Evidence of Life After Death: Annie Nanji Communications

Annie Nanji is proof of the afterlife

Dr. Dinshaw Rattonji Nanji experienced communication with his dead wife twice a year for several years. The conversations are proof of the afterlife.

Dr. Nanji was a professor in the department of biochemistry of fermentation at the University of Birmingham in the U.K. Dr. Nanji’s wife, Annie Ottilia Nanji, died of cancer in 1966. Between 1970 and 1983, Dr. Nanji traveled to London from Sweden to communicate with his wife during sessions with Leslie Flint. Today, dozens of recordings of the communications exist. The fact that Dr. Nanji traveled to London repeatedly and had conversations about intimacies only the couple would know about demonstrate that Annie was very much alive, even though her body died in 1966. Further proof that she was alive when Dr. Nanji was having the communicating with her are in her comments about events in his life occurring around the time of the sessions.

Links to audio clips follow. They were selected to show that Annie knows what Dr. Nanji is doing, is with him on earth regularly, and is very much alive currently because she knows about current events in Dr. Nanji’s life. You can listen to more of the full conversations between Dr. Dinshaw Nanji and Annie at

Recorded Proof of the Afterlife

Dr. Nanji has come to the session with her ring and a lock of her hair. Annie knows about it and asks him about it.

Transcript of Annie Asking Dr. Nanji about a Ring and Lock of Her Hair

Annie: You have got my ring in your pocket.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: And also this lock of hair.

Dr. Nanji: Yes. Everything stays with me.

Annie: All the various things

Dr. Nanji: Yes, Darling.

Annie: associated with us two.


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