suggestion for improving it.

Konstantin Raudive

Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who studied under psychoanalyst Carl Jung, was the first researcher in instrumental transcommunication to diligently record voices of people living in the life after this life. Beginning in 1965, Raudive recorded 72,000 distinct voices. He is acknowledged as the foremost early pioneer in instrumental transcommunication.

Sonia Rinaldi

The most active, groundbreaking instrumental transcommunication researcher in the world today is Sonia Rinaldi of Brazil. Sonia creates new methods and devices that are continually improving the recordings of voices and images of people living in the life after this life. The speakers converse with her and show their awareness of what she is doing, proof of life after death.

During a David Thompson séance, a man announcing himself as Konstantin Raudive materialized and spoke to Sonia. Raudive’s reference to Sonia’s work and how she could improve the results demonstrates that he was alive, aware of her work, and anxious to continue working with her from spirit. This recording is available at www.afterlifeinstitute.org/raudive/.

Sonia has difficulty understanding him, so Sheri Perl and Victor Zammit, sitting next to her, repeat what Raudive has said. Raudive refers to Sonia’s images of people in spirit she records on video. Mickey, Leslie Flint’s companion who brings through people in Flint’s séances, speaks at the beginning. Sonia refers to a phone call Raudive made to her from spirit. You can listen to the recording of the event by clicking on the audio control that follows.

Transcript of the recording:

Sonia:          Yes?

Mickey:      Is your name Sonia?

Sonia:          Yes.

Mickey:      There is a man here that wants to speak to you.

Sonia:          Oh…

Mickey:      His name is, hold on… Oh he wants to tell you his name himself.

Sonia:          Thank you!

Raudive:     Sonia, Sonia Rinaldi.

Sonia:          Yes.

Raudive:     My name is Konstantin Raudive.

Sonia:          Oh. Mr. Raudive. Thank you for your presence. Thank you.

Raudive:     I want you to know that I am working with you a lot of the time.

Sheri Perl repeats for Sonia.

Sonia:          Oh, thank you. I am sorry. Sometimes I don’t understand quite well. But Sheri is helping me.

Raudive:     I want you to know that there is a problem with the communication.

Sonia:          Yes, is there anything that I can do?

Raudive:     Yes.

Sonia:          Sure! Please tell me.

Raudive:     You need…

Sonia:          Yes.

Raudive:     to create a symmetric current path between two capacitors.

Sheri Perl repeats for Sonia.

Sonia:          Yes. If you can help me to reach this, I will try all the way.

Raudive:     I will try. I will bring word through your communication channels. And I will help you. And we will accomplish many things together.

Sonia:          OK thank you. Thank you. I will do anything that I can.

Raudive:     Yes, I know and that is why I come to work with you often.

Sonia:          Oh, thank you so much.

Raudive:     I thank you.

Sonia:          You know that I call you Mr. German, right?

Raudive:     You can call me what you wish.

Sonia:          Oh, thank you!

Raudive:     Have you seen my face yet?

Victor Zammit repeats for Sonia.

Raudive:     I will appear on your communication.

Sonia:          Oh!

Raudive:     You will see me on your images, yes.

Konstantin Raudive’s Conversation with Sonia Rinaldi Is Evidence Evidence of the Afterlife

Konstantin Raudive materialized and stood before Sonia Rinaldi, speaking to her about her work using a technical explanation he knew would be helpful to her. He had been working with her in her instrumental transcommunication for several years. Sonia called him “Mr. German” because for a period of time she just heard a man with a German accent speaking to her, without knowing it was Raudive. His presence and fluent conversation about things current in Sonia’s life are evidence he lives on although his body has died, proving you will live on also when your body dies.