Can We Have Sex in the Afterlife? Is There Sex in Heaven?

Life in the Afterlife Is Just Like on Earth

To answer the question, “Can we have sex in the afterlife,” we must understand the nature of the life there. The world we are living in now is a spiritual realm, with matter, energy, and forces woven by the Universal Intellect. The next spiritual realm of life is the same, but with a different set of matter, energy, and forces we will experience together. On arriving in the next life, people are astonished at how similar life there is to life on earth. A young man killed over Flanders in World War I in 1914 communicated to his mother from the life after this life through medium Gladys Osborne Leonard. He described his astonishment at the solid, earthlike nature of the world he had entered.
I asked one of my guides if it was a “thought-world” we were in, though the ground felt quite substantial to my feet; and he said, “It is more real and permanent than the one you have left.” I bent down and poked my finger in the soil and found it left a hole, and the soil stuck under my nail. … We went for a walk through beautiful woods and fields; the turf was springy, the air soft and clear, and soft sunshine over everything. We then returned to the house and explored the grounds. There was a beautiful fountain with sparkling water in it. I made a cup of my hands and drank a little, but did not need it, and asked my companion what would happen if I drink too much. “You will not drink too much, that would be foolish; and if you were foolish you would not be here, as each man earns his environment by his conduct. By the working of the natural law, you gravitate to the place for which you are suited; what is within you draws you automatically.” I bathed in a glorious lake the water of which was slightly scented. It ran off my body as I stepped out, almost as if it were running off marble or alabaster.[1]
As a result, we can have any of the pleasures we enjoyed on earth in the life after this life. People describe eating their favorite foods, drinking wine or other beverages, and even smoking if they love a pipe or a cigar. The wine does not affect the body, and smoking doesn’t harm the person or pollute the atmosphere. The experience of drinking and smoking are exactly the same, but the effects are only what is good for the person and the world there. In the same way, if people want to have sex, they are able to do so. Everything about the approach to sex and the act, with all its pleasure, are the same.

What Residents of the Life After This Life Answer to the Question “Can We Have Sex in the Afterlife?”

We have been assured by the people now living in the afterlife that if we want to enjoy the pleasures of sex there , we are able to do so. The psychical researcher Frederick Myers, speaking after his death through medium Geraldine Cummins, described sexual activity in the life after this life. Myers describes a man who lived for sex in his earthly life. After his transition, he found he was able to indulge in his desires.
When he enters the Kingdom of the Mind, that as his mental perceptions are sharpened so his predominant earth-desire is intensified, his mental power being far more considerable. He can, at will, summon to himself those who will gratify this over-developed side of his nature. Others of his kind gravitate to him. And for a time these beings live in a sex paradise. … They yearn still for gross sensation, not for that finer life, which is the spirit of sexual love, that perfect comradeship without the gratification of the grosser feelings. They obtain it in abundance, and there follows a horrible satiety. They come to loathe what they can obtain in excess and with ease; and then they find it extraordinarily difficult to escape from those who share these pleasures with them.[2]
M. Peebles, considered a father of the Spiritualist movement, speaking from spirit after his death, describes the same sexual activity and full pleasures in the life after this life.
Men and women, continuing as they do their individuality, sex necessarily exists in the world of spirits, but in heaven there are no perversions of these functions. [3]

Does Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation on Earth Have Any Effect on the Person in the Next Life?

There is no discrimination according to a person’s sentiments about their gender identity or sexual orientation. The person carries on with the attitudes and interests they had on earth. These are not assigned to a gender or sexual orientation. Matthew Ward, speaking from spirit to his mother through her mediumship, explains. Homosexuality is an evolutionary stage of the spirit … and it is not to be condemned or honored any more than any other physical or spiritual stage. … If [an] earth lifetime was homosexual in orientation, it will enter here the same way. … Whether heterosexual or homosexual in nature, the soul-level energy and bonding commitment of all couples is totally respected.[4]

What Happens in Heaven if Someone Was Married Twice

Consistently, those in the life after this life tell spouses still in Earth School to have a full life, including feeling free to have another partner. There is no possessiveness, jealousy, or covetousness in spirit. When two or more partners with one spouse come into the life after this life, they will choose to live with each other or not, without concerns about who is whose mate. The feeling of possessiveness is created on the earth realm only. Concerns about whether I can spend eternity with my soul mate are only held by people still on the earth realm. Those issues resolve themselves in the next realm of life. No one is forced to live with anyone. We still have free will in the life after this life.     [1] Heagerty, The Hereafter, 94 (citing Kelway-Bamber, Claude’s Book). [2] Betty, The Afterlife Unveiled, 30 (citing Geraldine Cummins, Swan on a Black Sea, Routledge and Kegan Paul, London, 1965). [3] Peebles, Immortality and Our Employments Hereafter, 151. [4] Ward, Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven, 61.

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