Could Mediums Just Be Getting Psychic Information, Not from the Afterlife?

Mediums: Psychic Information vs. Messages from the Afterlife | afterlife communication

We know that mediums are getting information from people living in the life after this life for four reasons:

  1. Frederick Myers, who lived in the early twentieth century, decided to demonstrate that messages were coming from an individual rather than super-psi. When he transitioned from earth, he sent individual messages through several mediums that pertained to classical studies, his academic specialty while on earth. The messages would make sense only when combined. That demonstrated that a single medium couldn’t be getting psychic or super-psi reading information. As pioneers in afterlife research passed into spirit, they all engaged in the same demonstration. Today there are 12,000 pages of such demonstrations.
  2. The people who come through in mental mediumship, direct-voice mediumship, and physical mediumship all refer to things going on in the person being read’s life around the time of the reading, even though the person has been dead for years. These people who come through refer to mundane things such as whether the person on this side of life has changed the furniture in their home, gone on trips to unique places the person in spirit describes, or noticed someone who looked like the deceased (noted from mental messages going on in the mind of the person on this side of life that were not voiced).
  3. The Leslie Flint sessions especially have people on this side of life visiting Flint repeatedly (every week or month or six months) to have casual conversations with a spouse, child, or parent in spirit. The person on this side of life wouldn’t come repeatedly if the person they were speaking to wasn’t assuredly their loved one carrying on unique conversations in each session.
  4. We have recorded responses from people living in the afterlife that are answers to questions about specific, current events. The recordings could not come from super-psi because the recordings are being produced on the recorder, without the medium’s influence.
  5. Research has been done using proxy sitters. The most prominent research is the Canyon Ranch experiments performed by Gary Swartz. A proxy sitter is someone sitting in for the person being read. The medium doesn’t get responses directly from the proxy sitter. Instead, a mediator conveys messages. The medium knows only the minimal information about the person being read through the proxy. The experiments showed that the mediums were able to provide details about the person in spirit, even though the person being read was not identified or present. There still could be super-psi, but it is much less likely.