We know what happens after death

Your life will never end, and you will never be separated

The authors of this website have 80 years of their own combined research and 15 books about what happens after you die. What we know to be true without doubt is glorious. We will share what we know to be true with you.

Best Evidence of Life After Death

The evidence beyond doubt that you will never die

What Is Life in the Afterlife Like?

Life after this life is full of love, peace, and joy

What happens When You Die?

You will live on and leave the body behind

Have an Afterlife Communication

Anyone can have afterlife communications

How to live in love, peace, joy

You can grow to live with love and compassion

What Proof Is There of Life in the Afterlife?

Dream Visitations from Loved Ones Are Proof of the Afterlife

People Commonly Have Afterlife Connections

People Whose Bodies Are Dying  Have Visions of Loved Ones

Seek Reality teaches about the afterlife

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My kingdom is not of this world

Suicides in the Next Life
Why Does the Body Die?
Spirit Art
The Hell Myth
Psychotherapist Guided Afterlife
Proof of the Afterlife Series
Your Mind Is Not in Your Brain
There Is Nothing but Mind and Experiences
Communicating with a Pendulum
Who Am I?
What Is Spiritual Growth?
The Gospel Teachings of Jesus

Articles about life after death

What is Free Will?
What Is Life Like in the Afterlife?
What Happens at the Moment of Death
       of the Body?
How Do I Grow Spiritually?
What Is Spiritual Growth?
Is There a Devil?
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good
How Do I Work with Spirit Guides?
How Can I Develop My Psychic Nature?

Interviews with experts on where we go after we die

Lynne McTaggart ~ How Can Our Intentions Affect Us?
Mark Gober ~ How We Know Our Minds Are Not in Our Brains?
Bernardo Kastrup ~ Consciousness Is the Source of Reality
Alex Tsakiris ~ Why Science Is Wrong
Karen Anderson ~ Pets in the Afterlife
Carla Wills-Brandon ~ Deathbed Visitors
Debra Diamond ~Diary of a Death Doula
Erlendur Haraldsson ~ Child Reincarnation
Cyrus Kirkpatrick ~ Out-of-Body Experiences
Nathan Castle ~ Afterlife Interrupted
Michele Szabo and Dennis Grega ~ Afterlife Data
John Holland ~ Bridging Two Realms
Mark Anthony ~ The Physics and Promise of Afterlife Communication
Carolyn Molner ~ Being a Medium
Rob Blackburn ~ Physical Mediumship
Karen Anderson ~ Communicating with Horses
Anabela Cardoso ~ Recording Voices from the Afterlife
Sonia Rinaldi ~ Instrumental Transcommunication
Stephen Simon ~ Dreams as Loving through the Veil
Karen Swain ~ The Awakened Soul Series
Peter Wright ~ Magic Mirror of Truth
Kevin Krenitsky ~ The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment
Wendie Colter ~ Medical Intuition
Carolyn Molnar ~ Developing Your Psychic Nature

Course in what happens when we die

Lesson 1: Human Life is Eternal
Lesson 2: Sources of Afterlife Information
Lesson 3: Consciousness Is the Base Creative Force
Lesson 4: The Universe, Astral Plane, and Afterlife
Lesson 5: Beginning to Understand Who We Actually Are
Lesson 6: Consciousness Physics
Lesson 7: Seeing Death as Part of Our Eternal Life Cycle
Lesson 8: The Process of Dying and Transitioning
Lesson 9: The Period Soon after Death
Lesson 10: After-Death Signs and How They Are Delivered
Lesson 11: Mediums
Lesson 12: The Future of Afterlife Communication
Lesson 13: Why Discussing Spiritual Growth Is Central to Understanding Everything
Lesson 14: What Spiritual Growth Is and How It Works
Lesson 15: Using the Non-religious Teachings of Jesus to Grow Spiritually

Seek Reality Magazine with contents about the afterlife

Regular featured content

  1. How to live your life in love, peace, and joy
  2. Evidence beyond doubt your life will never end
  3. How anyone can have afterlife communication
  4. Resources for counselors, hospice workers, clergy & caregivers
  5. What life is like in the afterlife
  6. How our souls plan our lives before our births
  7. How you can be part of online discussions about death & the afterlife
Webtalk radio about the afterlife

Roberta Grimes hosts Seek Reality webtalk radio. Her guests explain who and what we are, how reality works, the nature of God, the meaning and purpose of our lives, why we know we live on after the body dies, and how to communicate with people in the afterlife.

How Can I Communicate with Loved Ones in the Afterlife?

What Is Life Like in the Afterlife?

Where Do Children Go after They Die?

How Are My Loved Ones in the Afterlife?

What Happens to Suicides in the Afterlife?

Is There Judgment, Condemnation, and Punishment in the Afterlife?

Do Our Pets Go to the Afterlife? 

Is There a Hell?


What Happens Before, During, and After Death of the Body?

How Can I Live Now in Love, Peace, and Joy?


The Nature of This World Shows the Afterlife Is a Reality


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