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Evidence from Direct Voice of What Happens After You Die

Some mediums called direct-voice mediums have a special ability that enables people alive in the afterlife to speak clearly to people in the presence of the medium. The person in the afterlife speaks through a vocal mechanism made of ectoplasm, a substance from the medium’s body. We now have thousands of recordings of people speaking through these mediums. The video that follows contains recordings of people whose bodies have been dead for years speaking clearly to loved ones sitting in the room with the medium. A transcript with the recordings follows the video.

Annie Nanji

I want you to listen to the voice of a husband and wife having a normal conversation. The wife talks about her ring and a lock of her hair that her husband has with him. A transcript of the recording follows the controls.


Annie: You have got my ring in your pocket.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: And also this lock of hair.

Dr. Nanji: Yes. Everything stays with me.

Annie: All the various things

Dr. Nanji: Yes, Darling.

Annie: associated with us two.

There’s nothing remarkable about the conversation. Except that when they had it, the wife had been dead for four years. Surprising? You won’t be surprised by the time you finish this video.

The woman is Anni Nanji. She is speaking to her husband, Dr. Dinshaw Nanji. Dr. Nanji was a professor in the department of biochemistry at the University of Birminghan in the U.K. The two were happily married until 1966 when Annie passed away from cancer. Dr. Nanji was devastated and wanted to find a way to connect with his Annie. Four years after her passing, he went to a medium named Leslie Flint. Leslie Flint had the remarkable talent of having people now living in the life after this life speak through a voice box made of a fluid from his body called ectoplasm.

Dr. Nanji sat in a room with Flint, and after a short time, he heard his wife Annie speaking, just as clearly as if she had been standing in the room with them. Here is another example. Annie comes unseen into Dr. Nanji’s flat at night and taps to tell him she’s there. He acknowledges it. A transcript follows the video controls.


Dr. Nanji: Because, you know, I hear your tapping.

Annie: Good.

Dr. Nanji: And I am surprised at myself that I can hear it.

Annie: I always know when you hear, because you always acknowledge it.

Dr. Nanji: Yes, exactly.

Annie: And you always say, “Thank you darling.”

Dr. Nanji: [Laughing] Yes, I know.

Annie: And I try again.

From 1970 to 1983, Dr. Nanji traveled twice a year to sit with Leslie Flint, with just the two of them in the room. Annie came through every time and spoke. Today, we have over two dozen of the full recordings, forty-five minutes to an hour long, of Annie and Dr. Nanji them talking casually about things happening in their lives.

Annie tells Dr. Nanji he is wearing an old, tattered hat. She wants him to get a new one.


Dr. Nanji: You know, I don’t like to part with anything that you bought.

Annie: I know, but you are wearing all those old hats.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: And I think you could do with a new hat.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: I notice you keep wearing the same old hat. And I think that it’s time you had a new one. So you can buy yourself a new hat and say that I bought it for your Christmas present.

Dr. Nanji: Thank you.

Annie is with Dr. Nanji, unseen, much of the day. She talks with him about his clothing, his apartment, where he goes for dinner, and many other trivial things. What her words show is that Annie is very much alive at the time. She has her same personality, wit, voice, and memory of their lives together. She knows what Dr. Nanji is doing right then.

She wants Dr. Nanji to put up pictures in special positions in the flat.

Annie: I don’t have to tell you, I am with you constantly.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: Every day, I go and spend some time with you.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: . . . especially in the evening when you are quiet in the apartment.

Dr. Nanji: Yes

Annie: Ah, everything is very much the same. You have not altered anything.

Dr. Nanji: No da.

Annie: And you’re going to put the pictures over the bed.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: Just as we would wish, ah.

At the next session six months later, she remarks that she loves the pictures.


Annie: I am so thrilled with the pictures. You have got them in a very good prominent location. And you know sometimes you see the light around them?

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: The light around the pictures?

Dr. Nanji: Yes I do.

Annie: I do little things you know? To try to tell you I am there.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: Little things – impressions and things, you know.

Dr. Nanji: Yes I know. Yes. I know.

Flint and Dr. Nanji are sitting in the dark because the voice box can’t form in light. So is it fraud? Is Flint taking advantage of Dr. Nanji?

Hardly. Flint charged nothing for his demonstrations. He just wanted to bring comfort to people.

More importantly, Dr. Nanji sat twice a year for 13 years with Flint, speaking to his wife in spirit. Flint could never have fooled Dr. Nanji into thinking it was his wife speaking if he was miraculously creating a female voice. And Annie talked to Dr. Nanji about things he was actually doing, currently. Flint would have known nothing about what Dr. Nanji was doing.

Annie went with him to the cemetery and watched him put flowers on her grave.


Annie: Why do you still go to the cemetery?

Dr. Nanji: Well darling, how can I pass your birthday without my…

Annie: I appreciate it, but I’m not there! I’m not there!

Dr. Nanji: No, no, I know that!

Annie: And, uh, I see you go there and it makes you depressed.

Dr. Nanji: Yeah I – no, no, I am not depressed darling.

Annie: No?

Dr. Nanji: No, no, no. I am not depressed.

Annie: And the flowers.

Dr. Nanji: But the fact that I have cleaned it up and…and I put the bushes round…

Annie: I know. I see you. I watch you do it and I think…

Dr. Nanji: Yes. I was there, I was there a week ago.

Annie: The only time I am ever in the cemetery is when you go there.

Dr. Nanji: Yes, yes.

She saw the gravestone he had put on their graves and kidded him that she couldn’t understand why he had a gravestone with their names but he wasn’t there yet.


Annie: And you know the gravestone where you have put your name but you are not there yet.

Dr. Nanji: No, but . . .

Annie: But you are very funny I have to laugh at you. You have on the gravestone you have got my name and date and now you have your name but no date. But you don’t know when you are coming. But you will be able to have the date put in when you are here. They will make arrangements for you. There is room for you. But you won’t be there, you will be with me. But it seems so strange that you should already arrange to put your name on the stone when you are not there yet.

Annie was with Dr. Nanji constantly. Flint wasn’t at the places Dr. Nanji went to that she reported about. She flew with Dr. Nanji and attended a conference lunch he went to, that had a lot of tape recorders.


Annie: I was with you when you went to the seaside place.

Dr. Nanji: Yes, Darling . . .

Annie: I was with you in the plane

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: And I was with you when you had lunch.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: And when you were listening to them and the tapes. And you were talking about all sorts of things.

Dr. Nanji: I sat there . . .

Annie: I was very close to you. What a wonderful arrangement in all this. How many tape recorders have they got in that room?

Dr. Nanji: I think the hotel wrote . . . But they can only use one.

Annie: Uh huh.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: Why?

Dr. Nanji: Well, they did not have all those tape recorders going all the time.

Annie: Oh no, no, I see what you mean.

Dr. Nanji: So I suppose if one is out of order I think they can always have another.

There is no other explanation for the recordings other than that Anni Nanji’s body had died, but she lived on. She is with Dr. Nanji unseen. And she looks forward to their being together again when he makes his transition.

Annie is with Dr. Nanji. She tells Dr. Nanji she sees something wrong with the bedspread on one of the beds in the flat.

Annie: And you haven’t changed anything. Everything in the flat is identically the same as when I left it.

Dr. Nanji: Exactly

Annie: But there is a difference though, the bed covers.

Dr Nanji: Beg pardon?

Annie: The bed covers.

Dr. Nanji: The bed covers, yes.

Annie: There is something different about the bed covers.

Dr. Nanji: You bought those bed covers, Darling, the yellow ones.

Annie: Yes, but have you done something to one of the bed covers.

Dr. Nanji: No darling they are identical

Annie: Well perhaps it is that they are the same bed covers but there is something different. I don’t know what. Perhaps it is the way I see it.

Dr. Nanji: But they are very nice and because you bought them, I like them very much. 

Annie: I know, you keep everything exactly the same. But I think you . . . Are you sure you have them the right way around?

Dr. Nanji: I bet not.

Annie: I think that is why. Because I think you’ve got one of the . . . when you have the bed cover it is not always the right way around.

Dr. Nanji: That may be, yes.

Annie: I am certain that is so. Because it doesn’t look right.

When Dr. Nanji returns to his flat, he finds one bedspread has been placed on the bed the wrong way. When he returns to Flint six months later, Annie remarks about it.

Annie: I see you have made a difference with the spread of the, bedspread.

Dr. Nanji: Aha, yes darling.

Annie: It was so.

Dr. Nanji: I have even taken photos of the bedspread with half side on the wrong side and half side on the right side.

Annie: I know.

Dr. Nanji: [Laughing]

Annie: Ah. Sometimes these silly things are very good, because there are things you don’t think about and they are important in a way, to prove, you know?

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: And that I am near, of course.

Dr. Nanji: Yes. Yes.

Annie is in spirit, so she is able to receive Dr. Nanji’s thoughts and feelings. She was with him one day as he was walking. Dr. Nanji saw a woman who looked just like Annie. Annie received his thoughts and his feelings.


Annie: You know the other day…

Dr. Nanji: Yeah?

Annie: …before you come here?

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: You were walking along the street…

Dr. Nanji: Yes?

Annie: …and you saw someone in the distance and it reminded you of me.

Dr. Nanji: [Laughing] Oh, correct!

Annie: And for a moment you almost stopped, you know. As if your heart stopped beating.

Dr. Nanji: Yes!

Annie: But you knew it was not me, in a way, but…

Dr. Nanji: Yes, of course.

Annie: …at the same time, she was very like me.

Dr. Nanji: Yes.

Annie: Also the way she moved…walked, you know? Ah, but this of course is…

Dr. Nanji: And do you know, I, I thought mentally “Yes, it looks like her, but she hasn’t got her brain!”

Annie: Ah, no you shouldn’t say that. You don’t know, she might be highly intelligent.

Dr. Nanji: [Laughing] Oh, I don’t know…

Annie: You know, you always think…oh, you are so naughty! This woman was very much like me. I think she probably was highly intelligent.

Annie Nanji lives on after her body died. Dr. Nanji had that proven to him over and over again. No one dies. In the same way, you and I will never die.