How Can I Be Happy?

We are spiritual beings who can live in love, peace, and joy

We are creating lives filled with love, peace, and joy or loneliness, separation, turmoil, depression, and unhappiness. We create our reality.

Our life is the way it is because we are creating it that way. Everyone goes through experiences that could be interpreted with feelings of despair, hopelessness, fear, and victimization. Yet the same experiences could be interpreted with feelings of well-being, confidence, inner strength, and self-assurance. We create our reality from the way we interpret and respond to the experiences in our daily lives.

How Can I Be Happy in My Life?

Happiness is the sign that a person is content with life as it is. To be happy we must remove the influences that are resulting in our discontent.

Being happy means having emotions that are very pleasurable. We cannot define happiness further. There are apparent changes in body chemistry, but the changes in body chemistry are only part of the Earth School story. They happen after the feelings of happiness have already been experienced by the Mind.

Happiness is not a goal. It is a sign that the person is content with life as it is, feels loved, feels no threats or negative influences, and feels life has a purpose. Happiness is our natural state. We can speak of “unhappy,” “disease (dis-ease),” and “discontent (dis-content),” meaning the natural state of happiness, ease, or contentment is being blocked. We do not refer to happiness as “un-miserable” or to health as being “un-ill.” The natural state is to be happy and healthy.

For a person to change from being unhappy to feeling happy, the person must discover what is blocking the natural happiness they should feel.

Why Do I Feel Unhappy and Lonely?

Society’s dysfunctional teaching and models programmed us as children to have episodes of despair and unhappiness throughout our lives. We can deprogram ourselves and discover that love, peace, and joy are ours if we learn to view life and other people differently.

The child is a tabula rasa, a blank slate. A child must learn to function successfully by internalizing knowledge, attitudes, judgments, and capabilities as they are modelled and taught by the family of origin, religious and educational institutions, and society. In the first seven years of a child’s life, the child’s Mind is in a receptive, learning state. This state registers in the body experience as theta or alpha brainwaves. In this theta or alpha state, children are open and naively receptive. They are being programmed.

This unusually receptive state is so the child’s Mind can be molded into the Mind the person will need to function successfully in Earth School in preparation for learning life lessons and growing in love and compassion. The cell biologist Bruce Lipton estimates that 95 percent of what governs our lives is the programming from childhood rising from the subconscious. You can see a video of Bruce Lipton explaining this at

When we emerged from childhood, we were equipped to make the decisions and perform the actions that would enable us to function in Earth School so we could learn lessons, enjoy the Earth School experiences, and grow in love, compassion, and wisdom. Yet after learning the basic functions for life in Earth School, we were not unique individuals making our own decisions about who we were and who we wanted to be. Our functioning was based on what our family of origin, religious and educational institutions, and society programmed us to be. We were living someone else’s life.

All people have a constant stream of experiences. Whether the person feels despair or joy depends on the childhood programming. But we do have free will, so we are able to change the programming and lead lives full of joy most of the time. We don’t have to preoccupy ourselves with striving to make a good future. We can enjoy the present as it is. There is no preparation for life. There is only life.

What Are the Mistaken Ideas about Life We Have Learned During Our Childhoods?

We begin life as a blank slate, with no beliefs, knowledge, or abilities. We spend our early years learning to function in life by adopting the beliefs and assumptions about life that society today is teaching children. Unfortunately, we learn mistaken, primitive perspectives from a naïve, spiritually backward teacher.

Our family of origin, school, religious organizations, and society in general teach primitive, destructive superstitions about our place in eternity and the life after this life.

  • Our loved ones who have “passed away” are buried in the ground or are stone-cold dead in a mausoleum. To visit them, we must go to the cemetery and stare at the ground, but we can’t talk to them. They’re dead.
  • We don’t know where we go after the body stops functioning. It’s a great mystery no one has the answer to. Religions have only the most primitive, vague references to an afterlife that offer no insights into the realm we enter after the body stops functioning.
  • The only important goal in life is to buy bigger, better, more expensive, more opulent things. We must get good grades in school and go to college so we can get a good job and make money to become a successful consumer. That’s our life’s goal. Work long hours and take extra jobs and earn more money to buy more things and pay the loans incurred from buying them. What we have is never enough.
  • Schools are places where we are taught to be obedient, memorize facts in the schoolbooks, and get good grades. Nothing of value comes from looking within to discover insights. Memorize facts in canonized books. It is futile to explore personal paths and dreams.
  • We must obey the authorities instead of partnering with them. Society places great value on the rule of law. There is little value in considering the spirit of the laws.
  • Children who are uninterested in or incapable of learning school lessons are failures. Talents in areas other than the schoolwork don’t count.
  • We have no control over our lives. We are victims of fate in a world that makes us unhappy and miserable.
  • People must not “waste time.” Everyone must be productive. Doing something not regarded as productive is frowned upon.
  • A caste system determines whether our occupation is important. Doctors and lawyers do important work and should be revered as demi-gods. House spouses are not really working. Fast-food workers are burger flippers. People who are not working are worthless burdens on society.
  • People who own companies can tell the people who actually do the productive work that results in revenue whether they can work, how much they receive, under what conditions they will work, when to work, when to eat, and how to work. Companies are feudal systems, not democracies. It is right that owners receive vastly more money than the workers who produce what the company sells.
  • People must guard the things they call “mine.” We must cling to them to keep others from taking them away. We must not give away the things we call “mine” unless we don’t care about the things anymore.
  • Life is a competition. We win by beating other people. We celebrate winning with trophies and accolades. Losing is not tolerable, so we give nothing to the losers except notations of failure and firing the coach.
  • War is honorable. Wars are necessary, highly regarded state activities. People in wars are heroes; we have holidays to celebrate their actions. The deaths and ruined lives from post-traumatic stress disorder and physical disabilities caused by war are not important.
  • Killing animals is great sport.
  • Government killing of people in wars and executions is acceptable.
  • We must strive to make our own way in life using solely the training and skills we receive in school and work activities. We’re on our own. There are no insights from any other source coming into our minds. The ideas of guides, angels, and helpers giving us insights is woo-woo nonsense.
  • The world has much to be afraid of, so we must live our lives in fear and preparation for the worst.

As long as people continue to live based on these erroneous beliefs taught in childhood, they will not be able to grow into the unique people they were destined to become. They will remain ineffectual duplicates of the people who influenced them in childhood. They will be filled with fear and feelings of inadequacy.

We begin our lives with spiritual and mental deficits.

Could I Make My Life Happy and More Enjoyable If I Abandoned the Mistaken Ideas?

Yes. Your Soul’s plan was that you would learn how to confront life’s struggles during childhood, but for you to be all your Soul planned for you to become, you must use your free will to leave behind much of what you learned as a child and be born into the new life waiting for you as an adult.

What children are being taught in Earth School is failing humankind. We are creating the world that is bringing people hopelessness and misery. Society, our families of origin, and organizations such as schools and religions teach children to believe they are flotsam and jetsam, bobbing about in an unsympathetic sea that flings them onto the rocks of suffering and misery. Children are taught to see themselves as victims in a cold, mindless world they cannot control or appeal to.

The repertoire of memory experiences, interpretations, emotions, strategies, sentiments, and norms we acquired during our childhood create the reality we live in as adults. Reality is not outside of us or being inflicted upon us. The primary change in perspective we must make as we cast off Earth School’s mistaken teachings is to realize we are creating our world. If we are miserable, it is because we are making ourselves miserable. Misery is not imposed on us. Happiness is freely available when we realize we are not victims and change our lives to be what we want our lives to be. If we do not confront and change the interpretations of experiences we learned as we grew up, we will continue to live someone else’s life. Intellectually and physically we will be adults, but emotionally and spiritually we will remain children.

To grow to have a fulfilled, successful, happy life we must confront and change the interpretations of experiences we learned as children that have kept us prisoners of childhood. We must break out of prison.

We must then choose the person we want to be and confidently grow into being that person. We planned our lives carefully before our birth to learn the lessons we have come to learn; to grow in love, compassion, and wisdom; to enjoy life’s experiences in comfort and happiness; to help others as they learn, grow, and enjoy life; and to help humanity evolve toward becoming loving, peaceful, and joyful. To achieve these pre-birth planning goals, each of us must use our free will to evaluate and accept or discard many things we learned in childhood so we can discover who we are and change ourselves to be the person we have decided we want to be.

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