Humanity Must Be Reborn

Humanity must know there is life after death

People are unhappy and lonely because we are living like nomads, moving from city to city without developing stable relationships. This situation resulted when humanity evolved from being an agrarian society with stable farm families to an industrial/technological society in which people leave the stability of a farm family life to live lonely lives among strangers. Humanity is suffering from hopelessness, loneliness, and loss of a sense of purpose in life. That will change when all people realize we are eternal beings having a physical experience. With this knowledge, people will have hope for their futures, feel love and regard for all the people in their lives, and feel their lives have purpose. Humanity must be reborn.

This video explains how.

We are in Earth School to learn lessons, grow in love and compassion, and enjoy life. How are we doing as students? We are failing.

Alarming numbers of people today feel lonely, unloved, and unhappy. They feel their lives are without purpose, and they have no hope for their futures. A study in the Washington Post found that twice as many Americans reported being lonely in 2020 as in 2018. Forty-six percent of U.S. adults sometimes or always feel lonely. Half of Americans say they have no meaningful in-person social interactions daily. Only 14 percent of adults say they’re very happy.

The love, peace, and joy that should fill our lives are being stolen from us. And we are the perpetrators of this crime. We have been raised to believe primitive beliefs about who we are in eternity that are completely false. We are making ourselves miserable by believing these falsehoods.

This video explains why people are failing in Earth School and how humanity can be reborn so all people live life in love, peace, and joy.

Until the eighteenth century, humankind enjoyed the stability of agrarian homelife. Extended families lived together, providing love and a sense of belonging. The farmer’s purpose in life was clear—to care for the land and livestock so they prospered. People’s roles were well established. Children evolved into adulthood seamlessly, taking on responsibilities as they were capable. And common religious beliefs provided assurance everyone believed: that people are children of God who will live on with God after the body dies.

With the rapid development of technological/informational societies after the eighteenth century, humanity evolved away from simple, agrarian lives with the comforting anchors of a stable homelife, extended families for support, and a feeling life is safe and meaningful. The stable agrarian environment was displaced by continual nomad-like migration from one employment location to another that precludes establishing stable relationships. People today live lonely lives among unsupportive strangers. At the same time, society is rejecting the beliefs and practices of religions, leaving people with no clear sense their lives have meaning and purpose.

The change from the stability of agrarian family life into a nomadic, unstable life with little interpersonal support has been so abrupt that humankind has not had time to adjust to it. The prognosis for humankind’s future is not good. People are growing increasingly lonely, feeling life is meaningless, and feeling hopeless about the future. The old humankind that thrived in agrarian family groups has died. To survive its demise, a new humankind must be born.

The rebirth will result from humanity’s new understanding of who we are in eternity. The stable purpose of life that supported agrarian societies will be replaced by a stability and sense of purpose within each of us, knowing we are eternal beings here with clear meanings for our lives. The love in the agrarian extended family will be replaced by love among all people. There will be no strangers. The agrarian religions will be replaced by the knowledge we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And we will never die.

We are eternal beings having a physical experience. We came into Earth School to learn lessons, grow in love and compassion, and live in love, peace, and joy together. Living happy lives with confidence our lives have meaning is our birthright. If we are not happy and don’t feel our lives have meaning, it is only because of falsehoods we have been taught by society today that fracture our confidence in our ability to control our lives, thwart our ability to learn lessons, and give rise to our feeling unloved, lonely, unhappy, and helpless.

The agrarian society relied upon life circumstances and traditions to ensure all people felt contented with a farm life they felt had meaning and purpose. The life circumstances and traditions evaporated with the evolution of the technological/informational society giving rise to nomadic lifestyles that make everyone into perpetual strangers. The new society will provide meaning, peace, love, and joy within each of us because of our realization we are eternal beings having a physical experience. The love and support of the agrarian family will be replaced by love and compassion among all people in a family of humankind. The family of humanity will be reborn.


Humanity must know there is life after death

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